George Steck                                                                                                                September 5, 2011

PED 255                                                                                                                                             Lab A2

(To the whole class)

Common guys over here! Clap your hands!!! Can’t hear you!!Stomp your feet!! Stop! Touch your toes. Come up, touch your nose.Alright who here likes (Pause) Who here likes ice cream? How many of you like chocolate? How many of you like vanilla? How many of you like strawberry unless your allergic? Alright guys well i have enough ice cream for all of you but the thing is there’s not enough ice cream in the ice cream truck. So what we got to do is we have to take all the ice cream and bring it into the ice cream truck alright so that i can make the ice cream for everyone. So can everyone get into a “T”? We are gonna learn how to throw ice cream today alright? So we start of with a “T” alright. Take your dominant hand if it’s right or left then you step out with the opposite leg. Can everyone do that? So now (pauses, goes to grab equipment). Right here in front of you are al different kinds of ice cream alright and this little basket right here is the truck. What you guys have to do is you have to get the ice cream from there to the truck as many as you can so that we have enough for everyone. Does everyone understand? You cannot got past this line all the way around the perimeter of the gym. Is that understood? Okay, oh sorry when i blow my whistle you guys can go around the gym and start throwing okay? Alright get ready AND (blows whistle). You got to get to the ice cream truck common MOVE IT! The ice cream trucks moving!Oh no there goes the ice cream it’s on the floor! Go get it go get it go get it common common common! Work together AHHH! Work together common.Oh no there it goes on the floor again oh no! You gotta get it in common get in! OH NO! It’s on the floor you got to get it common common. Hurry hurry hurry hurry! And stop alright guys very good job today. Can anyone tell me how to throw?

(To Sam)

Sam would you like to demonstrate the throw? Yes. Very very good!

(To the whole class)

To do an overhand throw you start off with the “T”, with your dominant hand, you step with your opposite leg , point, and then you throw. Alright and i’m George because Mr. Yang was sick and was not here today.