Three young women sewing.

One: No way.

Two: Way.

One: What’d her parents say?

Two: Don’t know. They must have flipped. I hear they kicked her out. She had to move in with her aunt Beth out in Ottumwa.

Three: Wait. Didn’t she just get knocked up?

Two: I heard that.

One: Frisky old lady.

Two: It’s her first, dude. She’s been trying for, like, thirty years.

One: Took ‘em that long to figure it out.

Three (peeved): Seriously?

Two: Yeah, that’s uncalled for.

A fourth girl walks in.

Four: Hey team.

Two: Hey.

One: You hear about Marine?

Four shakes her head.

One: She’s pregnant.

Four (surprised): Who’s the father?

One: She’s not telling. But my money’s on Joel Thea.

Two (upset): No!

Three (confused): What?

Two: Joel’s mine.

Three: He, like, looked at you once.

One: When you were six.

Two: You can’t deny he’d be a catch.

Four: Is he jetting, or does he want to be a daddy?

One: Your daddy.

Three sighs. Awkward moment.

One: I don’t know. I’m guessing he’s going to break up with her. He swears it wasn’t him. Ironic, yeah? Ms. Goody-Goody with Mr. Perfect?

Two: He’s still mine.

Three: This seam look okay?

Two: Perfect.