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Minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2011


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr A Hodge, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr G Mackeen, Cllr Mrs A    

                                    Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton

Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey, Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Public participation

Tom Rattray, acting for Port Eliot was present, together with 6 members of the public.

Cllr Elliott introduced Mr C Lunn, the Affordable Housing Team Leader who had asked to attend the meeting with a developer who had an outline scheme for land adjacent to the school. Mr Lunn reported that there had been a funding change and under new Government Policy all affordable housing would be subject to an Affordable Rent, where charges can be up to 80% of the market rent. The housing need for the parish is currently 22 households. St Germans School capacity is 105 places and currently there are 103. It is estimated that by 2014 capacity will have fallen to 89. He introduced Mr Andy Rigby and Mr A Lopez of Bibio Ltd who are delivering a similar project to Widegates, to commence in March. They work with a rural housing association, Hastoe, and plan for a new road access to develop 24 houses on the site. The company distributed a preliminary drawing showing the proposed site plan.

Cllr Sullivan asked about the sustainability of the units – Bibio explained that Hastoe Housing Association had insisted on Code Level 4 on the points based system (which is assessed to give a score). Level 6 is the highest but has never been achieved.

Cllr Skelton asked how the units would be heated – Bibio advised that air source heat pumps would be installed, with the units being well insulated and solar panels for the hot water supply.

Cllr Barnes asked what use would be made of the area on the left hand side of the access road – Bibio advised that this would be up to the Planners, the Parish Council and other interested parties

Cllr Yates asked if prices of the individual units were yet known – Bibio explained that prices were unknown at this stage, the number of open market units will be kept to a minimum but always varies from site to site. Shared ownership deals may also be offered by the Housing Association.

A member of the public asked if the company had spoken to the Planners yet as this site does not comply with Planning Policy. Also, were any other sites considered? – Bibio advised that they had not spoken to Planners but there were ways around exception sites. Cllr Elliott said that previously sites at the Recreation Ground, the Station and the former metal works in Polbathic had been considered, but that this was the preferred site.

Cllr May thought that parking could be a concern depending on the access to the school, with only two parking spaces per unit.

Mr Lunn said that if the Parish Council wished to pursue this, a site meeting with himself, the company, representatives of the Parish Council and the school would be the next stage. Mr Rattray reported that for the first time Port Eliot had a100% occupancy of their rented properties and still had a waiting list. Port Eliot support the provision of affordable housing for the parish.

Cllr Elliott advised that the Parish Council would discuss this further and that the clerk would respond to Bibio Ltd. He thanked Mr Lunn, Mr Rigby and Mr Lopez for attending the meeting.

Cllr Elliott reported that he had been handed the responses from Tideford Residents regarding the planned pavement re-alignment in Church Road. – 22 in favour of raising the height of the existing pavement – 8 opposed and 1 undecided. Cllr Yates reported that a lot of Tideford residents felt that the question asked was too narrow. There is a division in the village and the original request for the traffic speed to be reduced is still the main need, which will not be helped by this proposal. Cllr Elliott said that the parish council will hold these responses until the next meeting, when hopefully the feelings of the rest of the village can be presented. The clerk reported that Cllr Olive Eggleston had advised that Highways had agreed to undertake a feasibility and costing check on raising the kerb and installing bollards which Cllr Eggleston has authorised.

A Tideford resident asked if information could be put on the new website between meetings to keep everyone informed. Cllr Elliott explained that nothing can be publicised before being ratified by the Parish Council and we are restrained by the dates of the meetings.

1.        Police Report

            PC Rachel Short attended and apart from some shed burglaries in December

            and someone arrested for being drunk and disorderly at the weekend the parish

            had been very quiet. The Police are warning residents to be vigilant about their

            oil tanks now that costs are rising. Cllr Davey asked whether anything had

            happened regarding the stolen digger from W H Bond & Sons – the case is

            ongoing. Cllr Barnicoat reported that the on road parking outside Beech House

            had improved and it is assumed this is because the Police had spoken to the

            occupants. Cllr May reported that a flatbed lorry had been parked on the

            pavement blocking the view to all turning onto the A38 from Church Road,


            There was some discussion regarding vehicles parking on pavements and the

            Police position

           Cllr Elliott thanked PC Rachel Short for attending

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr Olive Eggleston. Cllr Davey

            apologised for arriving late and Cllr Sullivan is on call and may have to leave


3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 December 2010

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnes and seconded by Cllr Gillbard that the minutes

            be approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr Elliott

PC Rachel Short arrived and the Police Report is minuted under item 1 above.


