GSB - Balance Mod

Full Changelog  - V 0.3

I. Fighters

1. Fighter Torpedo : Reduced weight makes torpedo fighters actually useful - they can now destroy cruisers without getting killed by the cruiser’s main batteries ! Especially good if combined with armour.

Weight reduced from 15 to 8, Cost reduced from 42 to 36, HPs from 6 to 4

2. Fighter Rocket : Still makes fast ships, still kills frigates. Actually not significantly slower, they now get killed (relatively) easily by the revamped pulse laser.

Weight increased from 2 to 3, HPs from 5.5 to 3

3. Pulse Laser : Completely redesigned weapon, now the ultimate dogfight weapon, its tracking is fast enough to hunt down most fighters (except lures). Its low armor penetration makes armor on fighters actually worth-wile. Its low damage output makes it less interesting than laser cannons to destroy cruisers

Penetrations rounded to 4 (from 3.8), Tracking Speed from 2.9 to 4.1, Weight from 3.4 to 2.5, Damage from 6 to 3, Power from 4.8 to 3

4. Laser Cannon        Increased tracking, to have a chance to hit the fast and armoured fighters. Still great at killing lightly armoured starships.

Tracking speed from 2.8 to 3.1, Cost from 16 to 18, Weight from 2.5 to 2.8, HPs down from 6 to 4

5. Fighter Armour : In vanilla, armor for fighters is mostly useless - it costs crazy money to protect a fighter ! Speed is much better (and cheaper). With pulse lasers, protecting yourself actually become useful. Armor is now cheaper but bulkier (per amount of protection). Try it, it works ! Seems pretty much balanced to me, as unarmored fighters are still putting up a fight.

6. Engines : Increasing the HPs is an attempt to make carrier bays more useful (if more engines survives, more fighters might make it to the bay). Moreover, in vanilla, the mark 2 & 3 engines were often making fighters slower because of their weight and power requirement... Now no more !

7. Power : As for engines, vanilla fighter power modules are too heavy for what they bring. It gave too much importance to those fighter hulls with high base power - essentially restricting our choice to them

II. Frigates

  1. ECM Shock Missile : Mk 1 & Mk 2 are too similar. Now Mk1 is a shorter range, faster firing, slower duration, probably better against frigates.

  1.  Point defense : In vanilla, PD are mostly useless, especially on frigates. They’re inaccurate, slow and expensive, it’s generally better to kill your enemy faster than to try to stop its missiles. PDs are now significantly cheaper, lighter and more precise. Moreover they can be fitted on standard hardpoints. Note than torpedoes are now threats, increasing the potential uses of PDs.
  1. Phasor Cannon II : Probably the most useless weapon in Vanilla. Now a completely different weapon : high dps, low tracking, high armour penetration salvo weapon. It’s a heavy anti-cruiser weapon.

Tracking : 0.5, shield pen to 30, armor pen to 52, range to 675,  damage to 28 [paper DPS : 28], weight from 28 to 33

Cosmetic changes : width 2 to 4, now a salvo weapon (3 shots, fire interval 90, salvo interval to 2700)

  1. Frigate Torpedo : An attempt at making the frigate torpedo actually blow up things

Fire Interval from 3510 to 3100, Speed from 0.17 to 0.22, Min range from 280 to 110, Damage from 22 to 26

  1. TurboShields : Probably the most hated shield. It has a cool graphic, but we unlocked it for the first time, I think we were all “WTF ?? Why should I use this shit ???”. I left its drawbacks (low HPs and lower recharge), but increased the resistance - at least it can protect from fighter lasers, and it now has decent amount of shield strength. Not a über shield, but worth a try.

Resistance from 7 to 10, Shield Strenght from 77 to 90.

