After returning home from Saturday evening’s “festivities,” Rasa was dizzy with confusion coupled with a deep sense of longing for some unknown ecstasy.  Perhaps she realized then that the only thing separating ecstasy from despair was Desire.  According to her upbringing, everything she now longed for was, as her father would put it, “nothing but distraction.” She should despair at her own downfall, but it felt more like a rebirth.

After carefully placing her new purchase in its proper place on her bookshelf, hidden from casual view, she visited the website on that funny card, something about some Black Light Bar.  There was a hexagon, that’s right,  Her browser opened the page and she immediately noticed a link to “Live Fetish Chat.”  She occasionally enjoyed chatting with acquaintances on Facebook, so she clicked on the link.  Rasa changed her screen name to the first thing she could think of, a play on the Hindu meaning of her name, EssenceDancer.  It was an old style of chat she was not very familiar with.  She saw text scrolling across her screen, moving almost too fast for her to follow.  She normally only chatted or texted with one person at a time, but here, everyone contributed to the conversation, and topics were quite varied.  

She noticed one person identified as TaoPrincess sending a lot of messages about sexual freedom.  For some reason, this made her smile.  She was intrigued, not shocked but curious.  It reminded her of the bare-breasted woman from earlier that evening who had so deftly attached the silver chain to her nipple piercings, showing how nicely it tugged on her exposed nipples, hardened not with chill, but with pure exhibitionist arousal.  TaoPrincess continued to send messages, as if she were trying to start an orgy of text, exhorting participants to send the most enticing bit of erotic text they could manage in 140 characters or less.  

TaoPrincess:  OK guys, take me on, give me that prose, you know you want to.......

DarkKnight:  yeah, right, I know better than to try to take you on Tao.  *licks the Princess’s lovely toes*

TaoPrincess:  Welcome, EssenceDancer, are you male or female?

EssenceDancer:  female  :-)

DarkKnight:  Careful Essence, before you know it the Princess will have you in her thrall.  *Bows before EssenceDancer and kisses her hand*

TaoPrincess: no worries, Essence, mr. Dark greets all the girls that way, care to join our little contest?

EssenceDancer:  I don’t really write that sort of thing

Wench247:  *laughs*  @DE - “that sort of thing”?

RavenMaster:  be nice, kids.  @EssenceDancer - why not give it a shot?

TaoPrincess:  the most mundane seeming things can be the most erotic.  

TaoPrincess: * As I stroke the candle, my quivering fingers reach for the soft melted wax, both afraid and longing for its heat.*

TaoPrincess:  See what I mean?

LightningofThor:  Princess you can stroke my candle any time....  ;-)

RavenMaster:  subtlety is lost on Thor

EssenceDancer:  The chains that bind her trap her body, but free her soul

TaoPrincess:  How sweet, EssenceDancer, what sort of chains are we talking here, heavy stainless steel, perhaps?

EssenceDancer: delicate but strong silver chains, chains attached to firm nipples

TaoPrincess:  hmm, sounds familiar.  Nipples held in place by silver rods that pierce them, keeping them in a constant state of arousal.

TaoPrincess:would you like to have that done to you, EssenceDancer?  Would you like to be led by your aroused nipples, your body in chains but your arousal free to grow, to take over your entire body?

RavenMaster:  careful, Tao, you’ll scare the little bird away.

EssenceDancer:  *hides in corner*

TaoPrincess:  too late  :D  *grins savagely*

Rasa looked at the screen in disbelief. Could this TaoPrincess be the same woman that she had bought that book from?  After all, the book was ABOUT Tao sexual massage.  Curious, she pulled the book from her shelf.  Leafing through it, she saw more naked women, women who seemed to truly enjoy their own bodies regardless of their varying shapes.  She enjoyed looking at these women, she realized.  She wondered if she could possibly be a lesbian for a moment, and though the thought amused her; her father would probably rejoice at this discovery, urging her to use her sexual identity to define her in the political arena. She decided her arousal was more about wanting to BE these women than it was wanting to be WITH them, however.  She returned to the original website and saw a link to The Black Light Bar.  She wondered if TaoPrincess ever went to that bar.  She felt her fear mix with excitement yet again imagining herself at that bar, in her sexiest dress, stripping for all the room to see. She decided to take out that dress, the one she had not dared to wear in public, the one she had only bought on a dare, to prove to her friends that she wasn’t a complete prude.  She looked at the dress, imagining herself in it, and set it aside, for now. She undressed, imagining she was the woman with the silver chain attached to her nipples, unabashedly languishing in the sensations provided by her body’s longing to be touched.

