Spanish Exam -Beggining-

Translate the following from English to  Spanish.

1.          Are you from Madrid?


2.          Are you Canadien?


3.          Do you work in a bank?


4.          The  chairs are small.


5.           The pens are on top of the table.


6.          The shoes are underneath the table.


7.          The bag is on the side of the chair.


8.          The Japanese girl lives in Los Angeles.


9.           The German man lives in London.


10.   The party is at Carmen’s house.


11.  Are you Pablo Martinez?


12.  You are not Anita Vazquez.


13.   I am a Chinese lady.


14.  I am a Russian man and I live in New York.


15.  Do you have a suitcase David?


16.  Do you have an identity card ?


17.  It is twenty-five to four in the afternoon.


18.  It’s twelve o’clock ( day).


19.   It’s one thirty.


20.  Do you have a map?

Write  one sentence  using the Estar + Gerund formula,  for the following verbs:





25. Banar(se)-

26. Duchar(se)-

Translate the following sentences from English to Spanish.

27.I am going to write in my journal today.

28. I am going to eat a three eggs, two pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice for breakfast.

29.  We are going the airport. Tonight, we leave to go to Paris.

30. They are going to the museum and then they are going to a party.

31. At 2: 30 pm, we are going to study at school and then we are going to eat a pizza.

32. We are going to call our Mother at one o’clock.

33. I am going to take a shower in my bathroom at my house.

34. They are going to wash their hair.

35. They are going to bath in the beach.

36.  Daniela gets up, makes her bed, washes her face, brushes her teeth, and then eats a big breakfast before going to work.

37. I am thirsty and I want to drink a big glass of water.

38.They are hungry and will eat a lot. They will eat chicken, shrimp with garlic, and eggs with mushrooms.


Translate from Spanish to English:

39. Dónde está la foto de la otra casa?

40. No van a vivir en la otra ciudad.

41. Vuelve a escribir la postal.

42. Por favor abra la puerta!

43. Por favor vuelvan a las ocho.

44. Ellos están bebiendo agua.

45. Lola está escribiendo una carta a su Mama.

46. Me siento en el sofá.

47. Tome el Taxi !

48. Acabo de contester el teléfono.

49. Acabamos de desayunar.

50. Piensan sólo en sus vacaciones.

51. Le gusta el vino?

52. Les gusta viajar.

53. Nos encanta la cathedral.

Translate from English to Spanish:

54. I like to travel and go for a walk.

55. Some American and English friends are coming.

56. Do you have any money?

57.No, I don’t have any money.

58.   He always gets up at eight o clock.

59. Does anyone want to go to the party on Friday?

60. Shut the bar now and come with me to the party !


62. 958-