  1. Antifighter missile : Fighters are too strong, right ? Well, this should help. A little.

HPs down from 10 to 6, Weight down from 38 to 27, Fire interval from 1100 to 900, Speed from 0.52 to 0.66, Max range from 550 to 625 (fuel unchanged)

  1. Fast Missiles & Frigate Missiles : Needs a little boost. Not sure it's enough, but i have limited experience with those weapons. It's also an attempt at increasing the difference between reflective shield & shield II

Shield penetration from 22 to 27

  1. Rapid Fire Laser : Now a dedicated AA weapon

Tracking from 1.5 to 4.0, Armor pen down to 5, Shield pen to 3

  1. All shields : Stacking to 0.93


III. Cruisers

1. Target Booster : Useless in vanilla. The bonus is now 60% better, and the Mk1 is sold at a discount. I haven’t done very precise testing, but it clearly helps positron beams & plasma guns now. From my own (limited, as i don't really like them), it makes plasma fleets better, but still very much beattable

2. SuperCharged Tractor Beam : Not that much better than the standard one. Slightly faster recharge makes it a valid choice

PowerRecharge from 0.69 to 0.72, Cost from 142 to 150

3.Carrier Bays : Very small boost. The increase in HPs from engines & the new armor increases fighter survavibility, so carrier bays now naturally have more “customers”. I’m not sure CVN are a viable option now (my testing shows that probably not), but it’s at least marginally helpful. GSB Balance makes so much changes to fighters that i’d rather wait before boosting carrier bays even more.

Mk1 : Cost down from 150 to 90

Mk2 : HPs from 155 to 255

Both : Supplies now 1200, Repair rate from 0.05 to 0.09

4. Engines : Nothing that will break your designs. As a summary : Supercharged now really needs more power / thrust than others, High Efficiency is now really the most efficient, small adjustments to lightweight (it shouldn’t have more HP’s than normal engine right ?)

5. ECM Shield : In vanilla, it’s pretty much useless. Expensive and doesn’t really protect (even with the boost from 66 to 82). Testing shows that the new version protects from ECM 87% of the hits (with Frigate ECM Missile Mk1). Good enough to be used IMHO (it should NOT give perfect protection)

ECM strength from 82 to 111, Power 8 (from 9), cost down to 60 (from 80)

6. PD Scanner : Voted most useless module in vanilla... Even with that huge boost, they’re probably still useless, and will be as long as MWM rule the space.

7. Camouflage : Also pretty much useless. In theory, it should allow a ship to repair mid battle - but it ususally kicks in too late to be even remotely useful. I can’t change this behaviour, so I’m trying to make it useful to allow a fast ship to cross the “kill zone” of a long range fleet. Still not perfect, but I’m afraid it would help Tribe too much if it is boosted even more.

Crew : 36 to 26, Cloak Consumption from 0.2 to 0.15, Weight from 160 to 90

8. Point Defence : Why use PDs when there is Guidance Scrambler ??? With a significant reduction in cost, increase in precision, and the ability to fit them on standard hardpoints, they might have a use in your fleet. More testing needed though. Mk1 is for protection of one ship, Mk2 can protect neighbour ships. I don't think those boosts are radical enough, but I'd rather go slowly

9. Shields : Shields costs are completely out of whack with the actual uses of each of them. Reflective now carries a premium just because it has the highest resistance. Multiphasic is now more expensive, as we all stack it with reflective for maxing shield points. I’m trying to make the Fast recharge shield a valid voice. Tell me if it’s not too much (my testing shows that it's not overpowered). As an experiment, GSB Balance also slightly increases the stacking ability of shields.

10. Proton Beam : I hate tanks, I really do. I mean universal tanks. When I run into a tank fleet, I put 4X speed, go down, boil some water, brew some tea, wait for it to cool down, sip it with cookies. And when finally back in front of GSB, my foolish ships are still shooting at dumb chunks of ultraheavy armour. [Slight exageration]. It’s neither fun nor gratuitous. The new proton beam can break (I hope) any armour in the game. It’s still a shitty weapon (DPS and precision wise), so it still makes tanking a viable tactic. But not a tea-time tactic.

Armor Penetration : from 73 to 99

Damage down from 50 to 40

11. Quantum Blaster : QB was probably one of the worst direct fire weapon in vanilla. Now it’s trying to find a niche as an anti light cruiser weapon. Graphics updated.

