OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 15th May 2012

18:00 - 18:55 GMT

Agenda & Minutes


Present: Dermot McNally, Simon Poole, Richard Weait, Grant Slater, Michael Collinson, Oliver Kühn (20:20)

Apologies: Oliver, Henk

Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meetings

The LWG last met May 8th for a long-form meeting.

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Simon


2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • Grant - Get a license and attribution page link as an XML Comment into these APIs: Rails API. (should be complete soon)
  • Mike -  combine Bing Imagery License comments as a succinct list for forwarding to Microsoft legal.
  • Mike - Incorporate into foundation landing page
  • Mike - Provide text to Grant re and friends in Sept 20th minutes. ?OS or linking to attribution page or both? … liaise with CWG 
  • Grant - DMCA address needs updating
  • Mike - Thank pavel for kindly agreeing to use the bulk of his contributions.
  • Grant - We also need to have better set of DMCA-related links to satisfy US / UK / German law.

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. Technical Rebuild

Progress and issues

A weekly update will go out to the rebuilld list. Nothing for LWG to look at.

Lost mappers: Simon ran an update of, as expected not a lot of movement (there is a larger adoption in Poland that is not reflected in the numbers yet). The initial lost mappers list is now down from 1014 to 563 - a reduction of 45%.

5. Hall of Shame


8. AOB

  • DMCA registered agent update.

This will be transferred to the OSMF registered office address in the UK. We also understand that most formal contacts will be made via email. Full address, fax address, telephone number and the site(s) we are registering.

  • Imports and reciprocal licenses. (if anything)

  • Geocoding and reverse-geocoding (if anything)

This is a summary of our discussion and should NOT be construed as a formal statement of position:

To be able to claim that the remainder of the record, (often proprietary business information or personal information such as a patient record) is not virally touched by geocoding against OSM ODbL data needs a distinction to be demonstrated. This distinction needs to be a clear and logical general rule or principle. It also needs to be acceptable to the OSM community. At the moment, we feel this does not exist.  Anything that is tagged with a lat/lon becomes "geographic", so that cannot be used as a starting point. Further, reverse geocoding may extract from the OSM database lot’s of other information that goes well beyond the basic scope of lat/lon and an address or building name.

Richard suggested a concept which we will explore further for basic sanity and obvious gotchas before throwing it open for community discussion. Loosely, this could be called the Like with Like principle. Whatever is used in the (reverse)geocoding look-up is virally touched, but nothing else. "Used" would include the parameters used to do the look-up, i.e. addresses/building names/telephone numbers ...; any filters or reverse filters applied, e.g. you restrict it to pubs; and what exactly you extract back.  Broadly, the result we might want is that if you geocode a bunch of addresses, then we want any extra geocoded addresses that you have, but we don't want, say, the patient record from which the address came. Similarly, if are looking at pubs only and you extract location, the fact that it is a pub and its name, then we want your pub location and names back, but we might not want your pub reviews or other data that you have exclusively collected and NOT augmented from OSM.

  • Simon continues to work on making sure that we are only using GDADM data that we have explicit permission for.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday May 22nd 18:00 UTC / 19:00 BST(UK) / 20:00 CEST