4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Church Road, Tideford – the clerk was asked to hold the responses

            regarding the pavement re-alignment until the next meeting, when further

            representation can be made regarding slowing the speed of traffic in Church


            Bake Lane End – Sheryll Murray’s office had telephoned the clerk to advise

            that she had tried to arrange a meeting with the Assistant Tree Officer but he

            had refused to meet because the land owner has not yet submitted an

            application to fell the trees. In addition, Highways had advised that there is no

            problem with the junction. Cllr Elliott proposed that the clerk should now

            write to the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council and make our request clear

            to him. This was seconded by Cllr Davey and all were in favour

            St Germans Station – the clerk was asked to write to Highways and Network

            Rail to ask for the hatched area for a turning and a drop off point for the

            station. This had been agreed at a site meeting but appears not be proceeding.

            Heskyn View – The Housing Officer for the area will contact Mr Congdon

            and investigate the parking issues.

            Beech House, St Germans – The Police advise that PCSO Bob Yates will

            make contact and point out the potential offences and problems that parked

            vehicles can cause.

4.1.1        Highways – New Items

            Cllr Elliott reported that the width of the road, outside the entrance to the

            burial ground needs ploughing back. The clerk was asked to write to


4.2       Dates of meetings for 2011/12 and where the Annual Parish Meeting

            should be held. Cornwall Compact as a possible speaker?  

            It was agreed that the Annual Parish Meeting should be held at Bethany

            Methodist Chapel on Wednesday 27.4.11. It was proposed by Cllr Gillbard

            and seconded by Cllr Elliott that Cornwall Compact is invited to speak for 30

            minutes at the meeting. Clerk will circulate the dates of the meetings for


4.3       Bus Shelter – Order acknowledgement now received - £2779.57. The 3m

            shelter is now in manufacture 


4.4       Real Ideas Organisation – Xtravert Ramps – Cllr Elliott reported on the

            meeting held no 20.1.11 at the Eliot Hall. He had also met on site with Tom

            Rattray, representing Port Eliot, and been advised that the whole area would

            need to be cleared and fenced. The Recreation Group had also attended the

            meeting and they will be holding a public meeting in the near future to discuss

            their plans to re-generate the recreation ground. The clerk has put pictures of 3 

           different height ramps in the shop for youngsters to choose the one they prefer.    

As there were still members of the public present interested in the Affordable Housing proposal, it was decided to discuss this now, rather than at item 10 of the agenda.

There was more discussion. Cllr Elliott closed the meeting. A member of the public thought that the Parish Council should speak to Planners before making any decision and also look at alternative sites in the village, as this site does not comply with Planning Policy. Cllr Elliott opened the meeting. Cllr Barnes thought we should proceed to the next level. All Councillors were in agreement in principle and the clerk was asked to contact Bibio Limited who could then arrange a site meeting as suggested by Mr Lunn          

4.5      Website

            Ron Daniel had advised the clerk that we were inadvertently using the

            incorrect ‘Crest/Emlem’ on the website. We had used the one designed for the

           Twinners and not the St Germans one. The clerk will contact Ron Daniel and

            try to get the correct Crest for Cllr Sullivan to use on the website. It was

           agreed that no addresses of individuals would be used on the website. Cllr

           Mackeen thought it would be a good idea to have the website address on our

           Agenda and Minutes and the clerk will add this information.

           Cornwall Council had advised that we should not publish Minutes of meetings

            on the website until they had been approved by the Parish Council. Cllr

            Sullivan will remove the minutes and will only publish them after they are


           Cllr Sullivan had received some enquiries via the website, two from ground

            and property maintenance contractors, one concerning the skateboard ramps

            that had been dealt with by Cllr Elliott and one from someone wanting to

            undertake an assignment to investigate a public recreation area, to which the

            clerk had replied.

4.6      Allotment Site in St Germans

           Cllr Elliott had spoken to the Gardening Club who will get back to us about

            taking this on and forming the Allotment Association

4.7      Tideford Lighting  

            This will be carried forward to the next agenda when we can see how much

            the next bill will be for.

4.8      Salt/Grit Bins

           The clerk confirmed she had ordered 5 filled bins and was awaiting approval

            from Highways on the suggested sites, which are: 

           1. At the junction of Quay Road and Eliot Drive, St Germans

           2. At the junction of the B3249 and Lower Fairfield, St Germans

           3. Near the Almshouses, St Germans

           4. At the junction of the B3249 with the A374, near the notice board at


           5. Near the bridge at Bridge Road, Tideford

           Cllr May requested that 2 further bins be ordered for Tideford, one at the

           Heskyn View footpath and one between Orchard Close and West Park. All

           were in favour and the clerk will contact Highways again  

4.9      Correspondence from Clerk  

            Highways has advised that the ‘slow’ road marking on the A374 will be    

            removed and repainted in February. As part of these works they will clean

            around the bollards in Polbathic and the re-establishment of the footway from

            Polbathic to Trerulefoot will be added to the planned maintenance when

            funding is available. The road edge at the junction to Port Eliot will be


            Recycling bins in car parks are being reviewed in Feb/March.

