Annual SMARTboard Training Day

EDM310 will sponsor a training day offered to Mobile County School teachers to help educate them on how to use SMARTboards.  

Materials used for this event will come from EDM310 students’ smartboard projects.  ALL PROJECTS USED MUST BE APPROVED BY EDM310 STAFF BEFORE PRESENTING TO TEACHERS.

The day will be broken down into 3 sections:

1. Basic Instruction - This section will focus on simple smartboard tasks that can be used in constructing a new lesson.  A video to demonstrate what basic instruction will include can be seen here: Smart Board Instructional Video

2. Class Concentration - At this time all teachers will separate into groups of like speciality (i.e. English, History, Science, Math, or Elementary).  Each group will then view a presentation on how using a Smartboard in their classroom will be beneficial.  After viewing the presentations, the teachers will be allowed spend time collaborating and sharing ideas.

3. Technology Introduction - This section will introduce other technological aspects that can be implemented into the classroom.  At this time new Smartboard software and hardware can be shown and demonstrated.  There can also be a time to make suggestions from EDM310 students about something they have  learned in EDM310 such as blogs, video production,  skyping, etc.

An example could be:  Since Smart Board has the ability to connect to the Internet, this will be beneficial to the students so they can perform a lesson presentation in which the links may take you directly to a related website. This saves time and can increase lesson interest and comprehension. In addition, Smart Boards are used for Distance Learning as well; this will give the students the ability to have access to teachers or educators all over the world that can give them real life practices while they are attending class.

If a teacher has previously attended this training day, they should not feel they cannot return.  They can register for a half day in order to attend section 2 and 3 and omit section 1.