e8e1efe Update to tzdata2011n. There are three changes of note - most urgently, Cuba (America/Havana)

has extended summer time by two weeks, now to end on Nov 13, rather than

the (already past) Oct 30.   Second, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

(Europe/Tiraspol) decided not to split from the rest of Moldova after

all, and consequently that zone has been removed (again) and reinstated

in the "backward" file as a link to Europe/Chisinau.   And third, the

end date for Fiji's summer time this summer was moved forward from the

earlier planned Feb 26, to Jan 22.

Apart from that, Moldova (MD) returns to a single entry in zone.tab

(and the incorrect syntax that was in the 2011m version of that file

is so fixed - it would have been fixed in a different way had this

change not happened - that's the "missing" sccs version id).

Bug: 5863692

Change-Id: I78e29c682c623b1dec0b0ea2cb6545713ae9eed0

f44de27 add personality() system call. Change-Id: Ie899def8ea1d705930ed83adae1343c1353e7c57

ecd0e95 Adding a timeout to tcp dns lookup connects. TCP isn't supported on some dns servers, which makes the old code

hang forever.

NOT adding a stopship to remove debugging stuff - it was too painful

(14s timeout on failed tcp dns lookups) so we decided not to bother people.


Change-Id: I381c20c3e11b8e994438d4f7c58ef643cd36554e

0db00f2 IMM76D

b962452 IMM76C

54578dd IMM76B

fe0a544 IMM76

3ca86b2 IMM72B

f44b350 IMM72

031e57b second try

c3afa8f IMM68C

4ea508b IMM70

3a81843 IMM62B

187d092 IMM69

03fb636 IMM68B

15ad8cc IMM68

d9ca90b Add SDK template and assets for Android Design Change-Id: Id7a953bf59e5e05242c46cdfb2b425e80424fc2f

7d114b1 doc change: assets for play Change-Id: I58647fd0059c5de54dd7665527a73f61e0d2dd32

081c50f IMM62

067153c IMM59

17e1ba6 IMM56D

52ce071 IMM56C

8246e7f IMM56B

7a2051f IMM56

ea6f0e0 IMM54

c7887ba IMM52

fe53eeb Declare the emulator as a multi-touch device. Also add the default handheld features.

Change-Id: I768094e5e9ef474ee4f6cce5c87c37b3681926ee

2499fdd IMM48

295cb9b Enable HW accelerated view framework for generic_x86 builds. Change-Id: Ib3bf3e7c08615c29c0086125552ae1a96a737b89

f37b2f2 IMM47B

1426e71 IMM47

e302b8a IMM46

6f0bb0b IMM45

8d15492 IMM30E

a7af7e0 IMM30D

c547a4d Please do not merge (already submitted downstream); check entire recovery partition on startup Checksum the entire recovery partition at boot time to see if we need

to rewrite it, rather than just the first 2kb.

Bug: 5668350

Change-Id: I777754f92e8da630ae3c09bb0d4c41884ff62f39

7134fbe IMM30C

7410fbd IMM3C

9ffda11 IMM30B

c1c7418 IMM29

1c9630e docs: add the sidenav h2 back to the stylesheet for compatibility w/ javadocs Change-Id: I37551efd09bea528200a93a8d3602ea11e63f140

35e8c99 docs: update TOS and PP links to point to unified policy/tems also add a link to the b.android.com issue for reporting doc issues and open footer links in a new window issue: 5931704 Change-Id: Icd6e9b7fb742b05a3c2064b6f2f7767b5b7ed1d8

a925a6e IMM26B

ba00f9e IMM26

424e71c IMM26B

2032e31 docs: add schema.org sitenavigation scope for sid-navs Change-Id: I0952195223f93bda67af0b951c3a061fe92948ce

939c3f7 docs: modify css to support sidenav headings with span, instead of h2 because I suspect the h2 is sending mixed signals to search engines for result snippets Change-Id: I80f13774f25439efebcade1b9db41c005018d2aa

5583c80 IMM30

3652a11 docs: add support for meta descriptions in the <head> Change-Id: I7ff7a5083a75dde718b4701623e029c225289617

dc7418b docs: add images for g+ homepage announcement Change-Id: I36430a1885be368218e1c896d6fc008355096a06

9c20c51 IMM26

87203f0 IMM25

bce3fae IMM24

a45eafe IMM20C

ec87a47 IMM20B

5cb3f9d IMM20

94e1e3b IMM19

0ce12ef IMM18

958ac1c IMM13

604b542 IMM12

6add6c7 IMM11

2cbcd24 Cherry-picked from e6b969f3b in master. Do not merge. Add boot property enabling ADBD over QEMU

Emulator and system image now support ADBD communication over QEMUD pipe rather

than over a TCP port forwarding. However, emulator has to know ahead of time

(before system starts booting) whether or not the system image supports ADBD

over pipe to properly setup the communication. For that, we introduce a boot

property "ro.adb.qemu" that is readable by the emulator early enough for the

proper ADB communication setup.

Change-Id: I978489c5acf46177b520e775d745bcc78f469837

b10b282 docs: add css for Android Design links and add link to site header Change-Id: I0a9469519076b1c5b9d7c121df1f2c731a08d2cb

110ddac IMM06

ee0472e IMM04

9a46327 increment version to 4.0.4 Change-Id: I156516aedb714f589bd0ae2d39bc9e273b775276

457b7f3 IML81

e521822 IML77B

cc8efd0 IML77

50d6f97 docs: revise space wrapping to avoid "new" tags from breaking new lines alone Temp fix Change-Id: If99ce3442ec179a46fe3bbe0a06f690527d05eb5

0f429eb docs: fix bug in script for tab cookies Change-Id: I09a49764f66673b3f55032158efd44c228832e8f

1d42360 docs: style and script changes for android u classes Change-Id: I5866541bb9dd41329aa02328b805959c8f675f8c

d68b312 add Activity.onStop Bug: 6166958

Change-Id: I421d3fae64e6635a06916385f77f97f1cfe58793

bc9494f Fix Build Warning /bin/bash: line 0: cd: cts/tools/cts-native-xml-generator/src/res: No

such file or directory

Change-Id: Icbde8399cee2853d957a6c52c1d0b231a5962872

2412d31 Fixed an incorrect test case where MediaPlayer.start() was called right after MediaPlayer.stop() was called. I also changed the test case so that it becomes more interesting:

1) video plays on surface A.

2) switch to use surface B.

3) switch to use a null surface.

4) switch back to use surface A.

o related-to-bug: 6158159

Change-Id: I2f5f9ad4077017c37ab4912c9cea48c3e7020621

afefb47 Fix InputMethodManager Related Tests Bug 6158858

These failures have come up several times. Move requestFocus into

runTestOnUiThread runnable and wait to sync rather than immediately

asserting that the view is focused afterwards. This same fix was

applied to many tests in HC when the ActionBar started taking

focus by default and requestFocus has to be added to many tests.

Change-Id: I96ed7aaa305010e13526b28bea7cb3d3e23c305c

ed277cb Fix SeedTest Bug 6158369

Only check that the events sent by monkey are the same. The test

was failing when it got a "// Rejected intent..." notice on the

first run but not the second run despite all the events being

the same.

Change-Id: I726faaa5ad8ebe15e798b1077f90dbc45d72002a

395497b Add TextureView stress test. This uses a TextureView with a GL producer on another thread

that continuously produces frames, incl. heavy overrendering.


Change-Id: I49e629aaa7c94517a6637b290796812794383092

b3cf9f9 CTS Holo: Add +/- tolerance to bitmap comparison This will allow CTS Holo to pass as long as the bitmap color value is within +/-tolerance.

Change-Id: I75c7c73b60abac0cbac3e15039e5dbed740ceb8e

Signed-off-by: Jack Yen <jyen@ti.com>

Signed-off-by: Jack Yen <ckrston@gmail.com>

42827fc Fix testHtmlEncode * We changed handling of apostrophe in an earlier CL and neglected

  to update the test: I4872da7d5e19f18ecd570dbcaac295020d66681c

Bug: 6084802

Change-Id: If7626b41ae478124e2bc2deb15267c2ed5a56714

dbb5ace VoldExploitTest: Don't timeout on slow netlink receivers Impose a maximum timeout of approximately 10 seconds for

confirmNetlinkMsgReceived(). This timeout is needed to

deal with processes which may be slow to process incoming

netlink messages.

See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=25099

for details.

Change-Id: I8252436e4db570f169e04ee1b8c471a558639e98

24a8808 Add CTS test for android.net.VpnService. Bug: 5910784

Change-Id: Icb3d874d4d0917f739bd2638596f28df2a7d206e

7261f4e Free net.cts from cts.stub. Explicitly include CtsTestServer in Android.mk to eliminate the

dependency to cts.stub. This allows net.cts to instrument itself,

and it also allows network-specific JNI code to be added in the

same package.

Change-Id: I624f87e0112619c5b97f2c3589933f666665fa8e

e66798b DO NOT MERGE ICS MR1 Backport of Some Tests Some tests for monkey, preferences, contacts, and action bar

were added since the last CTS release.

Change-Id: Ia54895c02d3ced61aa1fc54e8447f20f91381df0

c96313b DO NOT MERGE Fix resource leaks for Audio Quality Verifier Sometimes the CTS Verifier stopped unexpectedly during the test of Audio Quality Verifier.

The root cause is that there are some memory leaks in LinearityTest.cpp.

- The pointers are not deleted in LinearityTest.cpp

Signed-off-by: DennisLee <DennisLee@fih-foxconn.com>

Change-Id: I02266ba9ee46eafcc0ec63a3f0b4420ede0b55f9

0d68ea0 add MediaRecorder.reset() before release() Fix http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?can=2&q=25640&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Owner%20Summary%20Stars&id=25640 Change-Id: Ic475fa6bae3413236f21cc8e872fd44db3efffd5

c37a996 MediaPlayerTest: Improve timestamp logic in testVideoSurfaceResetting In android.media.cts.MediaPlayerTest#testVideoSurfaceResetting, the

code was assuming that:

   1. The media position does not updated between invocations of

      MediaPlayer.getCurrentPosition and MediaPlayer.setDisplay().

   2. Seeks happen immediately.

These are both false assumptions.

This patch sets a tolerance when comparing the results of

getCurrentPosition().  The tolerance is set to the time for 1.5 frames

of a 15 fps video to elapse.

This patch also waits for the seek complete signal from the media

before continuing with the test.  As a consequence, it is able to use

a lower tolerance when comparing the results after the seek.

Change-Id: I528577b5b92162b4c1a1ba81af801846bacd89d2

Signed-off-by: Gabriel M. Beddingfield <gabrbedd@ti.com>

019eb7b FileSystemPermissionTest: one more dir Change-Id: Ic3486d98a34594e3ff57c78911f9b3cb3d157ac9

6d05878 FileSystemPermissionTest: more directories http://vulnfactory.org/blog/2012/02/15/re-rooting-the-lg-esteem/

Change-Id: I1e7740e91e9a695a252bdac54a6c0d0b4c808cbd

f59de8d Don't Test Zoom Controls Bug 6026257

Change-Id: If21541bbf6d08b63a6eb39a8d0c35d9f9bea16c2

5e0b04a skip WiFi test if not supproted - Support info is coming from PackageManager Bug: 5547397 Change-Id: I35d0ac82fe31a436d38d0436d32c0bb194eba3a6

49c3fe5 Fix the incorrect rule to check for SmsAddress Revert partially the commit made by 7f51a32c

Signed-off-by: Madan Ankapura <mankapur@sta.samsung.com>

Change-Id: Idb09e6cc6d1a11c630be1b73bbb3b8161999c180

6089882 Fixed the scope of database query for calendar tests Calendar tests create their own calendars and should test against

those created ones, not all calendars available in the system.