            Broken glass in the telephone box near the play park has been reported.


5.        Play parks

5.1       St Germans

            A tree has come down in Treland Park and will need cutting up and removing.

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Davey that Quercus be

            asked to carry out the necessary work.

5.2        Tideford

            Cllr Elliott reported that W H Bond & Son would soon be starting the works

            on the play park

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Request from Richardson’s Funeral Directors for the burial of A Hooper

            deceased, on 5.1.11 at plot F12 – see 7.4. Noted and approved by all Cllrs.

6.2       A Draft Notification of Sale for the purchase of land adjacent to St Germans

            Burial Ground. Port Eliot need to know the name of our solicitor. The clerk

            has had some quotations, the most reasonable so far is from Browning

           Grassam of East Looe – all Cllrs agreed that we should proceed with the most

            reasonable quote.

6.3       If future grave digging is to be undertaken by Tony Cradick with Quercus

            backfilling, we will need to purchase boards etc which can be stored in the

            shed. Cllr Elliott will find out what we will require and arrange for the


7.        Finance

7.1       Barclays statement 155 for the Community Account reconciled with the cash

            book up to 31.12.10 – balance £43846.50

7.2       Barclays statement 95 for the Business Saver Account reconciled with the

            cash book up to 31.12.10 – balance £33726.50

7.3      Clerks salary for January and expenses - £520.40. The clerk reported that the

            amount of £480.40 stated on the agenda was incorrect and that the correct

            figure is £520.40.

7.4       Burial Ground Fee of £220 received from Richardson’s Funeral Directors for

            the burial of A. Hooper deceased on 5.1.11 at Plot F12 (see 6.1)

7.5       Quercus invoice for works to reduce height of conifer hedge at Tideford and

            general work around the parish - £2150. Paid by clerk

7.6       The clerk had been advised that under the Data Protection Act 1998 all Parish

            Councils must register with the Information Commissioner’s Office which

            will cost £35 annually. The clerk will complete the relevant form and pay the


            It was proposed by Cllr Davey and seconded by Cllr Skelton that all finance

            items are approved. All were in favour.

8.        Planning Applications        

8.1       PA10/08018

            5A Newport, St Germans                                     Mr & Mrs Mitchell

            Construction of one and a half storey extension, single storey kitchen

            extension and associated works. (Demolition of existing rear extension)

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Barnicoat that support be

            given to this application. All were in favour

8.2       PA10/008839

            57 Eliot Drive, St Germans                                  Mr & Mrs Daw

            Extension to west elevation, garden room to south elevation and

            hobbies/utility room to east elevation and other associated external works to

            include walkway, patio and widening of driveway

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnicoat and seconded by Cllr Mackeen that support

            be given to this application. All were in favour

8.3      PA10/08186

           Cherokee Alpacas - Land at Clover Park, Tideford Cross                 Ms J Philip

            Retention of temporary timber cabin for use in connection with the existing

            agricultural enterprise

            Cllrs May and Hodge both declared an interest and took no part in the decision

            making process. It was proposed by Cllr Davey and seconded by Cllr Barnes

            that the Parish Council object to this application. All others were in favour


9.        Planning Decisions – none received

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     East Sub-Area Planning Committee – 13.1.11 and 3.2.11 at Liskeard. Noted

10.2     Planning and Local Council Pre-application Task Group Notes from 10.11.10.


10.3     Local Council Planning Training – additional dates at Camelford and Truro.


10.4     Planning & Regeneration Service – annual satisfaction questionnaire to be

            completed by 25.2.11. To be completed by Cllr Barnes

10.5     Revised procedure for public speaking at Planning Committees - noted

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Saltash Town Framework Meeting on 11.1.11 at 6.30pm at Ashtorre Rock –

            copies to Cllr Elliott and Cllr Barnes. Next meetings to be held on 25.1.11 at

            6.30pm at the Community Network Office, Saltash and on 1.3.11 at 6.30pm at

            the Guildhall, Saltash - noted

11.2     Agenda and Meeting Notes of Cornwall Gateway Community Network

            Meeting on 19.1.11 at 6.30pm at Tideford RBL – copies to Cllr Elliott and

            Cllr Barnes. Mail to Cllr Sullivan

            Also a copy of a letter regarding Tamar River Transport and information

            regarding the Core Strategy Consultation. Noted

11.3     Factsheet from our insurer Aviva – Property Protection – Weight of Snow. Noted

11.4     Salt Bins, Gritting & Arrangements with local farmers forwarded by Cllr Eggleston – mail to Cllr Davey

11.5     Cornwall Council road closure from Bridge Lane to West Lane Tideford from 17.1.11 to 21.1.11, 7.30am – 6.00pm. Emailed to all Cllrs on 21.12.10

