Protecting your privacy

EMDR Association of Australia Ltd (EMDRAA) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information held or collected by EMDRAA.

Personal information

Personal information held by EMDRAA may include:

For members or applicants for membership, the personal information held by the Association will also include:

How we collect personal information

EMDRAA collects personal information via:

How we use your personal information

Your personal information will only be used to:

When we disclose your personal information

Accuracy of personal information

EMDRAA strives to keep accurate records of the personal information we collect. Accuracy depends on the information provided to EMDRAA. Members can update their personal details in the "Manage your membership" section of the website. Those who wish to query the accuracy of personal information held about them may contact the Privacy Officer as set out below.

How to contact the EMDRAA

If you have any questions in relation to the privacy of your personal information, please contact Privacy Officer, EMDRAA, PO Box 941

Leichhardt, NSW 2040

or email

Obtaining our Privacy Policy

You may print a copy of this Privacy Policy for your personal use.

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