Change-Id: Ia6f7a368dbb5d472163253fb78c0aeb29d1469ae

d65816d add more dirs Change-Id: Ib3f766a2882ceb16ee9bfc6db4fe8b9708850b1b

76ac6fa release AudioTrack after each play - Otherwise, resource leak happens in audioflinger which causes allocation failure when all tests are run. - may be the cause for 5939203 Change-Id: I22420aa7effe610c372103ff29df5b1289ec3c08

62c5f28 increase retry to have better chance for streaming Change-Id: I1fbd0b4f7d916ab7eebf5ce07c1ff8df21a518b7

2b21cd1 Add graphics.TextureView test - create a new graphics2 package to have its own activity Change-Id: I370965c376dbf8f9cbc34ce9a283cf013468c31a

d53a929 DO NOT MERGE Update screen size and dpi in device info Change-Id: I88a81810e6ac9508b3241b63892b3f3b9ca834df

651e854 Add 46003 to NO_DELIVERY_REPORTS Issue 25050

Change-Id: Icd7ce9bec6507bbaae811478c282dc1ae6e4daa4

75afe54 move clearAnimation to UI thread bug 5963761 Change-Id: I829cf18a8e6b2538179bf07353929b9bae2aca2d

c7a1bd3 Fix CTS Report Phone Number Display The key expected by the XML is "subscriberId" not "phoneNumber"...

Change-Id: I5199cfcf16dd2381516147f6adb3ef9a14c9fca3

5212f04 DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Version to 4.0.3_r2 Change-Id: Ifa42143d5530cd2dfe146423601aa0bd32a61561

716f9b4 add /data/fota Change-Id: I26b9947246a07555ad107963e493cb77f68993ac

490f8ab DO NOT MERGE Sync Coverage APKs with Master Master records calls made from the security and

support APKs like the accessibility one. This makes it so

master and ics-mr1 are reporting the same thing...

Change-Id: I106acb4c27f63300e5b37bc759793dc84f751156

44005a2 Fix SKT and KT Special Cases Allow the special SKT and KT scenarios to permit the original

test cases, since those special cases don't apply everywhere

it seems...

Change-Id: Idf7ba9fab4338d2d3b52d629df074521d5cd1957

41bef24 Add 'device serials' to output of 'list results' Bug 5924016

Change-Id: I54dc0612f96fb156461b3eb2bccacead9f7d188c

35508d7 Test GL Texture with rotation and glDrawTexfOES address issue mentioned in https://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/9c0ccb1a215586a8/2f28259213340eab?hl=en&lnk=gst&q=opengl+galaxy#2f28259213340eab Change-Id: I98ce3c0250b83eccb62de2997bf8c4a7ec5cea51

531ab38 Improve Activity Test Stability Bug 5905393

Add screenSize to the list of config changes.

Change-Id: Idebccbf2c772ef51b879ea7f0a883ae49b2ebe5a

c65e56b Improve AlertDialog_BuilderTest Stability Bug 5905722

Bugreport seems to indicate a screen size configuration change disrupted

the test. Make the activity not restart when such a change occurs.

Change-Id: I531b003fcdfa5116ef87a595282dce2c6e6aa878

963a24e DO NOT MERGE Update Test ICS MR1 Expectations Change-Id: I816068f3a17e84904247acec96e43278f7156814

63bc1cb Improve Contacts_PeopleTest Bug 5924700

The test fails when there is an account on the device.

Fix this up to allow for a contact to be added to

multiple groups which happens when an account is

signed in.

Change-Id: Id09edafc29e0ffdbbff599d9e643589466ce1042

6f672e9 Remove termination of replica island as it does not work consistently, and delayed termination can fail the next test. bug 5906938 Change-Id: I5eba8965fdf3fecb6c7ce26f645da1436b0abe64

0600e74 Add replicaisland to Whitelist Bug 5898230

replicaisland is build using testkeys and integrated into CTS,

so add this to the whitelist.

Change-Id: I69adf134ddbbed9c1fd74b96266cdc840aab16fa

e9c4952 Reduce camera record / play repetition to avoid 10mins time-out bug: 5906885 Change-Id: Ifc65af32aacec450964a843b65f976ff82b62b8e

5882539 Fix for Holo CalendarView Tests Bug 5906515

The CalendarView tests are failing, because it is January.

When the month is the same, then the widget doesn't display

a month. This fix adds a second set of images for February

to address the issue.

Change-Id: I862b9852844caf9b19f4c27201c0fa656ac2d692

b03c7ad Add com.android.tradefed.utils.wifi to Whitelist Bug 5898230

Change-Id: I85469d998e5a57a7edb2310b76b2285d446f7e4c

98b7076 Use Renamed replicaisland Package Bug 5898230

Use the full package name so that Tradefed can uninstall it after

running the test. It assumes that the apk file name is the same

as the application package name.

Change-Id: Ib0a4cd3fa3e7c2e45e069e43fc85ef9fe76dfc41

7e8867b Disable spectrum test temporarily Change-Id: I8467d18fff4f5025208cc6c0fb4244b745156e8e

938c31c change LinearityTest algorithm to use RMS of the whole signal and use linear regression to fit the result volume level is fixed to 2/3 of max Change-Id: I1b5b2130a6786c588ce47f1e2306db37539289d6

4d6809f integrate media stress test : MediaPlay and MediaRecord only - media files are copied manually before test - one test class per each resolution and format - support of format is checked for each test case, and not-supported format   will be just passed. Change-Id: I7828a27fdd7e9396cfbdf0c8cfe9c8e950d95316

0c51ce0 Add GlAppSwitchTest  - switches between two Gl-using apps and forces recreating GlContext  - replica island is used for one GL app.  - if something goes wrong and rendering is blocked, watchdog timer     in each app will fire  - fixed a bug in GlPlanetsActivity as the original code freed vertex /     index buffer and did not create after pause resume    : Buffers are just kept to reduce resume time for this test Change-Id: Ie9f81f97f2746740c9bc37fe000a998bc4e90701

b4baccc add OpelGl performance test as a separate package Currently runs two types of tests 1. rendering performance comparison with VBO vs without VBO    This can also work as a stress test due to the amount of triangles used. 2. rendering performance comparison with varying numbers of index buffers

   This is for bug 5660942

Change-Id: I8a7d05cf0bfaa7063302efdd7fb24519d3a3c5bf

cae1ef5 Close opened camera before exiting testVideoSnapshotByCamera() If video snapshot is not supported, then opened camera should

be closed before returning from the function testVideoSnapshotByCamera

Change-Id: Iae260033f3e8cfc47672c694ddde087a393d1868

34b5d88 Revert "Updated Holo Test Assets" Bug 5874339

This reverts commit 92918ba9e24f21a74564647ef8a9db43c7c1850d.

The prior assets will be valid again once we have moved past January...

995c5b5 Checking hardware feature when test rear camera To support the device which do not have rear camera

Change-Id: I81bcaa1f4fbdf0b1fb94f5f7c82e2b0e179c629e



8a7df69 DO NOT MERGE ICS MR1 Backport of Some Provider Tests Bug 5810254

Change-Id: I82d42377db703e47c1fb49909f1a80a24d9fbc40

3ed225e Update for 4.0.4 Bug 5856795

Change-Id: If525ef817884089c8a3e86e991b295cb3e479360

5fa0fe2 DO NOT MERGE Make CTS and CTS-TF Both Use VMTests-TF Delete VMTests plan too...

Change-Id: I170f6ef02aac68793ba28bbf1ddb5fa263451a99

9cffff6 Add more directories. http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/01/11/developer-codes-left-in-retail-zte-avail-att-offer-quick-and-easy-root-access/

Change-Id: I4dc00d458d5fb0cfd1320aae8098671fb128de4e

92918ba Updated Holo Test Assets Calendar view seems to have changed again.

Change-Id: I9f6b6dc02e1fa4f965992b65017c6a8bdd28d305

f9337e4 More directories. Change-Id: I516d9e729688042e41ce33782a2070d8ba31df2e

0421df1 Add non regression unit test for Paint.measureText() and long strings - DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I8dc7b0584c41c3ecf8f7f749ef15df7db2ad9b94

80176b7 change LinearityTest algorithm to use RMS of the whole signal and use linear regression to fit the result volume level is fixed to 2/3 of max Change-Id: I1b5b2130a6786c588ce47f1e2306db37539289d6

b1a9891 Result XML Reporter - Adds another flag called "result-server" where results

  will be posted to using a HTTP POST request.

- Extracts the multipart form handling code into a separate

  MultipartForm data class.

- Fix a bug in the copying code where the code was writing

  the full buffer all the time rather than how many bytes

  were read.

Change-Id: Ic7a857653b3af7028abc2d564667185e1818904c

2b572d2 EnvironmentTest: make sure TMPDIR isn't set. Bug: 5756891

Change-Id: I88d7ee5ad35b0ee8eb2f9cceea5f824b7023d8ff

c72aff3 add /data/sensors (NachoRoot) Change-Id: Ie5bdd19d1fe5192e7fd1eab89357406ff4f8d54e

053b303 Add /data/data/recovery Bug: 5699861

Change-Id: I654facb097485dd2799a95301c34d48988023b3b

3b24aa4 add /data/local/tmp Change-Id: Iec93ec728aa16e8d3a7de4fc2ff90bafc26d8a13

4f7629c Enable and fix testAccessAllowFileAccess test. Do not merge. Cherry pick of  I3de8ebfc74a8644800d5001f281d8493259ee418

Bug: 5773763

Change-Id: I97e2ecc1db4fabf3387a271b3d51ba41ae2c4ed6

fd68170 Test Cases for android.animation ValueAnimator, ObjectAnimator, TypeEvaluator, TimeInterpolator Change-Id: Ibce490022298d310ded511834aff28556d223adf

542c25a Test Aspect Ratio in Different Orientations Bug 5786617

Check that one of the aspect ratios without the system bar

is within the CDD range.

Change-Id: I32b3d7e47b35f180d8413baa7b930ff40d915356

a73984a DO NOT MERGE Suppress RTSP Verifier Tests Change-Id: I60c447050d77228cc7f33a387edd0307381cd488

3319855 Fix Layout Issue in Verifier When there aren't any suid apps, there would be no

pass/fail buttons to tap. This is because the empty

view was missing a weight value and pushed everything

off screen.

Change-Id: Id41448d5aa14f6ac975ba1ce3c28b58d4f999803

0f86d8a DO NOT MERGE Update Verifier Version Bug 5737788

Change-Id: I84eed22af525232e7de6b21837fb57ae93da3713

fda6b93 DO NOT MERGE Updated Test Expectations Change-Id: I9470dc8987d679683609892ff0c62bffe2a3b19a

bad23f6 Fix Build Race Condition One thread could see that the directory was not there

and context switch to another thread that also

doesn't see the directory and creates it. The other

thread would then fail because mkDirs returns

false if the directory exists...

Change-Id: I8fa50acbcaf2637a89cb876e7bc4c544a5c9c1e7

c2b6e16 Increase MediaScannerNotificationTest Timeout Bug 5728172

Raising the timeout to a ridiculous amount just to see if it passes

in the lab at all. Improve the error message to see the file count.

Change-Id: Ifc23604eee6bfbfe84769ee4a17036941d0df183

27688bf Fixed bugs in test case that caused test failure. - reversed logic in setNewLatch() was nulling out mLatch in MockSyncAdapter

immediately after setting it, so the latch never signalled.

- tests that initiated a sync weren't cleaning up after themselves, leading

to leftover state that affected subsequent tests


TESTED = runs on m4 without test failures

Change-Id: I038aba89a5c7a944a90ef8b6fba07fd4630d7906

5a8eb1b CTS Test cases Class :  android.animation.ValueAnimator 7 Test cases Change-Id: I99ca949ba08962a727cad32e583e3e81d78346b6

71a2924 Fixed bugs in test case that caused test failure. - reversed logic in setNewLatch() was nulling out mLatch in MockSyncAdapter

immediately after setting it, so the latch never signalled.

