Team 15 2011-2012 Learning Action Table

Check-In Meetings Held Throughout the Week


Due Date



Important Notes


  • Please bring in a personal pair of headphones or earbuds.

Weekly Learning Log



Complete the learning log each week.

A hard copy will be distributed each Monday.

Independent Reading



due dates vary

20 minutes every school night.  Write reading letter on your Google ePortfolio by due date (please note some due dates have changed)

Computation Ladder

Ladder One Counting

Ladder Two Facts

Ladder Three - Large Number Operations

Ladder Four--Fourth Grade Math Skills

Ladder Five - Multiples/Factors

“climb the ladder” starts 9/15

Practice 10-20 minutes a night.

Practice equals:

card games

board games

flash cards

paper/pencil practice

online games

That Quiz

Homework Chart (optional)

To pass level-print “That Quiz” results and bring to school with parent signature or screen shot (shift/command (control for pcs)/4) and email to Ms. Devlin at

*Ms. Devlin will create a new system for people who can’t print home.

Keyboarding Practice

Practice 10-20 minutes. Goal:  Everyone tries to get to 35 wpm by Halloween. notes and questions.

Access site at home, practice.  We’ll continue to talk about motivating routines for this.

*Ms. Devlin, Add a few more typing tests to links.

Respond to Ms. Devlin’s Blog Question about the classroom.


All students are expected to comment each week on NING.

Self Portrait  Poetry Anthology Project Guidelines

Unit Overview


Project will be completed in and out of class.  Project introduced 9/20.

Students may begin working on this project at home. Take a look at helpful links on the class web page.

Student Edits

I will edit with as many students as I can as often as I can.  After I read your ePortfolios, I’ll sometimes sign you up for an edit for some specific teaching.

Student Names:





Help Your Child Join NING, email Ms. Devlin for invitation link.

Parent Homework

Field Trip Forms


Due by September 30.

Parent Homework

Conference Sign-Up


Sign Up Link:  ______

Learning Extensions



  • Add free write stories to your Google ePortfolio.
  • Add a blog post to NING or answer a blog post.
  • Create a photo album on NING.
  • Review the links listed on our web page.  Play the games to learn more about math, ELA and other subjects.
  • See learning extension list on class website.
  • Mini Research Reports
  • Do you have another idea, if so, please let me know.

*Note: If students would prefer to type their homework, they can select all, cut and paste the information into a new Google doc, then complete the homework by typing.