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Write your focus question here: eg. What makes Terry Fox a hero?

Cite your source here: eg. Copy and paste your website(s) here.

Reminder: We are using either EasyBib or BibMe (Citation Makers) to help us create proper citations. But you will need your the URL (web address of the site) to complete that task.

Specific Content or Heading: eg. Legacy

Read and note information relevant to your research question:

What to look for:

(in the online text)

Important Notes

(Point form / Short sentences only)

- bold,underlined, or italicized words

- information in boxes or with an icon or symbol

-headers/subheaders on the page

- information the text repeats

-words, ideas or events important to your topic

-quotes, examples, or details you might use later in a  paper of presentation

What other questions, subtopics or keywords suggested by this resource might you follow up on?