- tests that initiated a sync weren't cleaning up after themselves, leading

to leftover state that affected subsequent tests


TESTED = runs on m4 without test failures

Change-Id: I038aba89a5c7a944a90ef8b6fba07fd4630d7906

51dfeda DO NOT MERGE Fix IssueReporter Bugs The previous code only worked when testing a

single test :-P

Change-Id: I5bfa80cfb568df89d4bb6b3d47f7b383f31bffa9

c43a7c4 DO NOT MERGE Report Test Failures to Remote Server Adds an "--issue-server" flag to specify a server that can

receive a form multipart/form-data request that contains

device information and an optional bugreport.

Change-Id: I6836c19623894c0ec861c7994c3d5b64879e80c9

88e5d1f Add OpenGL compressed texture format list to the test result. - For device supporting ES 2.0, 2.0 API is used, but for 1.1 only device,       1.1 API is used. - re-organized XML parsing / writing in host side to re-use the same code. - update version to 1.13 Change-Id: I482deef34227c555e928bb9b65ff81a49620499d

e8cf179 Fix TextKeyListenerTest#testPressKey Again The TextView wasn't getting focused.

Change-Id: Ibe69ced8ecced026fb66c5ee899f7f6634db44ec

1c7e1e1 Fix to dex verifier to handle float types that look like Boolean. Addresses http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=23465, where

a Float value is potentially 0x0 or Float.MIN_VALUE (0x1), which combines

into a Boolean type, which should be allowed to be promoted to Float.

(cherry picked from commit 2a249c50903d669d2a9296f0fe407b67646626c8)

Change-Id: I1b81fad5e1e166246535bdfa4b7a98db3b2531bf

232c385 Bug fix for control-flow construction involving nested loops. Bug: 5884080

Change-Id: Ic2f42abae3e71f9c0729984902396f92902184a3

390d7c0 fix personality call. Change-Id: I25845344494ac15b4a6876784d2b040779892459

311886c Prevent memory fragmentation.         Bug: 5817320

Prevent memory fragmentation and potential allocation failures. This

change is temporary.

Change-Id: Id1e8f9606687648235ea9e18861125a8c799d812

65b242b Add eclipse+readme files to prebuilt of v7-grid. do not merge. Change-Id: Ife58a0f2abf8ee13c2973ff57b2aaedfd9d78d59

7d5b68c update searchable dictionary for Android U class Change-Id: Ib214400bae29ab2c4a34500dcf84b415ab13b77c

af57413 Support lib: use /samples directory. do not merge. This NPW now looks for a "samples" directory at the root of

extras SDK packages. This renames the samples so they fit that

new pattern.

Content of the extra is thus:







(Cherry-pick from 913d903aa2480b387051ec41e6cd2580f7d72f96)

Change-Id: I4bb01d35ede7c7af45e80204c131361ffc4300ee

88d9725 Prepare for doc package update in rev 2. do not merge. Change-Id: Ibd1e7b8cd25aed33f4f6abe86ed36ccf30d4c714

92b3b05 Add a prebuilt of the gridlayout support library. do not merge Change-Id: Icd43238672a02f84e37d4301bec34dbe48375200

52b5571 Adding values-large-land and values-large-port folders. This is so that I can replace xlarge with large in training/multiscreen/screensizes.html for it to be compatible with TVs as well. Change-Id: I7685f4c51dc01ac76c98318d3ee48c73402bf848

9322c5c Work around a y-invert bug on Macs w/ Intel GPU On Macs running OS X 10.6 and 10.7 with Intel HD Graphics 3000, some

screens or parts of the screen are displayed upside down. The exact

conditions/sequence that triggers this aren't known yet; I haven't

been able to reproduce it in a standalone test. This also means I

don't know whether it is a driver bug, or a bug in the OpenglRender or

Translator code that just happens to work elsewhere.

Thanks to zhiyuan.li@intel.com for a patch this change is based on.

Change-Id: I04823773818d3b587a6951be48e70b03804b33d0

767d089 Delete dead code. Change-Id: I5b87fac4e2140a903221a1f68b16fa6a96e5effc

9ba4ba7 Doc change: string changes for Google Play Change-Id: I39acdc4faae23a43d39c2e2976543a946bd656af

7ef79e4 EmuGL: don't [de]queue buffers in eglMakeCurrent Whenever a surface was attached to a context, it was dequeing a new

buffer, and enqueing it when detached. This has the effect of doing a

SwapBuffers on detach/attach cycle, which is just wrong and

occasionally caused visible glitches (e.g. animations going backwards

for one frame). It also broke some SurfaceTexture tests which

(validly) depend on specific buffer production/consumption counts.

Change-Id: Ibd4761e8842871b79fd9edf52272900193cb672d

cbc7300 EmuGL: enable SurfaceTexture async mode Pass the swap interval from eglSwapInterval to the native window so it

can enable/disable SurfaceTexture's async mode. Fixes the deadlock in


Change-Id: I19bf69247341f5617223722df63d6c7f8cf389c6

0107630 Fix version metadata for java.lang.reflect.Field. do not merge. (cherry picked from commit 9ada0ac8f4823e9f011158db05c65a4e2e95f352)

Change-Id: Ic51aaa81e5a569a6384ac4e9f26b715801e13f1d

d6bd184 EmuGL: GLESv2 support for OES_EGL_image_external Change-Id: I8911328d5dcccdf4731bd2d8fd953c12fdec5f1b

00e6133 EmuGL: refinements to GLESv1 image_external * EGLImageTargetRenderbufferStorageOES was incorrectly accepting

  TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES as a target. Revert that; the host GL will

  correctly reject it with INVALID_ENUM.

* Handle the REQUIRED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS_OES texparameter query.

* Validate texture parameters set on TEXTURE_EXTERNAL textures;

  otherwise invalid parameters would work on the emulator but not on a

  real device.

Change-Id: I49a088608d58a9822f33e5916bd354eee3709127

ac018fe EmuGL: refcount ColorBuffers on the host The gralloc API assumes system-wide reference counting of gralloc

buffers. The host-GL accelerated gralloc maps buffers to host-side

ColorBuffer objects, but was destroying them unconditionally in

gralloc_free(), ignoring any additional references from


This affected the SurfaceTexture gralloc buffers used by the

Browser/WebView. For some reason these buffers are actually allocated

by SurfaceFlinger and passed back to the WebView through Binder. But

since SurfaceFlinger doesn't actually need the buffer for anything,

sometime after the WebView has called gralloc_register_buffer()

SurfaceFlinger calls gralloc_free() on it. This caused the host

ColorBuffer to be destroyed long before the WebView is done using it.

Change-Id: I33dbee887a48a6907041cf19e9f38a1f6c983eff

91d4e8e GLESv2 translator: don't delete EGLImage textures Copy changes faaf1553cfa39c23ceb198ba7edbd46ff3a11f7a and

f37a7ed6c5c609a3afc33f81bf50893362917ae6 from the GLESv1 translator to

the GLESv2 translator. After this, both translators use the same logic

for glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES().

Change-Id: I0a95bf2301df7b7428abc593f38170edf4cbda30

fd9cdb4 Increase platform sdk package revision. do not merge. Change-Id: I51125369a0b2ba1376a66924b04b0cd825d82f5d

52feec5 Update rev numbers of SDK packages. DO NOT MERGE. Change-Id: Idc750d5bd63186157cd2cb08c28e73e9894c34bd

41b5bb9 docs: fix minsdkversion for native activity sample Change-Id: I2d45207182f6a5b1743b574f7ab10251efd3a17a

247df4f Add AppNavigation demo This demo illustrates the use of the new support library functionality

for navigating within and across tasks using "up" navigation. This

matches the recommendations in the Android design guide.

Change-Id: I2b36c962dd24f0e0f3b3ee3f86319dafc2fc66e2

0e981c8 EmuGL: Fix heap corruption Off-by-two bug when removing textures from the tracking array could

overwrite malloc's mem chunk data structure, usually resulting in a

heap corruption abort on a later malloc/realloc/free.

Bug: 5951738

Change-Id: I11056bb62883373c2a3403f53899347ff8cdabf2

22f4efa Adding Android Developers Google+ redirect Redirect developer.android.com/+ to Google+ page for Android Developers.

Issue: 5933956

Change-Id: I0ed2b076386058f1ac81ea4376aea15fee6b24aa

df458cb Fix api version file with proper data enum. The generator tool was broken during the generics fix.

Change-Id: I7e375000ac52fba27af7992ffebb5858baf20b3a

e11b2d6 Update api version file with stripped generics info. Change-Id: Iac38c14115757cbfa75808ce5e476912da80543d

376e000 Fix bug in the new notification sample. Change-Id: I021c5f374857d1affdddd8be37c0f441aaf14c95

979806b Regular monkey should not write script log. Change-Id: I225cb01d3fb81478ea0e13cc4a6546d71d16d251

662b8f1 Adding manual redirect support to developer.android.com. Internal bug: 2347145

Change-Id: I0cdcec8a23704ab80878e8cc781b735fd2173011

e52271a Generate a valid main.py for use with developer.android.com. This fixes bugs in divide_and_compress_constants.py that caused a corrupt

main.py file to be generated for developer.android.com. Specifically,

extra quotes are no longer added, __main__ is now in quotes, and

webapp.WSGIApplication() parameters are now correct.

Also moved the call to memcache_zipserve.create_handler() to a seperate

line for readability.

Change-Id: I8906c54e70b2889389a95b92d4fbcf05a6c3e22d

82374f6 Move api.xml from tools/ to platform-tools/ The API database was generated with code in sdk/apicheck/.

Change-Id: I42559fb47716f8ea2ee2d836375b523644dfe41c

85241cc Add button to clear back stack. Change-Id: I4f02714ec349055a486608ff0eab75a46d6ba7cd

74c1836 updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code Change-Id: Ic5f16194fc0d0314d9170a8598eccc17b6a4e26c

3d398d7 Revert "updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code" This reverts commit 7a98345fc5229a23b4490713991f78170374dd11

7a98345 updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code Change-Id: I6d44ea3f912a3d1e52695bda785c81ff527160d5

2a9de02 Clean up and extend the linkify sample. Change-Id: If9d0451af3bfcdcd8bafb325f4b7978857efab7e

e462761 Move platform 15 sdk rev to 2. do not merge. Change-Id: I8c3ab6cce4305afcd380b23ed0638169676d5d97

5bad48a EmuGL: handle NULL data in glBufferData The data pointer argument to glBufferData can be NULL; this

[re]allocates the buffer while leaving the contents undefined.

Bug: 5833436

Change-Id: Ia1ddf62e2cd2c59d3d631e01d23d7c557ca5a52e

174f61c Fix notification sample to follow current UI guidelines. Lots of clean up on the messaging notification sample to show the real

correct way to do things.  Also mark up a bunch of the sample for use

in the documentation.

Change-Id: I3a29a944c2971e142c33b29aff94b1ba0b40ae0e

f741c05 Doc change: updated index page for HDP sample. Change-Id: I06a6af5bdfac9a260ca053dd11030631e49c2509

5621efe docs: Allow d.a.c. to serve .OGV This is necessary for HTML5 video in Firefox.

Change-Id: Ifcc39c338db64aa6c05418c1f3235bda62081f9b

a592d9c EmuGL: misc small cleanups * Disable verbose debug spam.

* Add missing GL enum to utility function. The default case was

  returning the correct size, so this doesn't fix any bugs, just

  removes some logcat spam.

* Comment and whitespace corrections.

Change-Id: I83fb8644331ae1072d6a8dae9c041da92073089f

a4fb8a6 EmuGL: fix GL view position in window on OS X The code that creates the GL-accelerated screen view wasn't converting

the upper-left-relative coordinates used within the emulator to the

lower-left coordinates used by the Cocoa APIs on OS X. Since most

skins have the screen view centered vertically this often just

happened to work.

Bug: 5782118

Change-Id: I2f96ee181e850df5676d10a82d86c94421149b40

9fe60c3 Allow d.a.c to serve webm and mp4 Change-Id: I8c127642ee8bbeb5eda2cae0aaf2d0e902492a7a

93d610d DO NOT MERGE Cherrypick from master: Allow d.a.c. to serve SVG files Change-Id: I6d13b21bdafa70ea19d14a95b65476ba7c037d8c

71c1d3d Move platform component to rev3. do not merge. Change-Id: I21157462faf12322112244d13390592e24529748

2d95462 Fix WXGA720 skin to be portrait by default. do not merge. Having it landscape by default is not representative of a phone

and triggers an issue where the system ui bar is not displayed.

