Joshua LeBlanc                                                                                        Lab A2

Alright hello my name is Mr.LeBlanc I am going to be your instructor for today.

We are going to go over some basketball stuff today. First I want you guys to grab a basketball.

Just stay on this side of the gym and dribble around for a while.

Just do what you feel is natural.

Grab which one you want.

Alright hold the balls

Everyone come over here to me

So originally the NBA not the NBA, sorry not the NBA

Originally basketball was played with hand-woven nets didn’t have the bottoms cut out.

So when they made a basket they had to go get a ladder, climb up there and get the ball out before play continued.

But nowadays that would never work because the game is so fast.

The reason the game is so fast is because we have elite point guards who can just sprint with the ball up and down the court

The reason they can do that is because they have very good ball control.

They make the ball go where they want it to go.

Now the way they do that is, can I see a ball?

The way they do that is they keep their hands spread apart with fingertips on the ball, to have the maximum surface area for ball control.

They keep their legs bent while they are moving

They can change direction no matter where no matter where the ball is and they only have it about hip high.

They don’t want to bounce it up here because you are not going to go very far.

So the first thing I want to work on is you guys getting in that stance and just keeping the hips ,bent eyes on the ball, hands apart and have it about hip level.

So, what do you have to do?

Knees bent, ball hip level, and keep your hands apart to have maximum surface area.

I want you to spread out a little bit and start practicing you dribble a little bit.

Bend the knees, hip level

Come out in front of the class, you to Nicole

Just show.

They got the knees bent , hip level and hands apart.

Alright want to add one more thing when you are dribbling a basketball you’re not going to be able to sit there and have no one come.

So in order to keep the ball control and keep your knees bent you are going to have your other hand out. To stop defenders from trying to get the ball.

So what I want you to do is keep those same things and stick your hand out like this now.

So go ahead same thing.

Alright hold the balls,

I see some people holding it like this all frail arm, keep it out because you have to keep space between you and the defender.

So hand up, knees bent and keep dribbling

Alright go ahead.

Alright hold the balls every one grab a partner.

Alright you can be my partner so roll the balls over here.

Now make sure you have enough space

I want everybody to dribble in a little circle and I want your partner(not too aggressively) to try and knock the ball away.

The key is to make sure you keep the knees bent. All the things we talked about keep your arm up and just go like this.

As they try to stop the ball and you want to keep the ball.

So everyone has enough space

When I say go everyone goes when I say stop look at me.

Go ahead.

Alright everyone hold the balls

Now switch

Do the same thing

Arms bent, knees, up, in control go ahead.

Alright everybody bring it in.