WordPress hack attack

Date, time & location: Sunday, 9-9:50 a.m., New Media Central 1

Description: The basic WordPress website is pretty stripped down, but plug-ins and themes can perk up its appearance, simplify your workflow, and streamline your mobile delivery. The former director of CoPress will show you some of the best add-ons, teach you some nifty design tricks, and tell you how to keep your site running at peak efficiency.

Session Outline (in-progress)

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Who I am and why I'm here

Goals for the next 50 minutes

Introductions around the room (depending on number of people)

Voting on topics for today (2 votes per person)

Plugins for publishers

Plugins to consider

Important note: All plugins have a performance cost, some more than others. You should always keep this in mind when wanting to install a new plugin.

What you should look for when choosing a plugin

Question: any plugins you highly recommend I'm missing from the list?

Customizing or building a WordPress theme

Question: What themes are you using currently and how do you like it?

Premium themes to consider

Aspects to think of when choosing a theme

Important note: You can easily make most design, color, and font changes with CSS, so functional elements should be prioritized over design.

Question: What types of improvements are you thinking about making?

Modifications you might consider making

Child themes

Things to consider after your modifications


Working in a sandbox and deploying with version control

Question: What's a sandbox? How many people are currently using one?

Why sandboxes are important

Workflow for a sandbox

Ways to move code from your sandbox to production

Question: What is version control? How many people are currently using it?

Two popular types of version control

Demo: Editing and committing code

Tip: Commit early and commit often



Performance monitoring and tuning

Question: What is performance, is it important and, if so, why?

Types of performance

Plugins to help with performance

Demoable tools


Question and Answer

Upgrade strategies

Giving users more power in controlling copy

What to do when a plugin breaks