(cherry picked from commit 144589bfd0a7c802c610ddeb2cc24a0dc28f8f3b)

Change-Id: I67398ff618ac76da4ec02d1d2e518a8f7618b0fa

144589b Fix WXGA720 skin to be portrait by default. Having it landscape by default is not representative of a phone

and triggers an issue where the system ui bar is not displayed.

Change-Id: Ic28e3739c30825fe55f8cc6cede5c9a5462f6931

b9c12ba Sample app for Android U lesson: Building apps for enterprise - Device administration. Change-Id: Ie4fbc26be45c32d19a94faed68d9f4070a96c1d7

df52a4c Sample code for Android U lesson: Monetization - Ads without Compromising User Experience. Change-Id: I6b077c24f71c00e99fe6e15da127b02707ad57f3

7d45265 Add torospr to the list of AOSP devices Bug: 5827352

Change-Id: Id70587c4e3a3d89041329cf352f4af8663926356

268fb8f Update board-info.txt for new radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.64PS Change-Id: Iaaea73aff6be47d344d02e740fb606f7992cc02e

d8b95ee CDMA RIL v3.27 - Enable IPv6 on EHRPD depending on NV setting on the modem.

- Fix GET_IMSI failure if AID is specified.

Change-Id: Ia5638a259fc83e95845c8c9f693ff334fcca2923

fe18b30 LTE RIL update LTEDC_U_07.21.00 RIL - fixing IRAT HO scenario.


Change-Id: I15b9733f8ad4c8e568e4049a7014a232d96e9985

0711d56 auto-generated blob-handling scripts Bug: 4295425

Change-Id: Iefc372568c83da26cb035ce226e938db442e05d2

c79042a Update board info for radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.63P Change-Id: Ib52abe5aab4f0089439ae17d828879b850dd414f

0d2525b CDMA RIL v3.26 -- Prevent premature recovery of the Modem BP when a data call setup fails due to IPCP (no response from network)

Bug: 5924532

Change-Id: I5d3bc100ba0bebe3d8850a16d8447337e5ed1a3f

929ff3c Update board-info for new radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.62P Change-Id: I2c17936eaa08825484ff3df5b142c1791fbf01bf

8981975 Add radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.60PS to board-info.txt Change-Id: Icc480c6bc4df4cf65392cfa10900c695e87313e4

803f354 lte radio name needs to be upper case. Name checking is case sensitive in android_flashstation and

flashall so correct board-info.

Change-Id: Id29b6eb6aa5879438a390157a8317ba9b58ded5d

8597f62 LTE/MM RIL v07.1F Bug: 5756541

bf2f6db Update board-info.txt for CDMA_N_03.1A.5DPS bug: 5740722

Change-Id: Ie4eff4ccaae4777be3f7bbabf66f2df62f978982

2ca7b0f fix issue when capturing with pre processing When capturing audio with AEC or NS enabled there is a risk that

audio buffers are lost. This happens if the capture is started with a particular

timing with regard to playback. A particular case if when placing an outgoing video

chat with gTalk.

The problem is with the mechanism used to pass buffers between the capture thread and

the preprocessing thread. It is possible that the preprocessing thread locks in with the

timing of the capture thread and always gets a condition where buffers are not ready in which

case it will read new data from the driver causing every other buffer to be dropped.

The fix consists in modifying the buffer sync mechanism and have the preprocessing thread

wait for a condition in case the read buffer is not available yet.

Change-Id: I8ff33f762d600d6dbe8b0dda58973e96d68d02f9

d9a2615 stingray: Kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 42a0480 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix mac setting from platform hook

Change-Id: I5940af601849a0fe0ceeea2c207b18a8d706aa8c

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

22c420f stingray: Kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 42a0480 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix mac setting from platform hook

Change-Id: I5940af601849a0fe0ceeea2c207b18a8d706aa8c

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

55d470d wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 992c9f8 ARM: 7296/1: proc-v7.S: remove HARVARD_CACHE preprocessor guards

Bug: 5931778

Bug: 5972195

Change-Id: Ib723abd6431cb73eaf34a61267859b374888d80f

6240402 wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 56fb0ee usb: gadget: fsl_udc_core: re-prime USB controller

Bug: 6110002

Change-Id: Ice0c09c91690a7183b83642f5bf9d01528140272

31f18bd wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE f9ba614 usb: gadget: Gadget USB optimization

26a481d ARM: tegra: Gadget USB optimization

Bug: 6110002

Change-Id: If32b442952f25f75cf29fcd1ed5e61dfb46fb232

8a27da9 wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE a134c7d net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add SET_RANDOM_MAC_SOFTAP option

Change-Id: I1b48baa8a4ac12c2d6326f67fff44b154b0517a6

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

5502d0f wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE fe789ee usb: gadget: f_usbnet: Do not enable intr_out ep

Change-Id: I2533976da09f9cb615574c4f6b4783ec243eb96f

7e9873d auto-generated blob-handling scripts Bug: 4295425

Change-Id: Ie8f60dce0dd39ea4baa70e68cab646c646890c3f

d19f2a0 Fix support for USB ethernet adapters on Xoom Change-Id: I818e72ad491f8604f7a2d3c5cdb027c4d6f55279

Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com>

06de9d9 Add OEM specific USB mode enumeration based on ro.bootmode property Added overlay setting to specify USB mode to override depending

on bootmode system property.


Change-Id: I018688ae17dce15fe5e8c743cf6a7dee84d61b89

af215ca wingray: Kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE) 9fdbae4 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Increase pm_notify callback priority

5684ca3 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix crash on dhdsdio_probe_attach() failure

BUG: b/5780572

Change-Id: I2a791a5bf8189d9a925bd1e02437b1deb92bd72a

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

70d8d5f wingray: Kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE) 9fdbae4 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Increase pm_notify callback priority

5684ca3 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix crash on dhdsdio_probe_attach() failure

BUG: b/5780572

Change-Id: I2a791a5bf8189d9a925bd1e02437b1deb92bd72a

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

8a58f92 wingray: update kernel prebuilt 7881df8 Revert "proc: enable writing to /proc/pid/mem"

Change-Id: Id463be370190c1b5e315223a795c668f4ea3779e

024400f wingray: update kernel prebuilt d5e1a9c HACK: ARM: tegra: pm: disallow lp2 while hotplugging in suspend

Change-Id: Id1dec97be89caa14f09d3b0f6ba315ca97c19a07

a1e9682 Set MTU for RNDIS interface to 1428 The MTU setting of RNDIS inerface has been broken since ICS.

The patch writes the mtu value on the rndis0 interface after gagets

functions were enabled and before sys.usb.state property is updated.


Change-Id: Ib44e41b07d9859a13875ddd964ce5068cde7b0e2

3f75c8d Kernel prebuilt 3fa06cf net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix proper scan command even if request is NULL

e7ed46f net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix scan crash in ibss mode

c3e1212 sched: Fix rt_rq runtime leakage bug

BUG: b/5786091, b/5835054

Change-Id: I76c9ba1844a5d84c8a6362f6149c214187bee6df

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

02ebe94 stingray: Set iProduct string to $ro.boot.modelno So that we use the same values as we were using on honeycomb

Bug: 5853250

Change-Id: I8f9e1120001389f856484bdd596b1c7f21c84c8c

2ac0a17 Use USB device class 0 for BP-tools + RNDIS enumeration Use device class 0 (Unspecified) instead of 224 (Wireless

Controller) for BP-tools mode + RNDIS. Recent Motorola

Windows Driver has enumeration issue if USB device class

is set improperly.


Change-Id: I327de556bfe0fc50953e4c97ba4b25c0d2043538

2e1da8e Add bugmailer for all wingray variants Change-Id: If8e56b1746af32054fb2e6bf828ee5cf3248cd0d

c35cb71 Kernel prebuilt ac71e13 Merge branch 'android-tegra-2.6.39' into android-tegra-moto-2.6.39

1ab7f7d Merge branch 'linux-tegra-2.6.39' into android-tegra-2.6.39

d031d92 mmc: sdhci: Prevent sdhci irq handler to schedule card detect if it is broken

6451dc1 mmc: sdhci-tegra: Add SDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_CARD_DETECTION

BUG: b/5645155

Change-Id: Id0c8b91aa3d8c4f65e417a6802622c87e0b07cf9

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

68aa541 Update stingray kernel prebuilt 32e203f Merge branch 'android-tegra-2.6.39' into android-tegra-moto-2.6.39

7f9ee17 Merge branch 'linux-tegra-2.6.39' into android-tegra-2.6.39

1726eca ARM: tegra: pm: keep a local cpu online mask for lp2 idle

400e6de ARM: tegra: stingray: Increase delay after enabling power ON to 300 ms

Change-Id: I4639a7a7d0bfe1ccf5cd663e03d9363bf71a6898

7c77f99 Change apn lists The following apns are change by operator's request

- Remove proxy in Vodafone Croatia

- Add authtype in TIM Italy

- Modify apn name in India Operators (ID : 5622240)

 - Change order for SK Telecom

 - Remove proxy information of Mobilicity

 - Remove proxy and port of MTN

 - Change APN's setting of BITE and TELE2

Change-Id: I02728963f5b19e349d46287f19d215fd23a7990d

Signed-off-by:  <goodsc.lee@samsung.com>

0d22ff6 new kernel + wifi prebuilt 6656123 ARM: s5pv210: herring: don't disable prox sensor during suspend

Change-Id: I6899d07b14f72c2148d9d4fac66f11c88e42466a

01a0926 crespo: prebuilt kernel + wifi d373d58 Revert "Revert "mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used""

Change-Id: Ib256a5eefed61880f0cbd201ee2c0e70a4696f93

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

d2bdbb6 kernel + wifi prebuild update (/proc/pid/mem) 21dcd21 Revert "proc: enable writing to /proc/pid/mem"

Change-Id: I1dd2e00cac7cd07e96ab57894f59c7f2b4d0bb31

9b6a953 S5PC11X : RIL : Chage radio directory create sequence (Issue 5858560) If target is encrypted, target mount userdata partition as tmpfs firstly.

Then if user enter password, target mount userdata partition as ext4 by dm-0.

At that time, target only excute post-fs-data section of init script.

If there isn't radio directory on /data and we create radio dirctory

on fs section of init script, we can't make radio directory on /data.

So we need to chage radio directory create time from fs to post-fs-data.

Change-Id: I6e7bd49ee5ab12045963965f6e1db9ec441dbeb0

Signed-off-by: Jeonghwan Min <jh78.min@samsung.com>

6799cc2 Update media_profiles_korea.xml so that it recognizes resolution-based profile settings Korea carrier needs to use h263 for mms application.

o related-to-bug: 5850512

Change-Id: I9b7dd5aa41b732496bac8a2c20e1816f6649d19a

855e965 new kernel + wifi prebuilt c96f99d Revert "mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used"

175bc21 arm: herring: allow multiple pdp contexts for non-wimax devices

92935b6 misc: samsung_modemctl: Add multipdp support

352ba9d misc: fsa9480: make interrupt handling more robust

9e98b9d video: s3c fimd: Adjust pixclock to match hw settings

Change-Id: I9961bee8a1ab0855a4263600362e9b5d023e600e

4fb4a98 new kernel + wifi prebuilt 9345ff5 ARM: S5PC11X: improve USB signal quality

c8c609f ARM: S5PC11X: wimax pins sleep current reduction

Change-Id: Ib57b9724a85be1c473be86369f66aa3885800472

7b6d8e7 kernel + wifi prebuild update b5c9e41 video: s3cfb_nt35580: initialize brightness.

