Rebuttal Strategies

Here are some strategies you can use to respond to arguments. They are not ranked in order of what is most effective. Effectiveness differs depending on the arguments made

Learning common rebuttal strategies will also ensure your arguments are logically stronger.

  1. Problem Solution Mismatch
  2. Wrong in Principle
  3. Generalization
  4. Causes more Harm
  5. Not their Role
  6. Not Practical
  7. Not Logically Consistent
  8. Contradiction

A) Problem Solution Mismatch

B) Wrong in Principle

C) Generalization

D) Has the Same or Worse Effect

E) Not Practical

F) Not Their Role

G) Not Logically Consistent

H) Contradictions!

If you cannot directly rebut an argument, you can concede it, but only if it’s not a major argument!

Strategic Concession