EDU 255

Verbal Transcription of Lab B2

(Talking to Entire Class)

All right could I have everyone come on in over here.

All right how many of you guys went home for break?

Show of hands.

I went home for break as well but once I hit Syracuse, there was a little bit of traffic.

So I’m sitting in my car wondering, where is this traffic coming from?

I’m looking; I see all the cars backed up.

I stick my head out the window and can’t see.

I ask the person that I was driving home “Hey stick your head out the window to see what’s going on”.

And I’m looking and I can’t see anything!

So today we’re going to continue working on Ultimate Frisbee.

Catching the pull with a defender.

I got three cues for you guys to remember.

That’s look.


So the pancake catch that we just learned.

And move.

So in a few moments I’m going to have you guys break up into groups of six.

There’s going to be three offensive players and three defensive players.

So right now, one, two, three, four, five, six.

You guys are a group.

One, two, three, four, five.

That’s all right, you guys are a group.

So right now, I’ll just do a quick demonstration of what’s gunna to happen.

There’s cones marked where you guys are gunna score.

So if Ben, Nick, and Andy are on my team.

Everybody else is down at the other end.

We’re playing defense.

We don’t want that team to score on us.

So what we’ll do is throw the pull.

You don’t want to throw the pull like that.

But they’ll catch it with that pancake catch.

And now I’m gunna cover Laura.


And now she has ten Mississippi through it.

And you guys are going to work towards that goal.

If you drop it, it goes the other way.

You guys really wanna move.

You guys wanna to take that Frisbee, try and make them miss to try and score.

So when I count three, two, one.

Stop and listen for further instruction.

Just remember that there’s a pole.

The ground is kind of wet.

Watch out for your footing.

Watch out for the footing over there because it goes from grass to cement so be careful there.

Um other than that let’s get going.

Have fun.

Remember to move.

Pancake catch.

(Talking to Other Group)

You guys can start over here.

Let’s have…um let’s have Jeremy, Holly and Ryan go down to that…

Oh Greg’s down

All right Ryan you can stay here.

Let’s have you guys go down that way and you guys can come over here.

(Talking to Kevin)

Good job Kev, make Ben move.

Good pancake catch Kev!

(Talking to Laura)

Good job Laura!

(Talking to Other Group)

So now they go that way and you guys are gunna throw the pull.

Whoever scored the point, stays here.

Whoever loses walks to that end.

And now you guys throw the pull.

(Talking to Ben)

Good pancake catch Ben!

That’s it!

(Talking to Kayla)

It’s all right keep moving.

Make em’ move Kayla, make em’ move!

(Talking to Nicole)

You dropped it so now they’re going that way.

(Talking to Demonstration Group)

It’s all right it’s a turn over that’s right.

(Talking to Kayla)

Come on Kayla catch and…

Good catch Kayla!

(Talking to Laura)

He was out, he was out!

I think he was.

It’s a turn over.

(Talking to Holly)

Come on Holly throw it, throw it!

(Talking to Greg)

Greg make him move.

(Talking to Entire Class)

Come on guys stay warm, get movin’.

I know it’s cold out here.

(Talking to Holly)

Holly try and make Kayla miss.



(Talking to Nicole)

It’s all right Nicole, you had the right idea with the pancake.

(Talking to Entire Class)

Be sure you’re looking at what you’re catching.

You can’t catch it if you can’t see it.

(Talking to Greg)

Good catch Greg.

(Talking to Other Group)

You guys hustle down to that end and stay warm.

(Talking to Greg)

All right Greg let it fly!

That’s all right that’s all right.

(Talking to Jen)

Come on Jen!

Jen when it’s like that try and catch it with the pancake it will secure the Frisbee.

(Talking to Entire Class)

All right three, two, one everyone come on in over here.

Hustle in, hustle in.

All right so who can tell me the three cues today for catching the pull with a defender?

What’s the first one?


I need a show of hands guys, show of hands.



How do you move?

This is moving right?

Sharp cuts?

Demonstrate for me.

Some of this, some of that?

All right you guys did great

All right next class be ready have your gym shorts ready.

Um we’re going to be doing something really cool but I can’t tell you so you have to be here next class.

All right thank you very much.