744c6bb S5PC11X: PD: Add spinlock in power domain control

Change-Id: Id0a92b905853f3f7a437be5ecd9277a4b18a74bb

1c92613 Add support for radio.I9020AUCKJ1 This maps to I9020UCKJ1 (the "A" is dropped)

Change-Id: I862c1ca3e5fe7ac9e5c407e70fdf2c647cfcbb23

3a12358 Kernel and wlan driver prebuilt 1071cf4 ARM: s5pv210: herring: Add wlan locale translation table

0a6f1c0 Merge remote branch 'common/android-3.0' into android-samsung-30-wip-mergedown

f16e6fb Revert "usb: gadget: rndis: don't use dev_get_stats"

e1493f1 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable wlan access on resume for all sdio functions

bbd08c6 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix P2P interface removal

37ff441 net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix pno_enable if disassociated

599c856 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix proper scan command even if request is NULL

f227b88 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Decrease event wake_lock timeout to 1500 ms

ed3f356 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix getting arp_hostip table

c561ced net: wireless: bcmdhd: Allow to push more packets to FW for Tx

4f36cb8 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix scan crash in ibss mode

af16732 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add FW reloading in case of FW hang

7caeacd net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to Version

8d71d88 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Use CONFIG_DHD_USE_STATIC_BUF for preallocated memory

3504720 wireless: Protect regdomain change by mutex

ea693bf mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used

d6668d3 ARM: S5PC11X: sleep current reduction of cdma/wimax.

dc1b634 usb: gadget: android: Don't allow changing the functions list if enabled

e0de0a5 usb: gadget: android: Cancel pending ctrlrequest before disabling

b86fd0b ARM: idle: call idle notifiers before stopping nohz tick

6a4a385 usb: gadget: android: Reset next_string_id before enable

dbb18fb Bluetooth: Keep master role when SCO or eSCO is active

BUG: b/5794219

Change-Id: Ic2338e304b6cac742bee2fd39b03ee81564a2c56

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

786e339 Revert "Fix ANR in com.google.android.videoeditor" This reverts commit 75b8e0dfe910f3de86e0b219eeeabcb04fd8a2f1.

Bug: 5771270

Change-Id: I895db4c1677de8c1d41493449e59f1c8975fa419

4159aff Update for new sprint radio D720SPRLC1


Change-Id: I5e9bc62641f74edc080d742d4cda177cf9183a68

7901933 crespo4g: init.herring: switch to "ondemand" governor (Similar to the crespo change I15dd81e70c87082b40431992dd3d361746295ef3)

The current interactive governor is either too aggressive (power) or

not aggressive enough (gpu).

Ondemand seems viable now that Bug:5272232 is fixed.



Change-Id: I4d7cd5fc2edf0772402e73ac7905f42e56a2c1db

1e15171 Change the tethering upstream priorities. We had mobile_dun before wimax, so if wimax ever dropped out we'd switch

to mobile_dun and never give it up.  Reverse the order so that mobile_dun

is the connection of last resort.  If wimax comes back we should now switch

back to using it for the tether upstream connection.

Change-Id: If8000e36f6137aeec74c8cdcc8a636933f406b46


4bcb2f1 Set sojus to allow default data while tethering. Without this no on-device traffic gets out on a DUN-required tethering

single-conneciton device.


Change-Id: I59745f75eec1795f56e408060d41bc0f843e3702

e1b030d Update baseband D720SPRLA1. bug:5890412

Change-Id: Ifff7526dd4a0fa821582850144f53c65af4aaadc

0dfbd87 Update baseband D720SPRLA1. bug:5890412

Change-Id: Ifff7526dd4a0fa821582850144f53c65af4aaadc

20bc487 Configure sojus to use DUN profile. This got lost in the DUN_REQUIRED -> upstream_types config change.


Change-Id: I0fba2e098bc3a8146b84a6a76ffe1da9b49af94c

f9fbe2e Update boardinfo.txt for new radio Radio change:

radio: update radio image ver.D720SPRKL2 (Sprint)

- change domancy timeout values as per Sprint's request

Change-Id: Ica2b63bfb781a916c9f8c7527106d1138aa2afc0

8d9e000 require bootloader LA03 Change-Id: I63a0e72334e1c23aad71384d310649ffeece8287



6a79300 Update board-info.txt for new radio.I9250XXLA2 Change-Id: Iad4ceb761783582747f707d6e7e65bd9cf6dd18c

8fd7bf9 Set call_ring.multiple to false. bug:5757158

Change-Id: Iea6adbcaea1e6cc50bbe591e471bf136721d4c91

dec451d Update for new radio I9250XXLA1. Change-Id: Ie10715d8a36c1016b28fe5a02c9b82bc246602ed

ce47f04 Update board-info for radio.I515.FC03 Change-Id: I6640e323792e1d2517c84ea1cb8174f2d30e675f

cbb3c42 Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA04 Change-Id: Id749115759894dfbfc681f626e90e0d1ce533a2c

ff50287 Update board-info to radio.I515.FC01 and radio-cdma.I515.FA03. Change-Id: If29b00c942d73f2169dd6dc9c93e0dd0c86b5469

1a6b52f Update board-info for radio I515.FA02 Change-Id: I87dae9e567a4d9a3e2f4e76f9bb006467dfd9773

6d2b7d8 Update board-info for radio I515.FA02 Change-Id: I87dae9e567a4d9a3e2f4e76f9bb006467dfd9773

fe4743b require bootloader LA03 Change-Id: I7a82286c02f5509eff59d7b298cd34f945c529e1



6b83cbd Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA02 Change-Id: I397fd85ef18f754c652b70bffbede6d0c64ffe51

77f6379 Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA01 Change-Id: I0790c59bd1cfa4525e50c789a8b3971ac61e02df

5c0aef1 Move toro spr files to torospr. This reverts change 157972 and 157014, both of which hacked toro spr support

into device/samsung/toro.

Change-Id: Ife4879ed22bc7261047bf8e3098f3c7114b183c1

9051004 Makefiles for toro variant. Bug: 5827352

Change-Id: Idd95ec4424f70d71cd8011e051e3dfde50ade610

d729fbd Alternate bootloader/radios for toro. Change-Id: I750bfc58ee93d271a32c08a12129fc0720be4ca6

f51b137 Update board-info for ics-mr1 Android Version 4.0.4 For AOSP we need to support two older Versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.3.

See http://source.android.com/source/building-devices.html for

the older versions to support.

version-bootloader: drop PRIMEKJ10

version-baseband: drop I515.EK02 add I515.EL01

version-cdma: drop I515.EK01 add I515.EK09

Change-Id: I71fc0fae3c7f77f15cccc8836cdf9892ce59e401

8b17d37 toro: /dev/bus/usb/001 is used for the LTE modem, blacklist it Change-Id: Ie2c191881a1d698d8d04e8d74eabdda9483222b8

f7c1ca0 Auto-generated blob-handling scripts for torospr Bug: 5827352

Bug: 4295425

Change-Id: I24d38eb5bc77683c300b28bd1e681be06fc09361

ff1ce87 Rename full_toro_spr to full_torospr. The build configuration name must match the device name

Bug: 5827352

Change-Id: I499d2adb5ab77cb8171c5a09b9159b1a0f03526e

1c73b5b Move toro spr files to torospr. This creates the new torospr device.

I think more changes may be necessary for full open source support but this should be a good start.

Change-Id: I0e4fed1cdd62a9246112e0a4c666fc089c9e2b9f

33866ce Initial empty repository 78a7609 audio: fix audio drop when speaker is selected When changing audio path to speaker while playback is active,

several hundred ms of audio are dropped. This is mostly noticeable

when a ringtone starts playing.

This change is a workaround forcing the output in standby when speaker

is selected.

The root cause must still be indentified and fixed.

Change-Id: Idef8dc1cdbf2da499a414d0b60244f91ef66e73b

6c745c6 tuna: kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 034fec9 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix mac setting from platform hook

Change-Id: I45c7b3a193e652b278334b775b1d10684e1eea01

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

3b50cc6 tuna: kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 034fec9 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix mac setting from platform hook

Change-Id: I45c7b3a193e652b278334b775b1d10684e1eea01

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

babe3f6 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 130ff2d ARM: 7296/1: proc-v7.S: remove HARVARD_CACHE preprocessor guards

650239f OMAP4: trim_quirks: Fix wrong implementation of erratum i684

Change-Id: Ic1742aef62a5d983e0a55b64c2e3eac05061e4ef

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

a71cfea tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE cea631b [MMC] Patch the firmware of certain Samsung emmc parts to fix a bug

e638e26 arch: arm: modems: remove pull_up setting for phone active input pin

Change-Id: I8fcd868fef56c98884cc19d9999f84f62e968a95

Signed-off-by: Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com>

26f6ef7 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE f84aced net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add SET_RANDOM_MAC_SOFTAP option

Change-Id: I8f9939300ba3fcb1f75aa2ac61482d3d1a3752a3

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

c63ec31 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 5825a20 MFD: TWL 6030: clear IRQ status register only once

Change-Id: I7738ba94c5441ef98446de1e2c5f052759f853a4

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

bed5351 tuna: update kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 7b3a99d OMAP4+: HSI: fix for spurious CAWAKE event while processing RX/TX

b18735e OMAP4: HSI: Add HW errata platform data

30624ea OMAP4: HSI: Fix for back to back CAWAKE interrupts

Change-Id: I400f3217f3c941e543b79663347e0a2039b3f4c6

26c2ea0 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 35315c0 DEBUG: rtc: twl: add register dump if RTC did not fire on time

Change-Id: I677478e4c82886f680bd154108b63d8abbe30663

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

c55fbc6 Update kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE 21f62a0 ARM: omap4: tuna: Add panel configration for SM2A2 Line support.

Change-Id: I7af3b742506e14c17218c42e04a0082673814f67

400a171 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE ec29a34 mmc: omap_hsmmc: Prevent calling mmc_host_lazy_disable() on suspend path

Change-Id: I85bb2002f52012d8f11ab4da9c63a8aab158c146

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>

40c820f audio: support multiple output PCMs Change-Id: I5179699b22224473bd158e90f864e4e73895b5dc

26f9aac require bootloader LA03 Change-Id: I781dc9265a6e520d053abf663acfa9dc128f932e



d48e362 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE f2a12a5 Revert "Revert "mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used""

a752602 serial: omap: disable serial port irq during suspend

Change-Id: I9445220aee7f20ba2c5a773c45d413a73747c79c

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

5348e6b tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE e99370d ASoC: Tuna: Reduce S/PDIF power down time

b2e44ef TWL6030: Add extra debugging around rtc and waking

159f916 Revert "usb: musb: Add a BUG_ON if trying to suspend musb in B_IDLE state"

34b0c02 usb: musb: Disable SESSREQ and VBUSERROR interrupts

3e367ee ARM: omap: sched_clock: Don't let sched_clock tick during suspend

Change-Id: I5081b4c29e5f139a00f205540213a72e7c6afd2c

159a810 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 6224f02 Revert "proc: enable writing to /proc/pid/mem"

Change-Id: Ia7000d5ca40ed4417e44d3470e0929763ce775a7

Signed-off-by: Dima Zavin <dima@android.com>

bac9a47 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE c553b5b OMAP4: Clock: Force a DPLL clkdm/pwrdm ON before a relock

Change-Id: I9631025af9090d374e641b7a4aebf36daac4e6a9

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

e014fd4 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 3ace783 Revert "mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used"

8716f56 omap4: tuna: Drop soft lockup detector timeout to 10 secs

159f17c OMAP3+: PM: VC: vcbypass needs to wait for valid to clear

655fddd OMAP4: PM: TPS6236x: speed up voltage rampup rate

37d2aca OMAP4: PM: TPS6236x: ensure rampdown occurs fast on shutdown

058ca02 OMAP4460: TWL6030: Setup VDD_core OFF voltage to retention voltage

3d57d92 OMAP4: PM: work around for CPU1 onlining from OFF/OSWR state on older PPA

0108824 OMAP4: TWL: ensure PREQ1 results in all active VCOREs to be down

7180250 OMAP4: HWMOD: UART1: disable smart-idle.

fdb7588 misc: fsa9480: don't enable FSA IRQ when VBUS IRQ is enabled

ce033dd ASoC: DSP: Split runtime startup/shutdown updates

a567f64 ASoC: dsp - BE disconnection after pending flag is clear

60f7431 misc: modem_if: link_mipi: Reset mipi phy when receive wrong packet

fc3549e usb: musb: Change BUG_ON to BUG to catch the issue as soon as it happens

Change-Id: Ic27e8bf5f08b6ac308a9aa26711da16d5e0cb6d6

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

7aeae7a tuna: add headset jack key layout files Change-Id: Ic47caa03b2927f405784b25cbd550739f2d2daa9

Signed-off-by: Dima Zavin <dima@android.com>

7d8d745 Toro: USB: Add RNDIS+DM+MODEM Add RNDIS+DM+MODEM for CP logging

1. Add USB composite setting for RNDIS+DM+MODEM

2. Change the permission for ttyGS0

Change-Id: Ifec615a33b7bb2c3e64098525f968a9026ff14c4

Signed-off-by: sujin119.kim <sujin119.kim@samsung.com>

d007e23 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE 8ebb62b usb: musb: Add a BUG_ON if trying to suspend musb in B_IDLE state

098e128 omap: dispc: force L3_2 CD to NOSLEEP when dispc module is active

0e4741f net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix proper scan command even if request is NULL

8e56dbd net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix scan crash in ibss mode

5e53345 power: max17040: do a sanity check in the fuel alert handler

Change-Id: Iaa5ec8b3cc4f8b57e9797a9f56ec2cd25192b832

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

f125ade Move toro spr files to torospr. This makes toro recovery visible to torospr.

