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01. Contact Details

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        Phone numbers        -

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02. Please write a few lines giving a description of your property

03. If you are a community or Organization do you have an ideological focus?  (Eg Spiritual, Religious, Political, Agricultural, Ecological)

04. Are you connected with a larger group or network? If yes please explain?

05. What kind of farming method your are practicing?  

06. What are your previous experiences in organic farming?


07. Other experiences related to community work / agriculture / etc


08. MORE INFORMATION about your property or organization


We are:   
How many:

By arrangement
Can collect at local station

Nearest town with public transport

Work with:
Can cater vegetarian-

Self catering-
Can provide:
Work clothes / boots

Forbidden? :
Languages spoken:

 Above mentioned particulars are true and correct according to the best of my knowledge.


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