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Minutes of the meeting held on 28 March 2011


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr Mrs A Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton

Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey, Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Public participation

There were 2 members of the public present. The Parish Council was asked if we had received a response from Rebecca Dickson regarding Church Road. The clerk outlined the response and in particular the 4 options for our consideration:

1. No alterations to the footway – provide 20mph signage with no traffic calming measures – costs in the region of £5000

2. As above and to provide bollards on the footway to prevent vehicles parking along its length – the bollards would cost approx £300 each and a number would be required

3. Fix the bollards as above but do not install a 20mph limit

4. Do nothing

There was some discussion and the members of the public preferred the first option.

The Parish Council was asked when the outstanding works to Tideford Play Park were starting. Cllr Elliott advised that the work should have started today, on 28.3.11.

The final question was whether the Xtravert skateboard ramps were to go ahead. Cllr Elliott explained that the Parish Council were awaiting some information and would then consider the viability of proceeding at St Germans and/or Tideford depending on costs, planning permission etc.  

1.        Police Report

            PC Rachel Short attended. She advised there had been no crime reported in the

            last month. This would be the last of our meetings she would attend as she had

            received a promotion to CID and would shortly be leaving to work in

            Liskeard. The changes in Policing for the region will be monitored and

            adjusted if needed. Sergeant Andy Dunstan will remain in post and PCSO

            Robert Yates will probably be the officer attending our meetings in the future.

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr Mackeen and Cllr Hodge due to illness

             and Cllr Davey had apologised because he will be arriving late. Apologies

             had also been received from Cllr Eggleston  

3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 28 February 2011

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnes and seconded by Cllr May that the minutes be

            approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr Elliott

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

           Church Road, Tideford – It was proposed by Cllr May and seconded by Cllr

           Yates that we proceed with the Area Highway Manager’s first option, which is,

            to make no alterations to the footway, provide 20mph signage with no

            physical traffic calming measures (save for perhaps a build out at each end to

            place the signs on). All were in favour and as Cllr Eggleston agrees with the

            Parish Council, the clerk will write to Highways accordingly but ask that we

            have some input into the positioning of the build outs.

            St Germans Station – Highways has confirmed that no alteration will be

            made to the road markings at this stage. The clerk will contact Network Rail

            and ask for appropriate signage. Additional road markings will only be

            considered if the signs do not have the required result.

            Speed of Traffic in St Germans – Highways advise that the road through St

           Germans has recently been assessed as part of the rural speed limit review and

            the recommendation was to retain the 30mph limit. As funds become

            available Highways will place a speed monitoring device to further measure

            speed of traffic.

            Bake Lane End – the clerk is awaiting information from Cornwall Council

            regarding the submission of the Planning Application.

            Orchard Close, Tideford – the overgrown hedges/trees on the approach road

            are not part of Landlord Services land and our request has been passed to


            Polbathic Car Park – An Enforcement Officer has assessed the situation of

            the unlicensed vehicles parked there and requested that the rotting leaves etc

            be cleared.

            General – Highways has confirmed that temporary repairs will be carried out

            to all pothole locations. They will inspect the road edge at the Port Eliot

            entrance. The sweeping/siding work at Tideford – Tideford Cross and the

            burial ground road will be added to their list of locations for action. Snow

            Drop Lane is on the list for carriageway repairs as funding is available.

4.1.1        Highways – New Items. None reported

4.2       Salt Bins

           Cllr Elliott had obtained prices from various suppliers for locking straps etc for

            the bins. Because of the high cost he proposed that we don’t lock the 4 new

            grit bins and monitor the situation. All agreed.

           Cornwall Council has asked for our comments in the light of the December

            2010 severe weather as they will be reviewing the Winter Service Plan and

            reaching conclusions on the issue of salt bin management. Cllr Elliott

            suggested the clerk respond and ask that Cornwall Council fill the salt bins we

            have now purchased. All agreed.

            A request for an additional salt bin at the bottom of Cutmere Hill had been

            received. This was discussed but all Cllrs felt there was insufficient traffic on

            this road and because there is also an alternative route that can be used it was

            agreed by all that this could not be justified. The clerk will reply.

            Cllr May asked if a bin was to be placed between Orchard Close and West

            Park. Cllr Elliott confirmed that the Engineering Technician did not consider

            this site to be necessary – see 4.7 of the 28.2.11 meeting.

4.3        Allotments

            Cllr Elliott reported that the Gardening Club were not keen to form the

            Allotment Association. Cllr Elliott will speak to Tom Rattray from Port Eliot

            and suggest that this is put on hold at this time.  

4.4      Community Emergency Plan

           Cllr Elliott advised that this is being collated by the Community Network

           Groups. He is compiling a list of relevant contacts, buildings etc that will be

            required in the event of an emergency.