Change-Id: I1de6e0d14c8e1642d1a1105612db72eddbb70508

0a467ce tuna: update touch firmware to vers 0x65/0x45 0x65 is for rev3.2 touch panels, and 0x45 is for rev3.1

To resolve multi-touch issue,

   1. Added debounce algorithm on switching mode at noisy environment.

   2. Added hysteresis on rejecting events at noisy state, to prevent

      frequent drop of events and to improve usability.

Change-Id: I62791274bb5e59ef2cf3300977da205c9914aaee

726553e Tool to fix the fs_size in the crypto footer The GPT of HSPA Prime devices is incorrect when it comes from the factory.

Flashing a new bootloader fixes the GPT, but if the user had already

encrypted the device, the old size of the partition is recorded in the

crypto footer.  If the size if not updated, the device will not be able

to boot after the OTA, so add a new command to fix the fs_size field in

the crypto footer for Prime devices.

Change-Id: Ied4b592973d3d5c36c478b7fb32d59ac9e9611b0

31e70cf tuna: new kernel prebuilt e00d9bd mmc: Set suspend/resume bus operations if CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is used

d795e3c OMAP4: Clock: Put USB_DPLL in stop low power mode explicitly

1493e09 OMAP4: Clock: Correct OTG clock to use otg_60m_gfclk.

Change-Id: Ib2e5b7bf14f8f297d6953ee9b79c0141ff7075dc

11db147 audio: fix wrong latency reported by audio HAL Commit 355afe9a broke the calculation of the latency returned by A2DP,

leading to incorrect A/V sync.

The latency must take into account the intermediate buffering added in audio HAL.

Change-Id: I1f3d7494fe58517151c5dba0a4883f583d7a6ef2

0567501 a2dp audio HAL: extend write timeout. Extend the timeout delay in out_write() when waiting for

available space in output buffer to accomodate A2DP sink with a long

startup time.

Issue 5781477.

Change-Id: I4e31b5116ddbea8774a15b2016d088ea7039ec93

537eaff In condvar wait functions, set the holder back before restoring count Before this fix, there is a racing condition. The previous owner thread

can get into the mutex without proper locking by passing the lock owner

check in mutex_lock function.

bug 5699382

Change-Id: Ib81330e2f3669e5f72b101f3da7abdb15d3ac993

3352706 Add custom template for /design path Change-Id: I50e88501cec2a386054fcd5974b5cbfeb73325eb

b099bab Fix doclava to preserve annotations on fields and methods - do not merge. The android.jar stubs file used in the SDK was missing @Deprecated

annotations on methods and fields.

This changeset updates doclava to write annotations on methods and

fields as well, and to also add a @Deprecated annotation for APIs that

were marked deprecated but missing an annotation (presumably because

they only used the @deprecated doc comment; there are about 30 such

APIs out of 800+ deprecation usages.)

This fixes


(cherry picked from commit 73934887ea87fca353449f0fd476d6c07b349521)

Change-Id: I7b78c481ed043df20ecdc4fc59515566b70ebbc1

73fc10a docs: add support for meta description in the doclava <head>; docs can optionally add a page.metaDescription definition to the document HDF data (above the @jd:body). Change-Id: I6e29f9b409e5c4adca5dfd7e78525f9752ca3bc9

b7ec906 docs: add meta data based on schema.org Change-Id: Icacc1efc85b316278005121d049ec4476b6a0b24

1be4b15 doclava: don't print "since api level" string if there's no level available Change-Id: I20d3a61bcd73bdebcbefc7db3e57f213e04b5802

69140ff Cherry-picked from d86c724b in master. Do not merge. Implement ADB communication over QEMU pipe

Change-Id: I62ff5898c7a955aaaa8af8f7ee7ed018af860f80

9b58a96 Cherry-picked from 98d32ba in master. Do not merge. Implements double-linked circular list.

This is part of a bigger CL (coming later this week) that uses qemu pipes to

hook up host ADB with ADBD daemon running on the guest system.

Change-Id: I625b020531af636b9b9fa4e4aa52b7586749c693

bf8b8c8 Remove debuggable flag Bug 5898861

Change-Id: I65becb510139d7b2143ba9cfa20d80fd341b5c42

0adc750 Rename replicaisland Package Bug 5898230

...to com.replica.replicaisland. This makes it so the APK generated

by the build system is "com.replica.replicaisland.apk" rather than

"replicaisland.apk". It will also match the package name in the

AndroidManifest.xml. All this renaming allows Tradefed to install the

apk "com.replica.replicaisland.apk" and then unistall the package

via its name "com.replica.replicaisland. Tradefed couldn't uninstall

the package, because there was no such app with package name


Change-Id: I1912606a341f5b8f85ad040b961ca40f30192964

6cb78e5 Changes to use replica island in CTS OpenGl performance test - add localization to make build work - changed start level to repeat Gl rendering - add position reset in Buffer access to fix crash issue after    too fast task switch - add watchdog timer to detect Gl rendering freeze Change-Id: Iaf16ecdda6dec3b268d3322a405666aec92db6bf

2b1168a + Fixed lots of bugs.  Most notably a divide-by-zero case in the collision system. + Add fades to all activity transitions (seems unreliable, though; race condition?) + Add Extras Menu, unlockable Linear Mode and Level Select + Add difficulty settings: Baby, Kids, and Adult + Add on-screen control interface; add support for muli-touch input events + Add debug mode frame rate readout (game thread only) + Changed most broken game play elements: enemy spawner and shadow slime + Added post-game statistics screen + Added fist-run control setup dialog + Fixed unescaped single quote characters (sorry!) git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@7 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

9d4cc25 Public release v1.3. + Rewrote input system to better abstract different hardware from game.  Major rework to this section. + Added nefarious hacks via "Safe Mode" to work around failures in broken GL drivers used by some handsets (Cliq et al). + Various bug fixes and performance improvements. + Cranked up pool sizes to allow for more simultaneous game objects.  (Runtime heap high watermark is now ~6mb) + Fixed bugs in SliderPreference to allow it to be properly instanced. + Added some debug frame rate display tools. git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@6 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

e1fe50f Fixed tilt sensitivity crash on Moment (app code was suspect), added option to turn on debug logging from preferences. git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@5 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

3c1e67e - Stop using VBOs when rendering with software (no speed improvement, and there are bugs in 1.5 and 1.6 software renderers related to freeing VBOs).  This should fix the Cliq and other non-accelerated platforms. - Fix Memory #034 to restore missing spike tiles.  Also move a gem to make that level a little easier. - Add configurable keyboard setup UI, push configured keys through to game thread. - Add tilt sensitivity slider UI, hook up to game thread - Add "what's new" ticker to main menu - Fix Kabocha spelling error - Fix out-dated or missing copyright headers (Eclipse seems to have automagically removed a bunch of them--thanks eclipse!) git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@4 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

661a7f1 Add basic readme files. git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@3 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

cfd74d6 Initial submission of Replica Island 1.1 source and assets. git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@2 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

2022c99 Initial directory structure. git-svn-id: http://replicaisland.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@1 1dde52a2-2b62-11df-8484-2f92f965d510

319ce8d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I2ca75cb0b45e433c33d1d6c5e167ec5edb9998eb

1b32ddf Update to latest tinyalsa 3502113 pcm: fix pcm capture dropping samples

Change-Id: Icae0f32a39e58dda55a3b9a0094263ba781d65a7

538b01d Cherry-pick WebKit r100677 to fix a rendering crash This fixes a crash from positioned generated content under run-in.

See http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/100677.

Bug: 6079158

Change-Id: I3d2012c58f47e71ae500e33551dfab5587b84534

3c049d2 Prevent infinite loop when turning on then off composited mode bug:5820635

Change-Id: I24b6eae6c76c29e44106b4ec87e74d945aad7b1b

b627d5b Fully invalidate the pictureset when content size changes bug:5759299

Webkit invals aren't correct when the content size changes (even simply growing

vertically), for now just repaint from scratch in that case.

Change-Id: I408b289bfee1139d6c8f3c7babd963d217cb5bc0

0d7be54 When loading new content, reset zoom state - DO NOT MERGE cherry-pick of https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#/c/155121/2 into MR1 branch


Change-Id: I34042e8b1f1adf1fc1826d7fde5500708bef3b60

62279a9 When in singlesurfacemode, resist switching out - DO NOT MERGE cherry-pick of https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#/c/155078/ into MR1 branch


We want to avoid swapping in and out of singlesurface mode when we have enough

textures to hold the content, but not while the content is updating.

Change-Id: I3c45f2b9f3c8e06b397b701fb53ac6ac5ff8efdd

5d1753b Enable History API. Do not merge. Cherry pick Ic6b6860ca4bfe891e84fb0445d67c7ea728c6fe3

The HTML5 History API is disabled at runtime by default in WebKit.

Configure it to be enabled.

Bug: 5767904

Change-Id: Ib7374e0145c581588990baec6e67025c1b7ef693

41aebb2 Return the tile generation thread to default priority. With this partial revert of ececd484e5832707be4a73b70da37f862eb14c35 , single core devices can't have tile generation starved by javascript/plugins.


Change-Id: I42b5799f4ba136e1c6f9812219824d21390bace2

61e0d18 Fix crash with composited layers - DO NOT MERGE Cherry-pick from master

When we have composited layers inside iframes/frames, the layers

hierarchy is not always up to date at the time of the layerSync()

call. If some of those layers are scheduled to be repainted, the

repaint operation will triggers the update of the composited layers

tree -- possibly resulting in the deallocation of the very same

GraphicsLayer we were painting from, and thus leading to a crash.

The fix consist in gathering all the root RenderLayer (for each

frame containing composited layers) and explicitely asking

RenderLayerCompositor to check if the composited tree needs to be

updated, before we traverse the tree to paint the elements.


Change-Id: I33a00b847eb19c9aa4b68f0ac3adbe36709ed00b

df33187 Fix 5960562: Show emergency button on PukUnlock screen This fixes an issue where the device doesn't show the emergency button

on the SIM PUK unlock screen. The problem was introduced in I3127bfd5

where we allowed the button to be conditionally shown.

Change-Id: I3e2aae2bce89399a2564c3f8a726a8db99cdec86

90e3bca Increase line limit for summary text Doing this to accomodate some really long warning text in a

checkbox widget. Needs 5 lines for English. Probably a lot

more for German, etc., so increasing it to 10 lines.

