Welcome to the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance Team!

We’re happy you’re here!  Tell us about yourself and how you found this team!


If you had trouble finding us, we want to know about that too - where did you look that we didn’t show up?

If you’ve reached goal, congratulations!  Please sign up to celebrate your maintenance anniversary with us! <link>tinyurl.com/My-Maintenance-Anniversary</link>

This team can feel really big and overwhelming at first.  So can maintenance.  See our Big Page of Links for an organized list of resources and ways to connect with other members. <link>tinyurl.com/maintenance-links</link>

You can see our Maintenance Hall of Fame, links to fantastic maintenance-oriented blog posts by members, find news stories about our maintainers, guidance in nutrition, and much much more.  If you have any questions about how to choose a weight range, what to do if you stumble, how to deal with binging, etc. this page may have some answers for you.

We run challenges to provide that little extra bit of external motivation needed to keep the enthusiasm going.  Check the message boards for those.  If you appeal to a higher power or follow a particular philosophy to aid you in maintenance, all faiths and philosophies are welcome to contribute to the “Devotions” thread.

The point of this process all along wasn't just to lose your weight.  It was to get it off, and KEEP IT OFF.  Your journey in keeping it off has just started.  We’re here for you along the way - during transition to maintenance, through the honeymoon period, and beyond.