The course menu appears on the upper-left side of your screen and contains links to course materials and tools within the course.  Instructors can customize the appearance of the course menu and in addition to this, all course participants can choose from different course menu views when working in a Blackboard course.

Options for viewing the course menu from 'student view' (when Edit Mode is off) include:

  • Display Course Menu in a New Window
  • Refresh Course Menu
  • Collapse Course
  • Hide Menu

When the Edit Mode is On (“Instructor View”), the following advanced menu features are available:

  • Create Menu Item button
  • Display Menu in a new window
  • Refresh Menu
  • Reordering Menu
  • Keyboard-Accessible Reordering
  • Hide Menu

Description of Course Menu Features

When accessing a course in Blackboard, the default course menu is always on the List View.  To switch from one to another view, users just need to click on the appropriate button.

 Create Menu Item - Click this button to create a new content area, blank page, tool link, web link, course link, subheader or divider.

 Refresh - Refreshes the course menu, useful if the course menu is not displaying all items correctly or after performing a course copy into a blank course shell.

 Keyboard-Accessible Reordering - Select this button to use the keyboard to reorder items.  Highlight an item, then press the tab key to select directional arrows.

Display Course Menu in New Window- Expands the hierarchy of course navigation to locate specific items buried deep within the course in a new window.

 Empty Content Area Indicator - Indicates that a content area currently holds no content.  Empty content areas are invisible to student users.

 Hidden Link Indicator - Link is invisible to students.  Click the options button and select “Show Link” to make visible.

 Click-and-Drag Reordering - These icons allow you to reorder items.  Drag-and-drop an item to move it up or down on the menu.

 Options Menu - This menu allows for easy editing of an item on the course menu.  Options include Rename Link, Show/Hide Link, and Delete.