In the movie "Hunt for Red October" Connery mentions that Cortez, on reaching the new world, burned his ships, so his men would have no way to retreat. What a jerk, huh? So - this song is historically accurate, as far as I can tell from my reading.  Even climbing Mt. Popa - look it up.


I’m standing at the waterside watching the fires burn (Am G)

Down to the waterline bowsprit to the stern (Am G)

I see ten ships that will never takes us back to sea (B7 C Em)

Cortez wants a victory, I just want a chance to leave (Am7 G)

I remember Cortez telling us how far we’d have to do (G Am)

Across the Caribbean to a distance unknown shore (C Am G)

We were laughing when we reached it and crying when we learned (G B7 C Em)

Our path was so far onward, and we’d be watching the fires burn (Am7 G)

I dreamt we crossed a forest, and never felt a drop of rain

I dreamt we climbed a mountain so much taller than the ones in Spain

We clung to our companions afraid that one of us might fall

On the top we found an icy field and a fiery pit of hell

I dreamt of a mighty battle where none of us lost our lives

I dreamt of a mighty temple where men were cut with stony knives

I dreamt an empire of ten million who’s leader never say a man like me

I dreamt I had a grandchild that I would never see

© William W. Cohen 2015