4.5       Xtravert Ramps

            The clerk is awaiting information from Cornwall Council regarding the

            submission of the planning application.

            A letter of support has been received from a resident but they ask that the

            Parish Council erect a 6 – 8 foot fence around the recreation ground so the

            view onto their property is blocked. The clerk was asked to reply advising the

            current position with the project but that the erection of such a fence would be

            unlikely because of costs.

4.6       Affordable Housing

            Rumours that certain properties in Fairfield were to lose 8 feet from their

             gardens for a footpath from the new housing site are completely wrong. All

             concerned have confirmed that there are no plans for a footpath alongside the


            Cllr Sullivan advised that she had found a great deal of information regarding

             Hastoe Housing Association, who seem to be well regarded – see


4.7       Website

            Cllr Sullivan suggested that our procedural documents like the Standing

            Orders and Financial Regulations could be put on the website once they are

             reviewed and agreed by the Parish Council. There was some discussion as to

             whether we should put on a question asking if anyone is interested in an

             allotment etc, but it was decided not to do so at this time.

4.8       Parish Notice Boards

            The clerk has received 3 prices for the replacement of the notice boards and is

            awaiting one more. Cllr Barnes and Cllr Davey both offered to get a price

            from suppliers they are aware of for the next meeting. The clerk will let them

            have the measurements etc.

4.9      Correspondence from/to Clerk

            Pre-salting Routes and known problem locations – the clerk has added the

            stretch of road between Tideford and Tideford Cross to the list 


5.        Play parks

5.1       St Germans – nothing to report

5.2        Tideford – Cllr Elliott confirmed that W H Bond & Sons were starting work

            this week.

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Application from H G Stacey Ltd for a memorial tablet at plot E7 for Thomas

            Jenkins Colwill deceased.  

6.2       Application from Mrs I Hayes for an ashes interment at Plot H4 for Mrs

           Christine Parker deceased.

            All Councillors approved the Memorial Tablet application and the ashes


7.          Finance

7.1      Came & Co – Additional insurance premium of £25 for the bus shelter. Paid

            by clerk. The Asset Register has been updated to include the bus shelter.

7.2       SLCC – Agenda/Minutes course for clerk - £114. Paid by clerk

7.3       Invoice from Port Eliot for St Germans Chapel Garden rent - £25. Paid by


7.4       Bus Shelters Ltd invoice for £2838.71 for the new bus shelter. Paid by clerk

7.5      Community Health Around Torpoint – request for a donation towards the

            CHAT Directory

7.6       Barclays I-Sure charge for February 2011 - £3.30

7.7      Clerks salary and expenses for March - £471.45

7.8       Notification to the Information Commissioners Office to register St Germans

            Parish Council – Fee of £35 paid by clerk

7.9       Quercus invoice for grass cutting - £495. Paid by clerk

7.10     Two additional invoices have been received from Cornwall Council. One for

             the Nut Tree from September 2010 to January 2011 - £572.25. One for 4 grit

            bins delivered and filled with salt - £903.46. Both invoices,  already

            approved by the Parish Council, will be paid by the clerk but will be shown on

            the next Agenda for ratification.

7.11     The Clerk confirmed that Douglas Tonks Ltd would be handling the payroll

            for the Parish Council from April 2011.

            All Councillors agreed not to make a donation to the CHAT Directory (7.5).  

            It was proposed by Cllr Davey and seconded by Cllr Barnes that all finance

            items be approved. All were in favour.                                                         

8.        Planning Applications

            The following planning application has been received

8.1       PA11/01563

           Cliff Cottage, St Germans                                   Mr B Skelton

            Single storey side extension to south elevation

           Cllr Skelton declared an interest and took no part in the decision process. It

            was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Barnes that support be

            given to the application. All were in favour.

8.2       A second application had been received after the agenda had been circulated.


            Penquite Farm, Trerulefoot                                    I R & H E Davey

            Installation of solar photovoltaic panels on agricultural shed roof.

           Cllr Davey declared an interest and took no part in the decision process. It was

            proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Yates that support be given to

            the application. All were in favour. This application will appear on the next

            Agenda for ratification.

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following planning application has been approved and this was noted.

