iPad Restriction Scenarios

St. Matthew’s Parish School

What follows are different scenarios and how to set up Restrictions for each one. This page assumes you already know how to go into the Settings app and Enable Restrictions from the General tab. Setting these restrictions can be done as necessary, such as during the evening hours, or if you want to allow your child to read in the bedroom but not have access to the web, or Youtube.

Scenario #1: You want to turn off access to the Internet

How To: In Restrictions, set Safari to OFF.

Considerations: This is a good setting if you want your child to have access to apps, ebooks and other tools (that may require access to some cloud-based services) but you want general Internet access turned off. Please note that if you have installed another browser, that browser can still be used. For example, if you installed Mobicip or K-9 (filtered browsers) they can still be accessed with this Restriction set to OFF.

Scenario #2: You want to turn off access to Youtube

How To: In Restrictions, set Youtube AND Safari to OFF.

Considerations: The reason you need to turn Safari off is because Youtube can be accessed via the Safari browser, much in the same way it is accessed via the Youtube App.

Scenario #3: You want to restrict the kind of media (music, movies, TV shows) your child has access to on the iTunes store.

We have stated that the iPad is a learning tool, so there should be no reason to have music or movies on the iPad unless used as part of an activity at school (i.e., songs for the school musical or a video from iTunes U as part of a history lesson). However, as a parent, you may want to allow your child access to some form of media while on vacation for example, and the iPad is a great delivery tool for that.

How To: In Restrictions, go to the Allowed Content settings, and select the appropriate level for music, movies, television, and apps.

Considerations: You may also choose to turn off iTunes entirely, which then closes the iTunes Store. You can access this setting in Restrictions, under the Allow section.

Scenario #4: You want to turn off the ability to install apps.

The current iTunes account set up by the school is based on your child’s school email address, and there is no credit card attached to the account. However, free apps can still be downloaded. We have explicitly stated that the only apps allowed on the iPad are those listed on the St. Matthew’s List of Approved Apps, so your child should only have those apps installed. However, if you have concerns about other apps being installed, you can turn off the ability to install apps.

How To: In Restrictions, turn the Installing Apps setting to OFF.

Considerations: Please note that there is no way to hide an app other than deleting it. Therefore, a quick review of the iPad screens will show you all the apps currently installed on your child’s iPad.