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Kickstarters in green were sucessfully fully funded

Kickstarters in red failed to meet their funding goal

Committed Developers

Makers of tons of big cross-platform mobile games, including a mobile version of the award-winning PC indie Gish, they’ve come out strong with the maximum $10,000 pledge and announced full support for “OUYA”, with plans to participate in the launch.

Currently working on “Xenonauts”. “Xenonauts” won’t be coming to Android, but they plan to bring their next games to the OUYA platform.

Meteor has pledged support for OUYA. Meteor is the publisher behind upcoming “Hawken”. That means they aren’t developers themselves and won’t be making any games. Also, even if the OUYA has the horsepower for it, a direct “Hawken” port is implausable for some very technical reasons. But if they want to, Meteor probably could some version of “Hawken” over anyway. They don’t seem to have any other games available to them.

Namco is in talks to bring to OUYA anything from classics like Pac-Man and Galaga, to current franchises like Tekken and Ridge Racer. Tweet them and tell them what you want.


These are developers who voiced some level of support, but need some more encouragement that OUYA is worth porting to. If you find someone here with a game you want, let them know, and tweet to @playouya that you want their game on OUYA, too!

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Makers of Jetpack2, they had a stretch goal of $25,000 for OUYA support. They only made it to ~$13,000, but they’re still someone to watch.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Recently launched a Kickstarter for aRPG Echoes of Aeons for various platforms including Android. They’ve contacted OUYA to try to figure things out, and don’t expect to face much trouble. Their Kickstarter failed, and though they plan on continuing, it will take longer and might lose some features.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Supposedly a reboot of an old Commodore 64 game, really Project Giana is just an amazing looking platformer. BFG did not reach their OUYA stretch goal, but hopefully they’ll bring it eventually anyway.

Makers of Sol Survivor and Retrovirus. They’ve bought a kit and are planning a multi-platform game, and say that OUYA would be a nice fit for that title.

Co-Founder Wen Chen has stated that they’ve backed at the $699 level to get a kit, and right now they’re looking at the possibilities bringing their current slate to OUYA, including Crossout.

Digitalus has said Skyjacker can’t go to Android. But they said they have plans for a mobile version, and that OUYA backers should ask the OUYA folks for it.

Dreamquest is working on a spiritual successor to the classic computer game “M.U.L.E.”, naming their new title “Alpha Colony”. Their first Kickstarter didn’t go through, but they are relaunching sometime soon. They’re already backed OUYA and are likely to commit for launch.

Joymasher are the makers of Oniken and MRC6-454 and they’re quite interested in OUYA. However, Oniken’s engine doesn’t yet support Android. However, a tool for that is coming soon! So long as that tool works out, Joymasher plans to bring Oniken to OUYA.

KlickTock has released a few mobile-style games for iOS, but now they’re working on a controller-based action RPG which they’re hoping to bring to the OUYA.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

They’ve looked into it, and are hopeful they could bring “Moon Intern” to OUYA, and they’ve said that as long as Unity Pro gives them a pipeline to bring “Moon Intern” to Kickstarter they will definitely pursue it.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Dasso told me through Kickstarter message that after he brings his game “College Ruled Universe” to iOS, he wants to work on an OUYA port.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Leviathan has said they love the idea of OUYA, and are looking into bringing their “Project Lodus” game to OUYA.

LudoCraft is currently considering an OUYA port of their game “Air Buccaneers”. Their game is made in Unity, which they say should make the port easy.

Mayalabs is the maker of the mobile MOBA “Legendary Heroes”, and they said they’re interested in bringing games to the system.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

NWI “really wants” to bring their FPS “Insurgency 2” to OUYA, and they are currently trying to determine whether they’ll be able to bring their engine to that platform.

Prolific Android developer. Said they’d be happy to put out a two-player co-op version of Gunslugs if OUYA releases.

Their roguelike Desktop Dungeons is built in Unity, and they say that once they get out of beta, then get on mobile, they’ll look at OUYA (and other consoles) and try to figure out a good fit for the controls.

Radian has released a number of cross-platform Unity games, and he’s said he’s “very likely” to port his games Super Crossfire, Ballistic, and Inferno+ to OUYA. Says they’ll look & play “fantastic”.

Makers of the beautiful “Oliver & Spike” have backed for a dev kit and are looking into bringing their game to OUYA. Since it’s already aimed for Android, among other platforms, hopefully this won’t be too hard!

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Making “Takedown”. Was originally backed for a dev kit, but has since cancelled. However, he’s interested in making an OUYA version of his game.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

They’ve ordered a dev kit, said they love the idea, and said they’d love to see their Kickstarter game, “The Banner Saga”, on it some day. They do seem still unconvinced that it’ll succeed, but they’re “willing to find out”.

tametick has already brought out “Cardinal Quest” for Android. His partner is now working on “Cardinal Quest II”, and tametick has asked his fans to ask OUYA to get CQ on the platform, as well as already having ordered a dev kit.

These guys haven’t confirmed a specific game, but they have backed OUYA and have plans. They’re primarily a platformer dev, makers of “Jelly Escape” and the upcoming “Bree+”.

Indie game developer Thomas Happ has said that after he brings metroidvania “Axiom Verge” to PC & Xbox, he plans on working on an Android/OUYA port.

Working on a game called “Cloudbase Prime” that looks gorgeous. Doesn’t have the full Unity Pro license, but hopes that he’ll be able to bring a slightly pared down version to OUYA.

Wanderlust: Rebirth” has been out for a little while now, but now Chucklefish is helping them bring it to Steam. Trunk has said they’re looking into getting Wanderlust onto Android/OUYA.

Creator of “Lugaru”, now working on Overgrowth. They founded the Humble Bundle, and though it now runs independently, Wolfire president Jeffrey Rosen is still involved. Said they’d consider devving for OUYA “if it turns out to be a viable platform”.

Kickstarter - UNFUNDED

Makers of the original Motherload game, they recently launched a Kickstarter for a sequel, Super Motherload. They seem excited about the OUYA, and are open to the possibility of Super Motherload being an OUYA launch title.

Nier creator & Square-Enix employee Yoko Taro has stated that he’s interested in OUYA, and if a publisher funded it he’d like to make a jRPG for the platform. Previously he’s said a Kickstarter would not work for him, but he seems to be opening up to the idea.

OUYA-Curious Developers

These are developers who have shown some openness to the idea of bringing something to OUYA, but as of yet it doesn’t seem like they have any real plans.

DS/3DS developer Endgame has ordered a dev OUYA, but is still unsure whether to commit to bringing their game “Fractured Soul” to the system. They’re waiting to see how things turn out for OUYA.

Made “Thomas Was Alone”, said in a tweet that if OUYA sends him a kit he’ll bring Thomas over.

Currently making “Soldier Of” for PC. Has said he’s interested in OUYA, but the Blender Game Engine he uses is not yet available for Android. There is a community project working on porting it that has made significant progress, but it’s not yet completed.

Kickstarter - FUNDED

Pwnee Studios has said they’re not going to commit to whether or not they’ll bring Cloudberry Kingdom to OUYA, but that they do want to be “everywhere”.

War Balloon Games probably will not bring Star Command to OUYA. It isn’t a good fit. However, they do sound like they’re interested in making their next game for the platform.