Dear android2cloud user,

I’d like to start off by apologising for the unsolicited email. Please rest assured that we would not be contacting you unless we thought you’d prefer the email to no notice. If you’d like to never hear from us again, please just reply to this email. We have no formal system in place for blacklisting users from communications, but we’ll do our best.

We’re emailing you to inform you that the Chrome extension you’re using is extremely out of date. It’s using a version of our software that hasn’t been in use since January 1st. This wouldn’t warrant an email usually, but the update radically changed our back end and was prompted by the financial strain that previous versions created. The new software is faster, cheaper, and more fully-fledged than the version you are currently using. There have been a couple of issues with stability, but we believe we’ve sorted most of these out.

Unfortunately, the older versions of the software are still costing us quite a bit of money. 20% of our server usage every day is consumed by servicing older versions of the software, and our API is limited by the URLs that the older versions have tied up.

We love all of our users, but we need to focus on the newer versions of android2cloud, and disable the older versions. We simply don’t have the financing, the manpower, or the community to be able to maintain both versions at the same time. We really wish we could. Even worse, through our own poor planning (we’re sorry!) we have no way to disable older versions of the software without blocking them from our server entirely. What this means is that even if you upgrade, you still wouldn’t be able to use the service. We don’t want to do that to you guys, but we don’t feel we have very many options here.

We set an initial cut-off date for the seventh of March (yes, tomorrow) to block any users still using version 1 of the Chrome extension (which is everyone that is getting this email). After some discussion, we decided that the invasion of your email inbox would be better than cutting you off with no warning, which prompted this email. We still do need to set a cut-off date for blocking users, however.

Please follow our guide at to uninstall the old version and visit by Friday, March 11th to install the new version. On Friday, we’ll be going through the logs and blocking everyone still using the old version. If you’re no longer using the application, please do take a few moments to uninstall it, at the very least-- it makes our jobs easier, and we don’t like blocking people.

Future versions of the software will have a notification feature baked in. We’re still working out exactly what those should be, and we’d love feedback. We’re collecting responses at We hope this mechanism will prevent a situation like this from occurring again.

To make sure you always have the most-up-to-date versions of our software, we recommend downloading them only from the Android Market or from the Chrome Web Store. You can find them from these official, auto-updating sources here:



To keep up to date on the project and its news and announcements, we recommend you subscribe to either the Twitter account (, the Google Groups discussion list (, or the blog (

Again, I apologise for the intrusion into your mailbox. Thank you for your time, and for at least trying android2cloud. We appreciate it.


Paddy Foran

Lead Developer

android2cloud Team