Playstuff HL team writeup - UGC Preseason


Firstly, for those of you who didn’t play in ETF2L season 1, welcome :) Feel free to browse through the writeups for those matches, as plenty of what was written there will apply to UGC matches too. In particular, if you’re new to competitive gaming please check out the preamble of the ETF2L Week 1 writeup, where calling and communication are discussed.

For those of you that did play ETF2L, a quick summary of the important rule changes and the UGC format:

Game type

ETF2L format

UGC format


time limit 30, win difference 5

(If you go 5 rounds clear, you win, otherwise highest score after 30min wins)

win limit 5, two halves - 30 min or change once one team gets 4

(play for 30 min or until one team wins 4 rounds, reload and switch sides, carry on for another 30 min or until one team wins 5 rounds total)


1 round, stopwatch mode

ABBA, stopwatch mode

A/D cp

ABBA, stopwatch mode

ABBA, stopwatch mode


win limit 3

win limit 4, two halves - change once one team gets 3



two 20min halves, win limit 10

Apart from these differences, the other main differences that will affect you are weapon restrictions, which were mentioned in the UGC discussion thread. The rest are organisation and admin differences you don’t need to worry about.

Similarly to ETF2L, every player is required to record their POV demo of every match. By far the easiest way to do this is to install PRec, which records demos automatically for you whenever a competitive game starts.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, our pre-season match :)


Most of the points on this map are large, open spaces with deceptively long sightlines. Be wary of snipers and call clearly when you know where their sniper is.

It seems like the quickest route to middle on rollout is for classes to go right out of spawn, down the right side of second and out the right doors onto middle. Scout and spy can flank, but most should push this way. However be wary because this entrance to middle is also the most chokey and easily spammed. On the rollout our demo will be jumping on ahead to get to mid ASAP, but soldier should stick with the heavy classes and use the whip to get our slower power classes to middle as fast as possible. Their players will be coming either from left door or flanking right. The lower right entrance puts them at a massive height disadvantage, so spam down into this area to force them back into their right lobby if they attempt to push that way. Most of the power classes should be ganging up with our medic and heavy, forcing them to back up with weight of fire so we can claim middle.

Class specifics for mid:

Scout - looking for their push, covering right flank while heavies cap, flanking them if they push too far

Soldier - on the roof of the point, spamming down towards left door

Pyro - pocketing the heavy and medic, spychecking and reflecting spam

Demo - either on roof with soldier using height advantage, or up close to left entrance stickying up the choke

Heavy - always with medic, pushing enemy back with boolets and capping, keeping eyes peeled for spies

Engie - dumping minisentries on right to deter and draw attention to flanking attempts, covering right with scout

Medic - always with heavy classes, charging, watching out for sniper sightlines

Sniper - countersniping from further back, or jarateing if they attempt to push

Spy - standard spy duties - roaming, taking picks if possible, calling where their combos are and where they’re pushing from

When we are attacking second from mid, there are three ways in - the left garage door, the right door, or dropdown. The best way to attack will be a combination of these. From what I saw of the left door, the extremely low door frame makes it very easy for a demo to lock down, plus there are plenty of long sniper sightlines from the back left onto that doorway. It may be suitable for spy to sneak through or for people pushing in after the main pack, but in general it looks too chokey. My suggestion would be that the heavies surge quickly out of dropdown and leap out past the train, with support classes flanking right out of right door. This quickly gets the main firepower out onto the point instead of trapped in a chokey area, with one of their flanks covered. They can then move forward onto the point with a second angle of fire coming from the supports, or the supports can move to cover the rear left flank from the door while the heavies cap and cover pushes from last.

When attacking last, the best place to push in seems to be from the left side. The right path is too easily shut down, whereas moving in from the left allows three points of entry - bottom left, middle and upper left. One of the windows in upper left is also open with good sightlines down onto the point and rear platform, so sniper could go here and shoot down and demo could spam some sentry locations from relative safety here. Lower left gets you fairly close to the point still in cover, with the added bonus of health and ammo in the room ready for a quick retreat if you get spammed during the push. As with every push into last, we will need to be coordinated and attack together, but this last point seems easier to push into than on most 5cps, as there’s little in the way of cover or natural strong sentry positions for the defenders.

I stopped writing at this point, and before I revisited it to finish Calump had already posted his own strat ideas here. I’ll leave these as they are when I wrote them, but defer to Calump’s plan as he is main calling. Consider these alternative thoughts rather than the main strategy.