Rasa she sees a request for video chat and accepts.

She looks confused, “Hi?”

RavenMaster:  “Thanks for accepting my invitation.  What brings you to the darker side of the internet?”

Rasa:  “Honestly, these new friends of mine and I clicked a link on this website.”

RavenMaster:  “What website was that?”

Rasa:  “Well it was on this card that some naked woman gave me at a party.”

RavenMaster:  “Oh really?”

Rasa:  “Yeah, my new friends are trying to get me to try new things.”

RavenMaster:  “Do you WANT to try new things?”

Rasa smiles, “Yeah, I kind of do.”

RavenMaster:  “Well, it’s good you’re not doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Rasa:  “This is weird, I’ve never done this before.”

RavenMaster:  “Done what?”

Rasa:  “THIS, chatting on camera and stuff...,”  looks nervous

RavenMaster: “Well you do have to be careful, there’s all kinds of weirdos on here, “ he grins.

Rasa looks more confident, “How do I know you’re not one of them?”

RavenMaster:  “You don’t”

Rasa:  “Umm, okay,” she looks a little scared and confused

RavenMaster grins again, “But I’m not.”

Rasa:  “But you just said you could be, “she says teasingly.

RavenMaster:  “Indeed I did.  I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”

Rasa:  “I don’t know why, but I do, honestly”

RavenMaster:  “How do you feel about showing more of yourself?”

Rasa:  “I don’t know, I might be willing to do that.”

RavenMaster:  “You MIGHT, huh?”

Rasa:  “This is all so weird to me.  I don’t know.  I like talking to you, and I want to do more, but I’m scared.”

RavenMaster:  “Nothing to be scared of, we can just talk if you want.  I just wanted to see your face, and it is a lovely face, by the way,”  he smiles at her.

Rasa looks embarrassed, blushing and grinning, “well, thank you.”

Rasa again:  “So what made you want to talk to me?”

RavenMaster:  “When a girl comes in the chat that can actually read and spell and I am available, I usually try to introduce myself before the creeps start stalking her.  I’m sort of the caretaker around here.  I like to keep people safe.”

Rasa:  “You can’t protect everyone, though.....”

RavenMaster:  “Well, no, but it’s far better than the alternative.”

Rasa:  “and what might that be?”

RavenMaster:  “Did you see LightningofThor in chat?  He’s like most of the guys on here.  We call them “Twue Doms” because they think they know everything there is to know about how to dominate a woman, basically.  Some people get off on that, but mostly it’s just irritating as hell to anyone that wants to have a REAL conversation.

Rasa:  “Is THAT what we’re doing, having a REAL conversation?”

RavenMaster:  “Would you like to do something else?”

Rasa looks down coyly again, “Maybe.”

RavenMaster:  “and what might that be?”

Rasa:  “I don’t know but I feel so different today, like I don’t usually get horny or anything, but now I really am, like, a LOT, is that normal?”

RavenMaster:  “What IS normal?  If you are asking if it’s ok to feel that way, of course it is.  The real question is whether you want to just enjoy the feeling, or do something more?”

Rasa smiles, “I think I’d like to do more, but I don’t want to be some slut on cam, ya know?”

RavenMaster:  “What’s so bad about being a slut?”

Rasa:  “I don’t know, it’s just BAD, like it just IS, I don’t know why.....”

RavenMaster:  “Haven’t you ever WANTED to be bad?”

Rasa:  “Why?  What did you have in mind?”

RavenMaster: “Would you be willing to masturbate for me?” in a very matter-of-fact tone.

She looks very scared now, “I don’t know if I can do THAT......”

RavenMaster:  “Assuming for now that you CAN, then, would you actually even want to?”

“Do I want to?”  she repeats herself as if talking to herself in a whisper, “Do I want to?”

Rasa looks uncomfortable but she is getting more aroused, though she is unsure why.

RavenMaster:  “What if I just walk you through it, tell you exactly what to do, what do you think of that?”

Rasa:  “So, you’re going to tell me EXACTLY what to do and I can stop any time, right?”

RavenMaster begins to give instructions.