9.1       PA10/08839

            57 Eliot Drive St Germans                                     Mr & Mrs Daw

            Extensions to west, east and south elevations and associated works

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     East Sub-Area Planning Committee – 17.3.11 at Liskeard. Noted

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Saltash Town Framework meeting on 12.4.11 at 6pm in the Gateway Office –


11.2     Emergency Planning Cluster Meeting – 24.3.11 at 6.30pm at Ashtorre Rock –


11.3     Cornwall Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2011 – see  


            consult_Id=658status=2  Any representations by 1.4.11. Noted

11.4    Safety Improvements on the A38 between 21.3.11 and 31.3.11. Noted

11.5     BT Payphones confirm they have repaired the kiosk for 01503 230250. Noted

11.6     AGM Agenda – Cornwall Gateway Community Network – 7.3.11 at the Eliot

            Hall at 6.30pm. Noted

11.7     Sainsburys Recycling Banks no longer available apart from the textile banks.


11.8     Funding Bulletin – Business & Economy, Research. Noted

11.9    Caradon Monthly Walks – 6.4.11, 4.5.11, 1.6.11, 6.7.11. Noted

11.10   South West Play Forum – new shoots & grass roots: the new face of

            community play. Noted

11.11   Nut Tree – March edition. Noted

11.12   The Clerk – March edition. Noted

11.13   CRCC – Vital Venues – Community Buildings for Life. Noted

11.14   Came & Company – ‘Parish Matters’ newsletter Spring 2011. Noted

11.15    Rural Services Network - latest weekly rural news digest. Noted

11.16    South Western Ambulance Service – Twentyfourseven. Noted

11.17    SLCC – Resolving Workplace Disputes – Government Consultation. Noted

11.18    AON Council Insurance - noted

11.19   Cornwall Countryside Access Forum – Annual Recruitment 2011. Advertised

             on all notice boards

11.20    Email from Adam Killeya regarding the urban design and landscape

             assessments discussed on 1.3.11 at the Saltash Town Framework meeting.


11.21    Stadium for Cornwall – study completed. Noted

11.22    New Rubbish & Recycling Collection Service – 2 options – All responses to

             be returned by 14.5.11. Noted

11.23    Glasdon Direct 2011 - noted

11.24    Notes of the Town & Parish Council Question & Answer session with

             Highways on Winter Service Procedures on 15.3.11 - noted

11.25   Cornwall Gateway Community Network – notes of the meeting on 7.3.11.


11.26    Referendum on the Voting System for UK Parliamentary Elections – notice

             on all notice boards  

11.27   Cornwall Council are investigating whether all bus shelters in the County

             could be maintained by a single provider. Clerk has supplied the locations of

             all shelters.

11.28    Town and Parish Councils Newsletter – Feb 2011 including completing the

             2011 Census Form. Noted

11.29   Cornwall Gateway Community Network Meeting Dates – 13.4.11 – 6.6.11 –

             1.8.11 – 3.10.11. Mail to Cllr Barnes

11.30   CALC’s ‘The Week’ issue 28 – Localism Bill – Parish Councillors and

            Clerks Skills Day on 18.6.11 at Bodmin – LAIS Update – Publicity Code.


11.31    Scam- Community Policing. Noted

11.32   Cornwall Council Press Release – lights to be dimmed on 26.3.11 at 8.30pm to

             highlight awareness of energy use and the impacts of climate change. Noted

11.33    Kompan launch a new playground funding support service – clerk was asked

             to request their new free funding guide.  

12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1    Cllr Gillbard suggested that the Parish Council should send a condolence card

            to Sheryll Murray MP. All Cllrs agreed and the clerk was asked to arrange


12.2    Cllr Yates commented on the goats that were being kept in Polbathic, but keep

            getting out onto the road. Cllr Sullivan advised that the owner intends to get

            rid of them because of this problem.

12.3    Cllr Barnicoat referred to the numbers of cars parked at a bungalow in Lower

            Fairfield which backs onto her property and asked if and when the Parish

           Council should take some action. Cllr Sullivan suggested using Cornwall’s

           Guide to Public Services, which had recently been sent to all households with

           Council Tax Bills. There is a telephone number for ‘inconsiderate parking’

            which might be appropriate? There was some discussion but it was decided to

            monitor the situation.

12.4    Cllr Barnicoat asked if the Parish Council had received a request for a further

            donation for the Public Liability Insurance for the Boules Piste at Seaton. The

            clerk confirmed that no request had been received.

12.5    Cllr May reported that the ‘SLOW’ sign on the road between Polbathic and

            Sconner was as bad as the one recently re-marked on the other side of the


12.6    Cllr May reported that the road from Tideford Cross to Snow Drop Lane and

            the road leading to Landrake were in a bad condition.

12.7    Cllr Sullivan referred to Cornwall’s Guide to Public Services which was a

            good example of Cornwall Council working with the police, health and

            voluntary sectors. Any ways we can work with our partners should also be

            looked into.

12.8    Cllr May asked what was happening with the garage at Polbathic and the cars

            being stored/parked further and further up the valley. There was some

            concern expressed at possible pollution of the river if vehicles were being

            broken up on site. Cllr Barnes will look into this.

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..