Optimum Range from 350 to 300, Max range from 450 to 550, Min Range from 110 to 75, Shield pene from 48 to 27, Armor Pene from 18 to 33, Damage from 8 to 12, Fire interval from 600 to 475, Tracking from 1.5 to 1.7, Cost from 75 to 92

12. Decoy Missile : Nobody uses that. Right ? Well now at least their range matches the longest missile range. They are much cheaper, but give less HPs to compensate (hey, who needs to protect dummy missiles ??). They are fittable on standard hardpoints, so that you don’t have to reduce offensive capabalities. Stronger PDs might make them useful. More testing needed before further boost.

Max range from 675 to 1200, fuel to 1200, Cost from 66 to 46, HPs from 105 to 65, Standard hardpoint

13. Megaton Missile : I have to admit that I almost never used them. And when looking at the characteristics, I understood why. Shitty damage and snail-like speed. Well, it’s still slow, but at least it has now decent DPS. Better HPs too (I don't know about you, but if I had “MEGATON MISSILES” on my ship, i’d make sure they’d be in a MEGAARMORED turret).

Fire Interval from 2600 to 1950, HPs from 105 to 120, Speed from 0.12 to 0.16, Fuel reduced from 2200 to 1300 (misses hurt less), Damage up to 100 (from 60), Tracking down to 0.4, Decoy release range to 300, Min range down to 250 (from 300), Max range reduced from 750 to 700

Made the missile slightly bigger so it fits the description (length : 4 to 9, width : 2 to 3.5), removed flare

14. Cruiser Rocket : Not useless, but not a great choice in vanilla. It’s a short range weapon, so higher HPs and lower weight will help it a little bit. Moreover, better PD’s make it a better choice relative to other missiles (the rockets are much faster than missiles). Now makes a good shield buster.

Weight from 122 to 102, HPs from 95 to 115, Fire interval from 950 to 750, Damage 19 to 22, Speed from 0.48 to 0.55

15. Missile Launcher. Not a bad weapon, but kind of underdog. The choice is usually between fast missiles and MWM. A lot of small boosts that makes it slightly better

Armor pene from 44 to 46, Weight from 120 to 130, Damage from 30 to 32, Speed from 0.15 to 0.17, Range from 1200 to 1300

15.b Fast Missiles. A careful boost to make them a more desirable alternative to MWM.

Fuel from 1400 to 1300, Range from 900 to 950

16. Heavy Plasma Launcher : To be honest, i was expecting more of a weapon called “HEAVY PLASMA LAUNCHER”. Now if it hits you, you’ll suffer. Unless you move, of course.

Damage from 36 to 120, Tracking speed down to 0.13 (from 0.4), Range from 900 to 1100, optimum range to 1000, armour penetration 55 to 60

17. Cruiser Defence Laser : Much higher DPS & standard module make the CDL a useful addition to your cruiser. Lower range to compensate.

Damage : 9 to 11, Fire interval down from 550 to 310, Tracking speed 3.7 to 3.9, range down to 250. now a standard module.

17.b Cruiser Pulse Laser : Slight nerf so it leaves some room for CDL & QB use

Tracking speed down to 2.4 (from 2.6), armor penetration to 18 (from 31)        

18. Crew : Mk 2 and Mk3 were almost the same. Now they are different. For other modules i adjusted by cost so that current designs are still valid.

19. Armor : Lots of small balance changes. Nothing that will change the game. I didn’t change the actual armor values (only cost and weight) so that current designs are still valid. Essentially I'm trying to make the underused choices (CA1 & Minimal armour) valid choices. They were just too heavy and expensive for the protection they brought.

20. Cruiser laser : Simple look change, so it doesn’t look so wimpy when it fires at alien scum.

IV Race specific weapons

  1. Alliance beam laser down to 2200
  2. Alliance lighting gun
  1. Min range down to 70
  2. Fire interval down  to 1700
  1. Rebel Fusion Beam - another attempt at differentiating by cost
  1. Now a (very) cheap, short range beam with medium dps
  2. Cost = 62, paper dps 17.5, Max range reduced to 620, weight reduced (82), tracking speed to 1
  1. Fusion torpedo launcher
  1. Reduced fire interval to 1950
  2. dps now 11.28
  1. Tribe rapid fire cannon [trying to balance without change the damage characteristics]
  1. Power down to 2, crew up to 11, HP up to 26, cost down to 36