I want to implement digital portfolios for the students of the former Brewer Middle School.  I am planning on having them use google sites and it will be contained within our google apps so that I won’t have concerns about safety.  This will be an ongoing project and I will consider it done when students graduating from Brewer High School have a digital portfolio that showcases their learning for their school years.  

Rationale   Since the students have laptops, this is a good time to have them use their laptops to store and reflect on their work.  My main purpose is going to be to have the students reflect on their work as I want to improve their meta-cognition skills.  I want them to start to know what they know and what they don’t know.  I also want them to be aware of the fact there are standards they should be meeting.  It will give them more of a direction and purpose, I hope.

Intended Outcomes

I want the students to develop a value for their work and see it as something worth thinking about and sharing with their parents and or other significant people.  I really want them to see the growth they have achieved over the course of the years.  

Methodology and Timeline

First will be to create a template or sample for the students to use or see for their portfolio.  This will be done before the school year starts.  I also want to make a screen cast video of the creation of a portfolio so that students who join us mid year will be able to create their site at the later date. I want to have a student create that. While this will be an ongoing project, by November I would like to have the students have at least one artifact for each subject.  Long term, I would like to have each artifact linked to a standard they are meeting.  

I spoke to one of the 8th grade language arts teachers yesterday to hopefully get some of the 8th grade teachers knowledgeable about the  portfolios so they won’t end with 7th grade.


I have the Chapter 104 teacher who is going to be doing digital portfolios with the honors diploma students at the high school, and one of my team mates is invested in this project as well.  Our school is very involved in technology so while I don’t foresee any problems, there is a lot of help around.  I can also get in touch with either Keith or Kern Kelly for assistance as well.  All the students will have laptops and there will be 3 desktops available to the students as well.  

Evaluation and Conclusion

I do anticipate this being an ongoing project with no real endpoint but I will feel successful if at the end of the year my students have at least 6 artifacts demonstrating standards in the math part of their portfolio with meaningful reflections connected to them.  My main focus really is intended to be on the refection on the learning.  I do want to be able to comment on their reflections which I can do if they are done in google docs.