Please don't abuse that. 4 lines is still a reasonable max.

Change-Id: Ife5858f2165cb2bc046ce606f29d31010d26ecc2

dc63f3f MediaPlayerService: fix AudioSink latency The AudioSink latency is currently cached when the associated AudioTrack

is created. However, the AudioTrack latency can change if the AudioTrack is moved

from one output stream to another.

The AudioPlayer must also periodically update its view of the latency

as it is needed to compensate the real audio time used for A/V sync.

This fixes an A/V sync problem seen when switching A2DP on and off while

playing a video.

Change-Id: I28b24049ca114e1af3e24791dcc900f463536ba4



0df6894 AudioTrack: relax check on minimum buffer size Current AudioTrack implementation enforces that the requested audio

buffer size is at least corresponding the audio latency.

This requirement is too strong and leads to problems with current

stagefright and AudioSink implementations when playing over output

streams with long latency.

Ultimately, the AudioSink design should be changed to specify a minimum

buffer size in time or frames units but not in buffer count units.

Change-Id: I8ba603956f92ac49143a8249572665aa548f2f0f



4099e17 Doc update: DDMS Network Traffic tool. Change-Id: I9aa0d94e9bdc20681ec7be3f98233223c0e742d8

1f60afc docs: Emulator Hardware Acceleration docs for SDK r17 Change-Id: I0714891d14db598f6c4acd29773975bd7754a912

2a29b3a Debugging code for #6169553: Make Phone launch faster The activity manager now has a tick when launching an app every

500ms, where it collects the current stack traces of the app if

it hasn't finished launching.  These traces are included as part

of dumpstate.

This is only done on non-user builds.

Change-Id: I7f09ea00aab821ac81795f48c9d68fcca65f89fe

6fdab07 Remove fade animations from framework drawables. Change-Id: Ic4115ba779e88a405b5d2cd927db99c43def3704

957f716 docs: fix toc in search au class Change-Id: I7c678a9091a5d2c7bdfcf5e104597d9c1986d5f0

1657080 docs: update various SDK and AVD Manager screenshots and remove one from the licensing doc that's not necessary Change-Id: I4b07446a8fd57449dfd9b605019143f543be5e14

055e3f2 docs: android u search class Change-Id: I433cb5b82426c942af8f357180aeb7c947f2d9e1

0e87370 Remove the country detector logging Bug:6156714

Change-Id: Id0ff60b0530142e2bce055ee8cf8dde94e974aa5

f4ae6aa Allow CDMA on LTE devices to get data connections even if otasp is needed. Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP) connections as defined in

ETSI TS 102 223 "Smart Cards; Card Application Toolkit (CAT) (Release 11)"

need to be able to establish data connections even when not provisioned.

This can occur when trying to provision on via and EVDO network.

Bug: 6110632

Change-Id: I85722e0ba2e2606ffcf2516b8f00be6ff5271adf

161a8de docs: remove link from GP logo Change-Id: I6dff28e84b341054874995e78d20945e70d24cae

8edad6f docs: Fix a bunch of misc doc issues from external tracker Change-Id: I03cae5bdb7b806e81cc6c983a014de212cb80c73

500cc4b A few updates for TVs. Change-Id: I2465cbfdfd3a5b9e22f94bd1c678aec33ab216d9

87e3281 Adding TV related updates. Change-Id: I631af8bec0c3178d2d03f9725afea548576cad77

99e790d docs: add troido adk link Change-Id: Ib7cb1dd821dc17ffc8acd02843218e6d21e15295

b99ae73 docs: move Android Design from static HTML to JD Change-Id: I6e451599998cb8b69489cada482ab5db9d71d6f8

97b94e7 docs: a few more Market -> Play strings Change-Id: Icd09ec82362ff9aac511260f0fa295ddbc7e1369

19fa8fe Fix badge generator URLs and images, and update script to generate different alt text for the different button styles. Also change homepage announce link for blog post. Change-Id: Ibbdc2e8abad3c218d030299eb60ba5bee75db232

9ad3d0e Update build-a-button to use new assets. Change-Id: I2218af60519fa3adbe574aaedb1a72270ea3c1da

6f5b5ee Fix document. Change-Id: I661b259c8438f9290d57fae29a828cf4495ce335

1c24730 docs: update homepage announcement for GP Still needs an update with proper blog link (will probably do by hand for launch push) Change-Id: I660082780ffd27cf591351e6b65be61a109a6d5d

4d7bc65 Doc change: String changes for Android Market Change-Id: I823812a4fd24021bec906ad856479c92a8d2a759

e606cb4 docs: fix api dashboard Change-Id: Ifbd596860f3368811e31494176682571be919459

290684a docs: fix expansion library package name Change-Id: I38303b5650fd924ac25281baf4a7da51aa939394

a47d88a docs: dashboard update for march 5 Change-Id: Ic71a478ad8afd818dfe9c0a2341e1d1937be5444

2df6ecc docs: add note about declaring file sizes with sample app's code Change-Id: I7858956916c0db5a585228a890a20fb004155b8c

837a5d8 docs: updates to OBB guide for naming; plus other edits Change-Id: I0a3afa0388f89d7464471917fec7d767748a870e

93dc642 docs: fix misc bugs from external tracker Change-Id: I2be617be23d0ac50baabac561d510633fa9f162a

4143781 docs: add docs for market OBB includes splitting the Licensing dev guide into multiple pages; Turned original licensing doc into a redirect to the new files that are under guide/market/licensing/; Fix all links pointing to app licensing Change-Id: Ic49493f0e560db225dd7a382ffabc904a2fa1228

e8f2c7f Make ResolverActivity update dynamically. Watches for package changes so it can dynamically adjust

to reflect the actual list of available activities.

Change-Id: I3a2fef3dac4d13d1b2a7ed6fc117a7b814679669

4b1afab extend timeout to allow for more time for the device to connect. Change-Id: If3929ca69a5025c7048d57276813c270229a76db

eb4f325 Set the video encoding bit rate for the media recorder stress test. Change-Id: I1fa5965d2ba0e17be97ff3b9bd8df3df4e438087

fb393f8 Mark configuration strings as not translatable. Change-Id: I041a6a951dfe70881a095d7ef085b0246a9d4c3b

a53b3bf docs: Android Design downloads section, linkable H2s. Change-Id: I4ed3006117efd740ff5f3bc93df2ac75c2dfd2f9

5c60743 Fix issue #6073913: onActivityResult() not getting called... ...if the process is killed and restarted

Try to ensure that in all cases we deliver an activity result if one

was requested.

Change-Id: Id43e830d2ee782f98ed1e3b68e5e16f3258d4ad8

e4ef9b1 DO NOT MERGE (from master: Fixed minor typo on Javadoc) Change-Id: I7d62e37011a7fd4d792fdfe5bd62022a850303a6

a2b41b4 NumberPicker showing IME when its input field  gains focus. 1. The NumberPicker was showing the IME if the input field

   gets focus and hiding it when the the arrows are pressed.

   The leads to a nasty behavior when the input is the first

   focusable and the uses presser an arrow button. In such

   a case the IME shows and hides on every arrow press pushing

   the window content up and down - this looks pretty ugly.

   Now the IME is show on double tap of the input field.

2. The NumberPicker input now by default has an IME action

   done, hence after editing it the IME goes away.

3. The NumberPicker input now clears focus when it gets

   IME action done, so the last picker in a sequence

   does not show selection which is focus driven.

4. NumberPicker was incorrectly detecting double tap to

   begin edit and it was possble to start edit on singe tap

   if the user has double tapped before to start an edit.

   Now double tap detection is using the double tap timeout



Change-Id: I0ff5a491064e51663b3abec675d839d0a65b986a

44e63a2 Support rendering layout that use the new res-auto namespace. Change-Id: I9b89c965dc8c9458e74c15ab8ff765e16e1b32c2

b69b2c0 Fix build. Change-Id: Id3262bff0df598ecc81a4346dee9febd3aaa60c9

7663d80 Fix issue #6048808: sometimes auto-correct is inactive My previous change to speed up the time the IME is dismissed was

fundamentally flawed.  That change basically switched the order

the application called the input method manager service from doing

startInput() and then windowGainedFocus(), to first windowGainedFocus()

and then startInput().

The problem is that the service relies on startInput() being done

first, since this is the mechanism to set up the new input focus,

and windowGainedFocus() is just updating the IME visibility state

after that is done.  However, by doing the startInput() first, that

means in the case where we are going to hide the IME we must first

wait for the IME to re-initialize editing on whatever input has

focus in the new window.

To address this, the change here tries to find a half-way point

between the two.  We now do startInput() after windowGainedFocus()

only when this will result in the window being hidden.

It is not as easy as that, though, because these are calls on to

the system service from the application.  So being able to do that

meant a fair amount of re-arranging of this part of the protocol

with the service.  Now windowGainedFocus() is called with all of

the information also needed for startInput(), and takes care of

performing both operations.  The client-side code is correspondingly

rearranged so that the guts of it where startInput() is called can

instead call the windowGainedFocus() entry if appropriate.

So...  in theory this is safer than the previous change, since it

should not be impacting the behavior as much.  In practice, however,

we are touching and re-arranging a lot more code, and "should" is

not a promise.

Change-Id: Icb58bef75ef4bf9979f3e2ba88cea20db2e2c3fb

816b873 Move the automatic namespace outside of the res namespace. do not merge. (cherry picked from commit d9fe8018ffbf94f18a840005e688ad1d712f0225)

Change-Id: I48ca78d5fccc75392b3f1cf9525890e5145293c4

eed8d0b Fix for issue 9656 - custom xml attributes in Android Libraries. do not merge. Added support for predefined namespace http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/auto

that aapt tool recognizes and treats as namespace with package name

taken from current application's AndroidManifest.xml, //manifest/package attribute.

Signed-off-by: inazaruk <ievgenii.nazaruk@gmail.com>

(cherry picked from commit e348909c1966c3d192841cc131a32be6ed90da18)

Change-Id: I4bff836c42a309bac36e5d1ce1899131b3c4c194

bf378fd Don't allow screen invalidations to go outside bounds of screen Fixes invalidation issue in Launcher

Change-Id: Iab32149489aed6884e917f0ac5a548d4ae26896e

02c9388 docs: fix bug 5878445 Change-Id: I603a3b8d92d855baa8f3557bddecb662af2cc1d7

27c8d9b Adding time lapse test to mediaframework stress suite. Change-Id: Ia244352cd16f77c090c4f1dad6f9b09a8b3e8f47

f11ffc1 docs: fixing bug 5942573 Change-Id: I2479dc8916f98a8bf7dbec95dc29cbd871c51be5

9366ce8 fix bug 5942522 Change-Id: Ice16e63b42d5e8c89994d0844f62adaefc8a92a1

224741a docs: NDK overview, remove x86 instruction set mention (b/6044027) Change-Id: I37ee68fb78f2ed5edc1c34ff7198340b1ab5c49b

5c4d41e fix bug 5911175 Change-Id: I528e7c30e81c85ec31a5abbd74e85cc364a8362f

51ec506 docs: fix bug 5990526 Change-Id: Ife7e9a66c5fc23a9caa2c26046741880833f4b9a

c3f979f Make sure resource references are resolved. XmlPullAttribute can query for attributes and return them in a given

format. We need to make sure they are first resolved before

trying to convert them to int/float/boolean/...

Change-Id: I2aaced022a0382e501978c396e49d6191d53bdc8

01011c3 Fix issue #6037252: Screen shifts after all apps are upgraded Two things: (1) make sure the boot message is always positioned within

the entire unrestricted display, and (2) allow the dim background to go

on top of the nav bar when being used for the boot message (this latter

is really a hack that should be more generally fixed in the future).

Change-Id: I7261b044eb802a39cadff931b50a679ff18781d6

0980e41 docs: Added Lint into Android Training and removed Layoutopt. Change-Id: Ib818ba3ab12fff79dbede69ebf543a8e4be6f3df

482ae5f Bug 6021294 - Contextual action bar animation tweaks Remove the right-to-left cascade effect from action mode menu

items. Animation time is now fixed at 300ms for scaling in menu items.

