To the Whole Class

Alright how are you guys doin’ today?

My name is Mr. Carpenter.

Today we’re going to be working on throwing a long pass with two defenders on us.

So, how many of you, everyone watches football, right?

Everyone sees receivers running down trying to get open making cuts one way, going the other way, going deep trying to beat their guy one-on-one.

That’s what we’re going to do today.

So, if I could have three volunteers.

Pointing to Rob

 Alright Rob.

Pointing to Andew


Pointing to Nick


To Class

If you guys wanna come over here.

If you guys could just move over a little bit.

Alright, so I’m gonna be the thrower, Andrew’s gonna be guarding me.

What Rob is gonna do, is line up like a receiver, and he’s gonna be running towards the goal.

To Rob

Go ahead.

To Class

Andrew is gonna try to block me, and I’m gonna try to, he’s gonna try to get open, I’m gonna try to make a pass to him(Rob).  

Now, you can either throw it deep, it’s a little windy out so what he wants to do is he wants to go and wants try to make cuts or whatever and then the thrower is gonna be making pivots trying to get open.

Alright, so if you guys could break up into groups of 4 at the cones.

Now have one person throwing, and one person defending them.

And then you wanna have a receiver, and a defender on them.

Now when you guys make the pass, when that person catches it, the receiver is now gonna be the thrower, and the person that through before is gonna be the receiver, and after you guys each make a pass, you guys are gonna switch and the defenders are gonna come on offense.

You guys are gonna keep rotating.

You guys understand that? Ok go ahead.

To Rob

That was a nice pass Rob. Nice tomahawk.

To Group

If you guys have five, the other person can just rotate in.

To Group

Oh nice, nice.

To Anthony

Oh! It’s alright, that was a nice cut Tony

To Whole Class

Alright, if you guys can just stop for me for a second.

I’m gonna make it a little more difficult for the receiver.

Now the two defenders are gonna be on the receiver, instead of one person on each.

So, the thrower’s gonna be wide open, but the receiver has to make certain cuts to get open on two defenders. You guys wanna try that?

Alright, see which team can get the most catches.

To One Student

Oh, interception. Nice defense.

To Tim

Nice cut, nice cut.

To Jeremy

Oh nice catch, nice catch.

To Kevin

Good defense Kevin.

To Group

How many catches you guys got over here?

To Group

How many catches you guys got?

To Whole Class

Alright, if you guys wanna bring it in for me.

Alright, did you guys have a good time today?

I like how you guys made it look like a football game. Everyone was saying “Hut” and everything. It was awesome.

You guys staying warm?

Alright, good. You guys did good today. (Clap)