Linking Tools to the Grade Center

In this document you will learn about:

Enabling Grading of a Tool

Tools for student discussion, reflection, and collaboration are better integrated with the Grade Center in Blackboard 9.1.  Discussion boards, journals, blogs and wikis offer more grading options, and can now notify you of student activity automatically within the Grade Center.

Enabling Grading of a Tool

  1. Enter the Tools area.  You can do this by clicking Tools on the course menu, or Course Tools on the Control Panel.

  1. Select the tool you would like to grade.  In this example we will use Blogs, but the process is comparable for Wikis, Journals, and the Discussion Board.

  1. If you have not yet created any blogs in your class, click the Create Blog button.  

    If you already have blogs created, click the options button to the right of the blog you would like to grade, then choose
    Edit on the drop-menu.

  1. Scroll down to the Grade Settings section.  By default, tools are set to No Grading.  Change this option to Grade and assign a points possible.

  1. To add notification of blog activity to the Grade Center, check the box to enable the “Show participants in ‘needs grading’ status...” option.

  1. Select the number of posts required to prompt the “needs grading” status icon.  For example, if each student is required to make three posts during the week, consider activating the “needs grading” icon after every 3 entries.

  1. Once a student makes three blog posts, the grade center will notify you that there is activity ready for grading.

  1. Once all options have been set, click the Submit button.

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