The Crossover Camp

Troop 127 Guide

The Crossover Camp is Troop 127’s very special ceremony for Webelos cub scouts from Pack 127 who are joining Troop 127, as well as other new scouts from other packs.  Some troops call it "bridging," but we call it a Crossover, from cub scouts to boy scouts.   A wooden bridge is constructed by Troop 127 scouts as part of the ceremony, on which the Webelos walk over from the Cub Scout side to the Boy Scout side to be welcomed by all the 127 scouts as part of their brotherhood.  It entails much more, but alas we do not want to spoil the moment by describing it in detail.  The ceremony is very inspirational and a valued tradition of the troop.  As part of it, we also conduct an American Flag retirement ceremony to honor worn flags that are ready for retirement.

Dinner is served on Saturday night before the ceremony.  The boys cook breakfast Sunday morning for everyone.  After breakfast, we take a short hike.  Parents and siblings are welcome to attend any or all of this camp.

Timing:  current 127 scouts start preparations at 2 pm on Saturday.  They and their families also set up their tents if they are camping overnight.  The new scouts and families arrive around 4:30 to set up tents.  Dinner is served about 5:30, and the ceremony begins after dinner and goes to about 9ish.  It all ends Sunday at 11 a.m.

You really have to see this ceremony to appreciate the tradition.  The Walter family has generously hosted this at their beautiful Carmel Valley ranch 6 miles east of the village.