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Building a Smart News Site Strategy

For community and ethnic media organizations, getting online is necessary but not sufficient. With new digital resources, it’s feasible to create a strong, affordable site. Here are some tips, tools and techniques for building and maximizing  your online presence.

Create Compelling Content

Bells and whistles aside, the meat of a successful site is its content. Here are 7 qualities that define the content on the Web’s most successful news sites, from small to large.

Emphasize Appealing Design

Some news sites opt for packing as much as possible onto each page. Other top new sites strive for a simpler, cleaner look. To ensure your content gets to your audience effectively, stick to some basic principles.

Capitalize on Free Tools

The past few years have seen an explosion in new digital tools for news sites. To strengthen your site, take advantage of free resources that are as powerful and easy to use as costlier offerings.

Spread the Word

Along with your site, you need a separate strategy for social media. That means developing a Twitter presence and a strategy for capitalizing on other emerging social media platforms.

Analyze Your Analytics

Keeping tabs on your Web performance is crucial if you intend to strengthen your site over time. Metrics and analytics will help you figure out what is working well and what is not. Befriend your data.

Examples of Successful News Sites:

New York Times

Guardian (UK)

New, Independent Sites

  5. (Just launched on May 4!)
  6. Texas Tribune
  7. DNA Info

Mainstream Middle America Sites

  6. Post Politics


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