Ghering Family Baptism Request Letter

Dear Session,

My husband Adam and I would like to request that our baby boy, Leo Gehring Scheff be baptised at Westminster Church. We no longer live in Akron, but I had been a member since I was 16, and attended church and sunday school classes as a child as well as being heavily involved in the church youth group, and as a candle lighter. We grew up listening to the sermons by Dr. Harry Eberts, and I would often visit the church for sermons with my grandmother Mary Gates when visiting from Kansas City, which is where we have lived for the past 15 years.

The church has held a special place in my heart, for it nurtured me during my teen years where I believe it helped instill and strengthen my faith when I needed it most. We feel at home at Westminster, and therefore, my husband and I were married there 10 years ago this September 15th. It was a beautiful and uplifting ceremony- just 4 days after 9/11 and I think it helped heal our family's hearts during a sad time. We also travelled home to have our daughter, Samantha Gigi Scheff baptised there 5 years ago, and Derek Redwine was the pastor. It was a beautiful day.

I always feel embraced by Westminster when I return to visit, and I was used to having my family and friends that I grew up with part of my experience. It has been a struggle to find a replacement for that experience here in Kansas. We have moved around quite a bit. Once we had children, I think it became much more important to find a place of worship here, to nurture them in the faith, and rekindle and reconnect what I had been missing being so far away from Westminster. Finally we found a wonderful church called Old Mission church in Fairway, Kansas and enrolled our daughter in preschool there. It has been a huge support system to us, their early education program is phenomenal, and it included chapel, and helped formulate the introduction and teachings of faith so important to a young child. Uncannily, it resembles Westminster's Sanctuary, which helps make me feel at home. I have not yet taken the classes  to become a formal member there, for the birth of Leo, and not having family here to help out, has kept me from being able to do this just yet. But as he gets a little older, my wish is to formally join.

My family is now spread out all over the country- my sister and her husband now reside in Rhode Island, and we have extended family in Florida as well. Most everyone else lives in Akron and my husband's family in Cleveland, so we are all returning home this Christmas to be together. It would mean so much to Adam and I to have all of our loved ones celebrate Leo's Baptism at Westminster this Christmas. Our family can only be together for a few days, so we would love to have it Christmas day if time would allow. It would make it that much more special to us. We intend to have Leo wear a christening dress that has been passed down 6 generations by my family. It is 151 years old.

We hope you will consider this Baptism. It would mean so much to us to be able to celebrate at Westminster with all of our family.

Leo was born January 30th, 2011. Grandparents are Barbara and David Gehring and Mary Theresa and Ronald Scheff.


Chris (Gehring) Scheff and Adam Scheff