1 lb. spaghetti noodles ($.97)

3-4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil ($.30)

2 Tbsp butter or margarine (free) LINK

4 garlic cloves, crushed ($.20)

3-4 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese ($.25)

About 20 frozen shrimp ($2.50)

4 corn cobs ($.60) On sale this week for $.15 each!!!



1. In medium saucepan, cook pasta as directed on package. Drain.

2. In skillet over medium high heat, add olive oil, butter or margarine, crushed garlic cloves and parmesan cheese. Stir continuously until starts bubbly. Then reduce heat and add "de-tailed and deveined" shrimp. Let simmer for 6-7


3. Once pasta is cooked and drained, add shrimp sauce to the pasta noodles and mix well.

4. Remove husks and threads from corn and boil for 4-5 minutes in large saucepan.

5. Serve Shrimp Scampi and Boiled Corn.

Recipe from $5!