OpenStreetMap Foundation
Management Team meeting

Apr 12th, 2012 17:00 GMT 


Expecting: Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Harry Wood, Oliver Kühn, Steve Coast, Mikel Maron, Matt Amos, Michael Collinson, Sam Larsen

Present: Oliver, Michael, Henk, Andy, Matt

Apologies: Mikel Maron

Minutes previous meeting

February 18th, 2012

Proposed: Michael

Seconded: Oliver


March 8th, 2012

Proposed: Michael

Seconded: Henk


Agenda & Minutes

As decided via e-mail

The following items have been decided over e-mail since the previous meeting.

- none

Upcoming license change update

Rebuild mailinglist:

- Code for clean-up is not passing every unit-test

- Need for help with coding - CWG has already blogged about this, but will ask to do another.

Functioning of Management Team

There was a long discussion on how the OSMF as organization was functioning and how we could improve the role of Management Team.

The following quotes where part of the discussion:

From board minutes (April 7th):

“accountability is deeply important due to the responsibility, legal and otherwise, held by the elected members of the board. Therefore, working group members who are queried by the board with pertinent questions are advised to treat such requests as if it was from the chairman of the respective working group.”

From e-mail of Mikel (March 21st):

Some suggestions:

- Every WG should alert Management Team when they publish minutes.

- Any big decision should be highlighted.

- The Management Team needs an active Chair.

- Feedback can be given over email. If something is of particular concern or unresolved disagreement, the MT Chair calls an email vote with some short time duration.

Henk was elected Chair (proposed: Matt, seconded: Mike).

Further guidance would be helpful on where to draw the line between decisions which are “big” and those which are not. There is a shared responsibility (bi-directional) for determining which decisions are “big”.

MT adds that the communication also should be two-way, if there is an important issue to the board that needs “managing”, then the board needs to communicate that formally.


“First impressions WG” [working title]

Draft mission statement for us to review:

“FIWG will develop a profile of OSM visitor needs, to justify and support future design efforts. By interviewing consumers of OSM data and developing personas for possible future site visitors we'd like to attract, the group will describe the needs of three classes of user that OSM should serve: the existing mapper community, a growing audience of data consumers, and an as-yet undescribed population of curious bystanders.

From this profile of visitor needs, FIWG will identify (a small/fixed number of?) key metrics which can be used to guide future efforts to improve First Impressions and evaluate the success of these efforts.”

MT welcomes the idea of the new working group, and [Matt & Andy] will handle the formal application to form the working group via email.

Current status

Communication WG

[No report]

Data WG
Engineering WG
License/Legal WG
Local Chapters WG

[No report]

Operations WG

Database server migration (from ‘smaug’ to ‘ramoth’) was successful, and after some tuning work ‘ramoth’ is working well. We are currently arranging an OWG meeting, probably within the next 2 weeks.

State of the Map

Call for presentations is open.

Sign-up will open very soon (this weekend or earlier).

Scholarships >> Want to ask HOT to handle this

Strategic WG

[No report]

Meeting ended 19:04 GMT

Next meeting

Next regular scheduled meeting:

Thursday May 10th, 5pm GMT, dial-in