11.6     Rural Services Network – latest weekly rural news digest. Noted

11.7     SLCC – Plymouth Regional Conference – 9.2.11. Noted

11.8     Nut Tree – January 2011 edition. Noted

11.9     Great Trees of Cornwall – winter newsletter and update on events. Noted

11.10   Royal British Legion – Great Poppy Party Weekend 10-12 June to celebrate their 90th birthday. Noted

11.11   SLCC – Cornwall Branch Newsletter December 2010. Noted

11.12   Clerks and Councils Direct – January 2011. Mail to Cllr Sullivan

11.13   CALC’s, The Week issue 24 and 25 - noted

11.14   Sconner Larch Plantation, Anthony Estate – to be clear felled due to disease. Clerk has put it on the notice board. Noted

11.15   Caradon Monthly Walks – Royal Deer Park Ramble on 19.1.11, Seaton Valley Walk on 2.2.11 and Siblyback Lake Walk on 2.3.11. Noted

11.16   Keep Cornwall Whole – new year update. Noted        

11.17   Cornwall Gateway Community Network – message from Steve Besford-Foster. Noted

11.18   Press Release – Cornwall Council spends £737,000 keeping Cornwall moving during the icy weather. Noted

11.19   Coffee Morning/Open Day on 3.2.11 between 10.00am and 2.00pm at The Public Hall, Liskeard to thank supporters of the Stonham Tu Floating Support Service in Cornwall which ends on 31.3.11. Noted

11.20   The Clerk – January 2011 edition. Noted

11.21   Environmental Assessment Summary for Saltash - noted

11.22   SLCC – Courses available locally: Allotments; Agenda and Minutes. Noted

11.23   Enquiry from a St Germans resident – few people know where the bus stops

            are in the village. Can the Parish Council consider formalising bus stops with

            the bus company and provide timetables at each stop? Cllr Elliott will speak to  

            the resident.

11.24   Winter Treatment works of Cornwall Council Car Parks. Mail to Cllr Sullivan

11.25   CRCC updating its records for Town and Parish Councils. The clerk has

            supplied the information

11.26   Spinal Injuries Association asking if we would put their posters on our

            noticeboards and publicise a fund raising event in our parish newsletter. Clerk

            will do so.  

11.27   Public Convenience Review being carried out by Cornwall Council. Clerk to

            write to oppose any further closures

11.28   Community Network Report from Cornwall Council. Noted

11.29   Rural Services Network – Parish Newsletter January 2011. Noted

11.30   Funding Bulletin 21.1.11 –Arts & Culture, Community, Environment &

            Heritage, Health, Research and Funding News Bulletin for the south west            

            region – only page 1 printed but available from clerk. Noted

11.31   Environment Agency –Community Flood Planning. Noted

11.32   SLCC Branch Meeting on 21.2.11 at Fraddon. Noted

11.33   Housing Allocations – comments requested on social housing being allocated

            to people from Plymouth. Cllr Elliott will reply

11.34   St Germans Division Parish Cluster Meeting – next meeting on 16.2.11 at

            6.30pm at Ashtorre Rock. Noted – Cllrs Elliott and Barnes to attend

11.35  Cornwall Council – options for future waste collection services and the

           consultation results. Noted

12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1    Cllr Barnicoat reported that the Twinners now had the funding in place for the

            6 Boule Pistes and the opening is planned for 18.6.11. They are holding a

            Beetle Drive to celebrate the Chinese New Year on 5.2.11.

12.2     Cllr Davey reported some bad pot holes at the top of Penewin Lane, 2 more

            further down the lane and more between Bethany and the substation. Clerk

            will write to Highways.

            Cllr Davey also reported that there would be a public consultation for a

            proposed solar park at Penewin Farm. This will be held on 7.2.11 from

            3.00pm to 7.00pm at Bethany Methodist Chapel.

12.3    Cllr May asked if the road between Tideford and Tideford Cross could be

            swept as the condition is now quite bad. Also the works to reinstate Snow

            Drop Lane are still outstanding. Clerk will write to Highways

12.4    Cllr Mackeen advised that Footpath 21 from Fairfield House to Quarry Street

            has been cleared of all soil and debris.

12.5    Cllr Barnes reported that he had attended a meeting on a possible renewable

            energy project which had been embraced by Millbrook. The evening had been

            most interesting and he wondered if St Germans should also consider it. It was

            decided to see how the project proceeded in Millbrook and Cllr Barnes will

            suggest that the same presentation be made to the Community Network.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..