Abiding Grace Lutheran Church

Implementation Meeting

November 7, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 11:48 by Nick Billardello.

Nick acknowledged and thanked the launch team.

Tim Draney talked about the format of the meeting.  

Agenda -- Kenn Mingus reviewed the agenda.

Review ratification and elections:

Sally Hart made a motion to ratify the constitution, Carl Christensen seconded.  Karen Hurtado asked about why we are called a chapel instead of church.  Kenn explained a little bit about that and Steve Kanouse also explained that a SAWC is known as a chapel until it is organized as a congregation.  The word "chapel” must be in the constitution as a legal term.  Our local publicity can use the term church or congregation.  Karen asked how long it will take before organizing as a church.  Steve answered --

The next step we must do is to develop a new ministry profile.  This is required to become a Congregation Under Development.  

There is a process of moving through steps to organize as a congregation.  Steve will help us through this.  Steve encouraged us to look at the compensation for our pastor to see if we can get close to hiring Nick full time.

Constitution was ratified by the “'ayes”' vote.

Proposed mission statement -- The purpose of Abiding Grace Lutheran church is helping the community share in God's abundant Grace!

Phil Hart motioned to adopt the mission statement and it was seconded by Karen Hurtado.

Discussion -

Mission statement was adopted by “ayes” vote.

Steering Committee (council)

Slate of officers

1 year

President - Kenn Mingus

VP -  Tim Draney

Treasurer - Nolan Clemens

Secretary -  Kim Saunders

Steering Committee - 1 year

Phil Hart

John Nelson

Jeff Trang

Carl Christensen

Steering Committee - 2 years

Kim Haggerty

Donn Renwick

Don Duvall

Susie Henning

Patti Langsdale

Worship Leader (standing member)

The slate was elected by written ballots.

Tim Draney gave a presentation on how we got here, where we are, and where we are headed.

Where we are today:

Where are we headed:

2010-2011 Financials

Current Financial Position through October 2010



Cash on Hand (10/31/10)                               $15,192

2011 Budget Development

Our Goal is to generate AGLC support for a stewardship commitment that includes attendance, ministries, pledges, and actual giving to permit growth to Full Congregation Status in early 2011.

The following annual projections may be associated with full Congregation status:

Rent -                                                 $24,000

Pastoral compensation (includes benefits)          $73,000

ELCA and other missions                                 $12,500 (10% of Budget)

General operating expense                          $15,500

Pledges will dictate if this will be practical.

Council will develop budget for presentation and vote at annual meeting (January 2011).

Stewardship Drive

Pledges allow us to plan our future.

Pledge is between you and God

Track giving for IRS receipts and know where we stand

YTD actual giving vx pledged amount published monthly

Pledges to be returned on Nov 14th and 21st.

Phil mentioned that our rent may go up.  Sally updated that we have Nick on a part-time salary right now.  

Annual Meeting will be in January.

Council will

Date -  January 30, 2011 following worship service.

Pastor Steve Kanouse -- added his word of appreciation to the group and thanked us for the outreach we are doing.  He encouraged us to continue doing outreach.  He said we are well on our way and we are on track to be able to organizing as a congregation sooner than later.  

The meeting ended at 12:27.