Township of Hamburg Newsletter                         

April 2013


 Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk


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From the Town Board:

If there are any concerns regarding any matter in the township, please do not hesitate to phone or attend a monthly meeting.  Your participation in the meetings are very much welcome.


Rod Erlandson – Chairman (452-3280)                        

Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk (483-2313)

Gary Antoniewicz –Supervisor (483-2135)

Ron Humfeld – Supervisor (483-2379)

Dayna Schultz – Treasurer (452-3121)    

Roger Olson – Patrolmen (483-2570)

Sally Lindahl – Zoning & Dog License (608-799-0263)

Bob Irwin – Town Assessor (715-235-6941)


With the upcoming summer months starting to come into full swing, we are all looking at picking up, cleaning up etc.  Please be sure that we are keeping up on ditch cleaning up and if you notice any area’s that need our attention, please give us a call at the Town Hall or Roger a phone call.


Large Item Days – All the dates are posted - April 20, 24 and 27th of 2013 for the SPRING. Please be sure to bring your wallets for the items that you do drop off.  There is a charge to recycle or dispose of these items.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call a board member or Roger at the Town Hall


Burning Brush

If you have brush to burn the first thing to do is call Fire Chief Russ Cornford 452-3077.  If he should not be available, please try Daryl Brye – Assistant Chief at 452-3206.  By calling one of these Fire Department people this will avoid a fire department call to your property.  Reminder if you do get a call from the fire department there is a charge of $500.00 per visit.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.


Monthly Board Meetings: 

The Township’s Monthly Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Please watch the agenda postings each month for exact agenda & time.  Your participation in these meetings is your right.


If you need an absentee ballot, please call Jackie and she will arrange this to be sent out, you can download the form at this site:

This form must be filled and signed and then returned – once I have this form, I can then send out ballots

Upcoming Elections -

April 2nd will be taking place at the Town Hall

May 7th - School Referendum this will be HELD AT VILLAGE OF CHASEBURG , everyone for township will need to vote in village for this election

Open Book & Board of Review: 

The open book and Board of Review went very well.  There were a lot of changes, but the board does feel that things were handled the best they could with the strict guidelines that we must follow as a Township.  There were a lot of attendance at the open book and hopefully all questions were answered to satisfy your concerns.  If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to phone the assessor.


Fire Numbers Clear Away:

We have been asked to ensure that everyone takes time to clear the weeds or debris that may cause the fire department not to see your fire sign.  It is that time of the year that the weeds start to over-grow their boundaries and can cover the fire signs.  This sign is very important in case of an emergency.  Please take the time to clear the debris from your fire sign!!  If there are any fire signs that are damaged or in need of repair, please contact the patrolman “Roger”, he will check it out and order new sign if needed.


We are also having concern from Vernon County on the large number of “hunting cabins” that are in use.  Many of know that these cabins, may not have full living conditions, but in any case of emergency is there a way that the EMT would be able to find this building?  We are asking that all hunting cabins have Fire Number Sign assigned to each.   This building would have GPS location attached to it and the EMT or Fire Department would be able to find this location.  At this time, there is no direction on where some of these cabins are.  We would have this sign hung at the closest access road for these cabins.  There is a charge of $100.00 for these fire signs to be created.  The Township can apply for them with sign company along with register them with Vernon County.  If you would like to have the safety of your hunting cabin assigned a fire number, please contact Jackie Stalsberg or Sally Lindahl and they will be able to help you on this order.  Again, this if or your safety….




A building permit is needed to make any changes to structures on the property or to add structures to the property (even if the structure is purchased, not built on site). Please contact me with any questions you may have. Permits are not issued just because an application is filed.


Leave enough time for zoning to research your application and make an informed decision about issuing a permit. Starting without a posted permit could cost you $250.00. An accurate drawing of setbacks, placement and distance between buildings has to be included with the application. Many people use Google images to provide an accurate picture. Without the drawing or image, your application will not be approved. Zoning tries very hard to work with you to approve your application. Please make every effort to fill out your application correctly. Thank you, Sally Lindahl Zoning Chair, 608-799-0263




Please contact the clerk of any address changes.  I appreciated the calls for any updates.  We want to keep all residents on property owners aware of issues affecting you and newsletters is one of the best methods for accomplishing this goal.  Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.   If you would like to see monthly meeting notes or newsletters via email, just send me an email stating this, I would be glad to send them out, along with saving postage.  My email is  We also have township website set up, our website is  Check this out for upcoming meetings or dates.