Fourth Grade News

December 3, 2012

The following is a brief note about some of the things that we have been working on during the past week and what we will be doing in the upcoming week.

Reading   Last week in Reading, the class starting new chapter books.  Each group is reading a work of historical fiction that centers around one of the great gold rushes of the 19th century.  After establishing the setting, the main characters, and the main problem in each story, we began to examine the inferences that were made while reading.  We will continue to discuss inferences while reading these books this week.  We will also look at how the authors use a variety of dialects to make the stories more engaging and authentic.

Writing        Last week in writing, students wrote an essay on winter in the North Country.  First, they had to choose a position to take as to whether or not winter was primarily a positive or negative event.  They then had to come up with a list of reasons to support their opinion and use these to write an essay.  This week we will finish these essays and use them to discuss the importance of using proper verb tense and elaborating about details.  

Math             In Math this week we will continue our unit on decimals.  Students will work with thousandths and examine how decimals are used when measuring lengths in the metric system.  They will also use an imaginary checkbook to practice adding and subtracting numbers with decimals as they are used in our monetary system.


Science and Social Studies           Last week, the class learned about the three major types of rocks.  They conducted experiments centering around the formation of crystals in igneous rocks and the deposit of sedimentary rocks.  Today the class used clay models to simulate the rock cycle and the processes that cause rocks to move through it.   Next, we will  attempt to classify the rocks in our rock collections.  Students will then learn the names of these rocks and their characteristics.  After a review, we will have a test on rocks and minerals.  

Tag Sale          The Elementary School will hold its annual tag sale this Friday. Fourth graders will have the opportunity to participate in a little Christmas shopping.  The money earned at the tag sale will go towards bringing an artist-in-residence to the school in the spring.


Monday                            Math worksheet; study spelling words

Tuesday                           Spelling sentences; study rock and mineral notes; study spelling words

Wednesday                     Math worksheet; study rock and mineral notes; study spelling words

Thursday                         Math worksheet; study rock and mineral notes; study spelling words

Have a great week!


Mr. Herr