Dues: $50.  This helps to pay for amendments, utilities, lawn care, and maintenance.

Please remember, that we do have financial assistance available.  If you would like to apply please contact us with an email or mail us a letter.

Garden Rules:

*  All garden members agree to donate 10% of their harvest to the North Valley Food Bank.  Every Thursday morning at 9 am volunteers will pick from all the beds.  Pickers will avoid your nicer veggies. If you have a prize vegi or you want pickers to pass your bed that week, please post one of the do not pick flags in your bed.

*  All garden members are required to provide at least 6 hours of volunteer labor toward the general garden work.  This  does not include weeding in and around your bed.  Volunteer opportunities include participating in work days, picking and delivering food bank donations on Thursday mornings at 9am, caring for a food bank plot or community plot, and mowing and weeding.

* You must keep your bed and the walking areas around your bed weeded and clear of tools.

*  Whitefish Community Garden is a Organic Garden.  Non-organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and soil additives are prohibited.  If you have a question about whether or not a product is approved please ask a board member.

*  All deadlines described above will be enforced.  If you cannot meet these deadlines, please contact us.

*  Dogs are not allowed in the garden.  Dogs can be leashed outside the garden.  Dog waste must be removed immediately by the dog owner.  There are plastic  bags in the shed.

*  Please use the pedestrian gate to come and go.  The large gate is for delivery and maintenance.  Always shut the gate when entering and leaving.  The deer are watching.

*  Please place all garbage in the garbage bin.  Put any plant waste in  an active compost bin.