Nicole Sherman SUNY Cortland

EDU 255 Lab D- iDANCE

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

(To Entire Class)

Everyone’s familiar with freeze tag, correct?

Alright, today we’re playing strike a pose tag, it’s just like freeze tag. Mark here is going to be it, he tags you, you have to strike a pose. And if someone wants to un tag you they have to jump in front of you, mimic that pose and then you’re unfrozen.

Any questions? Good, alright we’re going to get started in this half of the court with the black line outlining, on your mark get set go!

Alright awesome guys, everyone jog it in over here.

Alright, hustle in hustle in.

Alright, you all know me as Ms. Sherman, but some of you may recognize me as the top dance talent scout in the world so that’s right if you can dance I’ll find you I’ll put you on dancing with the stars you name it.

Alright, which I know you guys can do cause your awesome.

And with dancing, dancing today there is so much technology. So we’re going to be using the iDance to help you know, see where you’re at, where you’re skill level is.

Hopefully by the end of today I want you to get a 60 on your skill level. To do that though we’re going to need great reaction time which is what we’re focusing on.

The three main things with reaction time is to listen, hear the beat, feel the music. Anticipate so time it out, when the arrows pass through on the iDance you wanna be able to time it out. And then of course move. You don’t want to stand there and bop your head along, that’s not dancing, it’s boppin.

So we’re going to do that, also make a little safety statement we’re using a lot of technology today, a lot of equipment so please be respectful of it we don’t want any of you to get hurt, trip over it, we don’t want any of the equipment to get damaged, so respect that respect your space.

Um listen to my voice, when you hear it please stop what you’re doing and look at me, focus your attention on me.

Right before you guys are going to go grab a pad I want you to take a piece of paper and a pencil, on the paper its going to have your heart rate scores and your accuracy scores so after the first three songs I want you to jot down your accuracy score which will show up on that screen, and your heart rate number which goes along with the number you put on earlier on this screen so just after the first three. So everyone just come up grab a slip of paper, grab a pencil or a pen and um bring it with you to a pad, place it next to the pad.

Once you get to the pad just you know wait for my instruction and I’ll let you know what we’re doing.

Don’t forget to put your name on the paper.

Okay, first we’re going to go through on easy or normal, whatever you’re comfortable with okay. So if you think, if you’ve done this before and you can do it on normal, we’re going to do that.

I’m going to demonstrate it on normal first so I’m just going to borrow a pad, I’m going to borrow this one.

And just so you know when you’re on the pad and you want to do easy you press up okay? And if you want to do normal you press the back arrow. Got it?


(To Mark)

Alright, Im gunna borrow yours for a sec just to demonstrate.

(To Entire Class)

Alright everyone I’m just going to demonstrate for a few seconds so you can see what we’re doing.

I’m going to do the right side.

See you can stay on the arrows as your going, go it? I don’t have to go back into the center, I’m anticipating, I’m listening to the music, and I’m moving.

See, everyone get it?

And you can always pause it and fast forward or rewind if you guys are having trouble with it.

So we’re going to be doing the same song, you see how easy and medium is?

So you can choose.

And after we can look at how well we did.

Everyone ready?

(To Holly)

Left, back, left, got it?

(To TJ)

You’re doing very good.


Great job Ben you’re really anticipating well!


Come on tony speed it up!

(To Entire Class)

Round of applause everyone that was.

Alright everyone you can look at your scores, how well you did. Not bad.

We’re going to be doing a different song next. You also have another choice of easy or medium but this time we’re going to be raising the bar a little.

When you step you’re going to have to clap along with it, really help you get that reaction time down.  Everyone understand what we’re doing?

So we’re going to step, step, it could be like this. Alright so it’s going to be a little more difficult. So if you did regular you might want to go down to easy, or it was too easy last time step it up a notch, try to get your score up see if you can.

(To Rob and Andy)

Do you guys just want to play with it, alright and I’ll give you feedback.

(To Entire Class)

We’re clappin this time, everyone ready?

(To Nick)

Unknown Feedback

(To Entire Class)

Great job guys.

Yay that one was good guys.

Who did better? Nice okay.

Everyone breath and stretch?

I got a song for you rockers out there. And also I want everyone to partner up on one pad now. Partner up onto one pad. We’re not going to use the ones in the back, so move up.

Everyone have a partner and a pad?

Okay what we’re doing this time is we’re going to be doing a crab walk, so one of you guys is going to be left and back and the other one is going to be the right and front arrow.

You got to hit your arrows on the beat alright?

You guys will have the choice of easy or medium, whatever you think you can handle. Up to you.

Decide as a team we’re using team work here.

(To Tony)

You want to be on regular? Press the down arrow twice. Yeah oh okay.

(To Entire Class)

Everyone ready? Your either left and back or right and front when looking at the arrows.

Use your arm muscles, no bums on the floor!

(To Rob and Nick)

That’s really great teamwork your using.

(To entire class)

Good Job

Great job guys. Looked like you were a little bored, a little too easy for you but I’ve got something harder.

This time I want your group of 2 to find another group of 2 and make a group of 4.

Let’s go quick, one group of 4 per pad.

Alright, everyone stand up. We’re going to play jumping on it, everyone has their own arrow you have to jump when it comes now I’m putting you all on expert cause I know you can do it, no sweat you guys got it.

So everyone when your arrow comes you can stand next to it you can stand on it, your jumping when it comes by. Everyone understand?

Any questions? No, alright.

Yeah one of you yeah. Alright everyone ready for this.

I wanna see some super stars!


You can stand on your arrow.

Good Job

(To Nick)

You can just do one.

(To Entire Class)

Come on I want to see you jump.

(To Kevin)

That was good Kevin.

(To Entire Class)

Come on jump, jump.



Which team won?! Wooh! Alright good job.

Did everyone jot down their numbers?

Alright everyone I need you to come over here.

Bring your paper and pencil, hustle.

Did anyone remember to put down their scores, their heart rates?

Alright, Im going to want you all to take it home and on the back do the questions, bring it to me next class.

Who wants to tell me the 3 cues we emphasized today, holly? I know you got one.

Listen, very good Kayla anticipate, and what’s the last one I wanna hear it!

Good job, alright we’re going to be playing more with the iDance again next time so I want you all to bring your dancing shoes, and I will see you next class.