Penn Speech and Debate: ADS/Persuasive/Informative

Compose and deliver a 3 minute original speech of a funny, persuasive, or informative nature.

Your speech should have these 4 parts:

1. Attention Getting Device (e.g. quotation, anecdote, joke, etc.)

2. Research

3. Thesis Statement

4. Roadmap (e.g. “We’re going to study hard to see the causes behind the obsession with extrinsic motivation, and then observe the effects of external and internal motivators so we can find some solutions to balance them.”)

*Note that the speech need not be self-contained. For example, your speech can be a 3 minute introduction for a lengthier oration.

The purpose of Public Address is to deliver a message and invoke feeling through your words. We will evaluate you based on your content, tone, volume, pausing, inflection, gestures, and overall effect. Bottom line, bring the performance to life and capture our minds and emotions.