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Title: “The Unseen Journey

by Sandy Kendell”


A path I did not see while I was on it led me to a career I love. These are the small excursions that added up to my unseen journey.

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When I started teaching in the early 90’s, computers were not common in classrooms. Our school had an ancient Apple II computer lab in it. I had cut my teeth on Apple computers, and I’m pretty sure I was one of the few teachers brave enough to take my students to the lab to word process their assignments.  

Apple II Computer

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Then came an opportunity to get my first email account through the Texas Education Network. Soon I was lugging my Mac up to school, taking the telephone off of the wall, and plugging in my modem. My students started trading emails about the literature they were reading with students hundreds of miles away in the Texas Valley. The students and I were excited to use this new-to-us technology to share our thoughts and get feedback from a wider audience.


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Next came an opportunity to teach adult computer literacy classes at night to earn a permanent computer for my classroom. This experience helped me realize I enjoyed teaching adults as much as I enjoyed teaching sixth graders.

Adults using computers

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By the late 1990’s we had an Internet connected computer in our classroom.  A web of information at our fingertips! I began then to teach my students about web searches when it made sense to our learning.

Old Yahoo home page

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Although very few students had Internet access at home yet, I learned how to create a web page and began posting class information. Creating a web page made me see the potential of the medium for publishing to a wider audience, and as a result my students became the first in our school to create and publish their work to the web. As early as 2000, my kids were sharing their learning with the world!


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Around this time a position which would help other teachers integrate technology into their curriculum with their students came open at my school. I sought to move into that position because I was excited to share what I had begun to learn about technology integration with my colleagues and support them in their own endeavors.

TCEA Presentation Photo

Caption “Teachers from my school present at TCEA on projects we collaborated on.”


I devoured any edtech information I could get my hands on and became more intentional in seeking to become the instructional technology specialist that I am today. Looking back, I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to integrate technology when I was in the classroom, and I am doubly grateful that it has led me to a career I immensely enjoy.

My business card


As I reflect, though, I wonder, “Am I on yet another unseen journey?”

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Brian - Sandy, this is a good story board that walks through your theme of the “unseen journey” effectively and succinctly. This should fit within the 2-minute window. I know you are still mulling over slides 8 and 9. It’s too bad you don’t have any pics of you teaching in the lab, but your resume and business card will work nicely. Will you use any effects, transitions, or music?

Alma: Sandy, I agree with Brian. I like how you captured this ‘unseen journey’. If any of us would have thought we would be here today we would not have believed it. I also liked how you have captured your trek with/without technology. I would try to add a bit more photos though. I know these are hard to come by but sometimes they are fond free if you do a Google search. Thanks for sharing! 8/29/2010