1. i18n format / framework needs to be created for the whole site - Chris
  1. format “language.inkscape.org” (e.g. de.inkscape.org/downloads); (www\.)?inkscape\.org will detect the language based on preference (i.e. previous subdomain used) or Accept-Language header (so inkscape.org/* links will automatically use the user’s preferred language)
  1. Accounts
  1. Register (create page functionality) (remember login should be similiar to so... http://meta.osqa.net/account/signin/ allowing various types of logins )
  1. Name
  2. Gravatar
  3. Username
  4. Password
  5. Website
  1. Password reset (create page/functionality)
  2. Create groups w/ separate permissions
  1. Admin (self explanatory)
  1. oversees everything...
  1. Author
  1. ability to edit content
  2. post news etc
  1. User
  1. Post comments and various user features that will be better understood at a later point...
  2. Ability to submit plugins
  3. Ability to submit artwork
  4. Reset Password
  5. Edit Personnal information
  6. USERPAGE needs to be created
  1. MOCKUP http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-user-profile_1.1.png
  1. News (Chris)
  1. Create format for news
  1. Date + time
  2. Categories
  3. Author
  4. Title
  5. Content etc....
  1. Make it automatically sync to BZR (as with the whole website)
  2. Make it so you can edit/delete on web via control panel for author and admin users (for a subsequent iteration - initially it will be code-bound as the current system is but without the mess of PHP code)
  3. RSS feeds (this item specially put in by Chris as he reckons he’s more likely to forget RSS feeds than the 403/404/500 pages!)
  1. Admin Panel (Leo)
  1. Ability to Flag / block users from posting content
  2. Ability to ban users from visiting the site if they get out of hand.... spam etc etc [standard Django - Chris]


  1. port http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-about_1.1.png to html/css [Chris: done, http://djink.chrismorgan.info/about/]
  2. port http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-features_1.2.png to html/css [Chris: done, http://djink.chrismorgan.info/about/features/]
  1. Create screenshots [Chris’s opinion: small short screencasts in the order of 4-10 seconds long, with a key screenshot; no sound] highlighting the following below for features page
  1. Node tool
  2. Drawing tools
  3. Text tool
  4. XML editor

Allocated space is 140x89 (figure slightly negotiable)

Talk: irc.freenode.net #inkscape-web (and yes, we do actually get stuff done in there, it’s a useful channel to be in if you want to be involved)

Phases will be listed below in chronological order

  1. Get it started
  1. Mockups
  1. request forwarded to userlist... we got a couple bites.
  1. Sitemaps (n3storm:Nestor)
  1. http://www.mindmeister.com/70256281/inkscape-web-site-frontpage (Password: vectorfun)
  2. Base Navigation That I think will work best...
  1. Needs to have a prescripted template for news

News content type may cover the following sections:

  1. Stable
  2. Unstable (Nightly)
  1. I’d really like the official manual to be something like this http://guides.rubyonrails.org/index.html
  1. and just synced to our bazaar
  1. Tutorials
  2. Wiki
  3. User Manual (updated for each version) (PDF - Chris: reStructuredText with generated PDF through rst2pdf or Sphinx, then it’s accessible as HTML as well for free)

(there is an ongoing discussion about documentation, most of those who are actually working on this website hope wiki will be relegated to draft-discussions, if even that - though many of the wiki concepts will remain and be applied to large chunks of the website)

  1. Ratings need to be there as well as comments / reviews.
  2. Extensions
  3. Color palettes
  4. Templates
  5. Filters
  6. Any more types needed?
  1. Screenshots
  1. stored initially in repo (only devs can add) sync with repo
  1. Image
  2. Description of Image
  1. User submitted artwork (I’m not sure if we should host user artwork, just linking galleries, blogs … - n3storm)
  1. Form
  1. Required Fields:
  1. Name (filled in automatically as user)
  2. Short description of artwork
  3. link: (debatable)...
  1. Need moderation functions built in
  1. Books (I will move this to the Learn section - n3storm)
  1. Ability for user submission Page (must be logged in)
  1. Author Name:
  2. Format:
  3. Publisher/Date:
  4. ISBN:
  5. Website:
  6. Description:
  1. Supporters (I don’t see this in the Community section- n3storm)
  1. ability to fund bounties
  2. donate to a general fund
  1. Sponsors
  1. Social Networks (Why we should link - promote this sites? What type of integration? Just asking :) - n3storm) just simply links...
  1. Facebook
  2. DeviantArt
  3. Identi.ca
  4. Vimeo
  5. Youtube
  1. Launchpad (with sub menus)
  1. List of necessary requirements for the site.
  1. one login to be used across the site (easy)
  1. Dev environment set up...
  1. lp:inkscape-web
  2. http://djink.chrismorgan.info (in sync with lp:inkscape-web, updates hourly at 38 past but something’s wrong with the cron job at present - probably permissions - so it doesn’t seem to be updating automatically; will fix later)
  1. Contributors
  1. Development
  1. Design
  1. ART work
  1. Translations
  1. Content movement
  1. Inkscape.org [wk: 2-4]
  1. Design
  1. List of first Artwork/banners etc that are needed so they can be started - Chris has selected a couple from deviantART, mainly to fill the space for the moment, more specifically designed to fit in that 960x300 space would be good

  1. Pages ToDo: (Design & Implementation)
  1. Home (“Feature” section (content slider panel mockups) yet to be completed)
  1. mockup: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-home_1.0.png
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/
  1. About/Overview
  1. mockup: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-about_1.1.png
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/about/
  3. video in progress https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1QDTbDv7SGZIyrBUvSoraC_587ROY49l-bVlW673yvK8
  1. About/Features
  1. mockup: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41698/mockup-features_1.2.png
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/about/features/
  1. About/Screenshots (to show what it looks like on different systems and being used for different purposes. Eg. icon design, illustration, diagrams, etc.)
  2. About/Gallery
  3. About/FAQ
  1. mockup: n/a - The current implementation could do with some serious improvement. To be discussed.
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/faq/ (note this was just copying the content from the wiki to demonstrate that reStructuredText can work OK; I do not want it to actually look like that when finished - Chris)
  1. About/Testimonials (display, submit new)
  2. Downloads/Official releases
  1. mockup: http://inkscape.chrismorgan.info/design/reference-download.html
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/download/
  1. Downloads/Add-ons (to be discussed at a later point; Chris: not part of the initial project, will be dealt with later)
  2. Downloads/Clip-Art (presentation/explanation before a nice big outward link)
  3. Learn/User Documentation
  4. Learn/Books (display, submit new)
  5. Learn/Tutorials (list, single, submit new)
  6. Community/Get involved
  1. mockup: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1999378/mockup-get-involved_1.3.png
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/community/get-involved/
  1. Community/Help & support
  2. Community/Help/Q&A (using OSQA, http://www.meta.osqa.net/)
  3. Donate (make a donation, how we use donations, current sponsors...)
  1. mockup: n/a - to be refined.
  2. implementation: http://djink.chrismorgan.info/donate/ (copy of existing download page with no added value, simply placeholder content)
  1. News (list, single)
  1. mockup: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1999378/mockup-news-list_1.1.png (with at least 5 article listings per page), http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1999378/mockup-news-single_1.1.png (with less space above the footer - as per the other pages)
  2. implementation:
  1. Cool 404 and 403 pages (404 page design has been planned and the art in the works by Leo; 403 is mainly unimportant at this point)