Change-Id: I8eef2ed9f93c2af804663dd5e6b3f4915ed45cb1

ef0314b docs: fix broken link Change-Id: I13e29ec18bb503ea33ee59d187f588c5be8fd109

094bf51 Use &#39; for apostrophe in HTML encoding DO NOT MERGE * We were using &apos; which is not correct

Chery-pick of CL: https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/165367

4fe25f6 fix NPE in race condition. Change-Id: Ic1df67f8a5379ff1cd804fb55e143f078e369ccf

06a591c Fix last change -- don't call startInputInner() with lock held. Change-Id: Ie7a145c5a07f08ae8a3f5954a1c389bfbd946b69

a82ba54 Part of fixing issue #6006757: Keyboard dismissal lags This adjust various paths through InputMethodManager so that the flow

in switching focus from one application to another is cleaner, resulting

in less work being done, resulting in it being able to happen quicker.

Some of the changes here avoid doing stuff when not needed, such as when

we are told to unbind but are not currently the active input.  A big part

is also a change to the flow when a window receives input.  Previously

this would first do a checkFocus() which would tell the input method to

switch focus to whatever view has focus in the window, followed by the

windowGainedFocus() call telling it the window had gained focus.  This

would result in extra work because the input method service would first

handle the focus switch, seeing the IME is currently displayed, so the IME

would remain up and reset its focus to the new view.  The app would

immediately then tell it about the window, causing the service to find out

the IME should be hidden and telling the IME, but the IME couldn't hide

itself until it had first take care of switching its input.

There is the definite potential of this breaking IME showing/hiding in

cases depending on the order things may be relying on them to happen.  I

haven't seen any problems with a brief trip through the UI.

Change-Id: I8494cbd6e19e2ab6db03f2463d9906680dda058b

811aca5 docs: move USB installation info into the OEM USB Drivers document because the Google USB Driver is deprecated, so consolidating the USB info makes more sense for the common case of needing an OEM driver A few changes to the device setup doc also; such as removing the "unknown sources" step, because that doesn't apply to adb installs. Change-Id: Ice78c997cbb147865ead78fb037d0b6b64db75bd

aefa921 Update WiMAX notification icons Bug: 5724605 Change-Id: I03f9c2e7c9e94f1d3dc38d9eee3c90c45c0422a6

2670332 docs: Google+ badge now sizes properly; remove reposition hack Change-Id: If5e402b8acb249e0ea81436f3d5ecf468934b81f

9dd3a66 Update 4G WiMAX assets for notification area as well Bug: 5724605 Change-Id: Iade031923f1d3a07ca6dd366642c04071168d495

0ae5cac docs: Android NDK r7b Release Notes Change-Id: Ib1a92b1bbdb190f3aae6dcc69a78cbf5ad3c4760

2384386 Stop using shared DUN APN when tethering stops. Backported from master, including a bug fix and a cdma enhancement.

Even if other people are sharing the connection (ie, carrier wants

default and tethered traffic on the same APN) stop using a carrier-

described APN when the tethering stops.


Change-Id: I25e4831855e6b62c0c3ab3a6f4d4846aaee6ac50

8d27f20 Add a config to set Dun capabilities. Since CDMA doesn't use APN settings there was no place to say what a cdma

device's DUN connection would support, so by default normal device

originating traffic would be blocked on a tethering single-connection device.

With this change you can (via overlay) say that it supports everything

so mms and on-device browsing/email will still work even when on a dun connection.

The reason to allow both: some carriers will charge per byte for dun access

and so they don't want lots of non-tethering traffic used (costs the user alot)

but other carriers just use a dun connection to limit access to tethering, but

once there give unlimited data, so it makes sense to support everything there.


Change-Id: I78fd7f3ac63c51a0560b659ed5ec219b10a93f8d

ece18ef Don't pulse LED on new notification unless notification has LED flag set Bug: 6006131

Change-Id: I719c7d68e310bfaca227f6286159b3993784926b

Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com>

d55cde1 Only use CDMA rssi for config_alwaysUseCdmaRssi. If config_alwaysUseCdmaRssi is true, the RSSI signal bar only

shows the CDMA value, no matter it connects to EVDO or WiMax .


Change-Id: I4187571898a9fb47162e1ccf0cc4c59c3136ae0b

650462b Import revised translations.  DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ibfc588d17f79baa0359d3a20a0a5ff7a2f3f152b

afd8f18 Add OEM specific USB mode enumeration based on ro.bootmode property This patch is adding a capability so that OEM can override USB mode

in case the device is boot up with OEM specific mode. (i.e. modem

debug, factory test etc.)


Change-Id: Ic8e23d302563ce71eedb74ce94cca8c65838a4f7

d9c8bbd docs: fix xss issue bug 5125642 Change-Id: I326b619643e3b3de20aa9303e92c9218fdfe50f7

52bfc24 docs: fix misc doc bugs from external issue tracker Change-Id: If6ff3476670e42b321d56d4a1482ccff96d4d500

a61f842 docs: OpenGL Tutorials fixed two broken links (Issue 5990696, public android bug: 25132) Change-Id: I9d504017c507b2e203b8e0448d720714bec32e8c

e42fe55 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Id6eb7d951bbbd8d01ce11670946282eecd7bc984

09ff04d docs: fix typo in menu TOC Change-Id: Ief511803ef5b4bed1823a12918de814aca119681

2ca5fb2 Don't use SNR in the invalid check. Since some RILs use -1 instead of INVALID_SNR as invalid vlue for

LTE SNR, SignalStrength will not use LTE SNR to check if LTE valid.


Change-Id: Ia948e076f8f5878e081e87680076b187857879c8

331bb0c Setup ActionBars in layoutlib the same way the platform does it. do not merge. Instead of using a simple ImageView for the icon, this uses the platform

layout/action_bar_home which uses a custom class to position and resize

the icon (and also supports the Up icon that we don't yet support).

This ensures that the icon is properly positionned and sized like

on devices.

(cherry picked from commit 7396348dfcfb45b7ad055f4c18cabbe5e8270d26)

Change-Id: Ifd3bc318089b70ba843519523e366e59d434e919

cf9fe43 docs: switch from caps to initial-case for device button names Change-Id: I2affdf7400fd814e43633806cebebee4c6075b0b

7c70cef Don't use SNR in the invalid check. Since some RILs use -1 instead of INVALID_SNR as invalid vlue for

LTE SNR, SignalStrength will not use LTE SNR to check if LTE valid.


Change-Id: Ia948e076f8f5878e081e87680076b187857879c8

ed4d1f7 docs: add Sony USB VID issue 5967572 Change-Id: I5735d15bec6bd85b5fa74300193dfba1c9da6f34

f8aea99 Make aapt ignore tools-related data. This patchset introduces a new standard namespace http://schemas.android.com/tools

which will be used for tools specific XML attributes.

Any attributes using this namespace will not be compiled into the binary XML file.

The namespace node is also not written at all, and its string is not collected

to ensure that there is no impact on the devices.

(cherry picked from commit a5d5e9d906583ebeb590ca200ca9840302a5cd1a)

Change-Id: I62937b8bc34c07ac544930aa8eadd7797e0179d5

a8c57bf extending timeout to stabilize tests Change-Id: I2e0a7ae35babdda18ade4f70d61b4c83c9d2c2d9

633de7b docs: fix meta description tag for homepage Change-Id: Idfbc5e04fcdfc9d4e20c02ae7b1366c566722053

6aaa27f docs: fix broken link Change-Id: I58a082341373370bf97fed49d4d6584b468b4b46

b6802e7 docs: fix action bar style example Change-Id: I9e02c3b3ade17c832b97836c03cf023fe6ea9340

5e09593 docs: update menu guide with CAB and popup menu, plus many other revisions Change-Id: I5faedd5f5b812ca58eb2085b0c036570de861f15

1d45bc2 docs: dashboard update for feb 1 Change-Id: I112d649e70e78678f986a4ed02e6db1cbdcf607f

e2ce3b8 Fix a typo in image processing test Change-Id: I6c39a144dc7c724188e6ebad76c51c3ac1e818e1

cb78dd2 Use LTE SNR and RSRP to set signal level bar. The LTE signal strength level is the smaller one

between lte rsrp level and lte snr level if both

rsrp and snr are valid.

The lte snr mapping are

  Four  bars: SNR >= 45

  Three bars: 10 <= SNR < 45

  Two   bars: -30 <= SNR < 10

  One   bars: SNR < -30

  No    bars: No Service

The invalid value of lte snr is changed to INVALID_SNR

from -1, since -1 is a valid value of lte snr.


Change-Id: If26aaba0c7fcc0fee3db488b5adfa02922f06715

493d27b docs: change that stated as a few doc fixes and turned into fully documenting the device default themes and fixing many more, including adding API level information for older themes to avoid confusion. Oh and fix an unclosed <em> tag causing a format bug. Change-Id: Ia4b33559bd5ad2cbae8b53966999cf7f5038b125

5e39519 Use LTE SNR and RSRP to set signal level bar. The LTE signal strength level is the smaller one

between lte rsrp level and lte snr level if both

rsrp and snr are valid.

The lte snr mapping are

  Four  bars: SNR >= 45

  Three bars: 10 <= SNR < 45

  Two   bars: -30 <= SNR < 10

  One   bars: SNR < -30

  No    bars: No Service

The invalid value of lte snr is changed to INVALID_SNR

from -1, since -1 is a valid value of lte snr.


Change-Id: If26aaba0c7fcc0fee3db488b5adfa02922f06715

b86cba1 docs: fix typo in eclipse doc external issue 21475 Change-Id: I5aeee5710175964e2cf969965c7ed58c01f0e433

6440534 docs: fix typos and clarify some grammar in summary external issue 21548 Change-Id: Ic38921cb64390b42651f3971efeb4b76101dfc14

5b259c6 docs: fix typo in market doc external issue 22650 Change-Id: I2bbfddef4692cb6b7567ea3ab04443a6ac421a80

b16965c docs: fix locale name; South Africa is local en_ZA external issue 23133 Change-Id: Ia17f61e6a4e14506aec5491db0c3fc65707f2c2b

a21ac88 docs: update sidenav to use <span> instead of <h2> for headings, under suspicion that the h2s are causing poor snippet extraction in search results Change-Id: I35f414fbb104984408b087db1366535cb18d4718

6507df8 docs: add meta descriptions for home and sdk also revise the G+ widget to make fit Change-Id: Iadc8858bec2524fa9ed905534949885c7130ccc2

fa9b5ca Update documentation to reflect the old approach not working. The old approach has a problem with the original application's

recent tasks entry disappearing (this is probably a bug in the

platform).  Update to an alternative approach that does work.

Change-Id: I15e582eff8c77cc22628f7b099e9f04eb5bfbce7

b1560f2 docs: add G+ page announcement to homepage Change-Id: I400334fc1465b67ec34af2071a6cca5b6eda116f

2c911b2 Adjust the LTE signal bar mapping. The new mapping are

  Four  bars: RSRP >= -95dBm

  Three bars: -105 dBm <= RSRP < -95 dBm

  Two   bars: -115 dBm <= RSRP < -105 dBm

  One   bars: RSRP < -115 dBm

  No    bars: No Service


Change-Id: I9efabaeac33b624ea0a58a4d3760169dff6544f6

bb9bffb docs: add NOTICE to action bar icon pack and sprinkle download links Change-Id: I1437ce64908c28621e86fff54767ddbd2b1fcb3a

3ba792c docs: Update designing-navigation training class to link to Android Design Change-Id: I1cdda032f31798f9a32b7bec583dcfaa6eafb8c2

62a1eb8 Suppress mobile-out-of-service label if wifi connected. Carrier name is shown if

 - in service and connected to mobile data

 - in service and connected to wifi

Carrier name is blanked if out of service and connected to


"No internet connection" is shown if out of service without

any other route.

Bug: 5903914

Change-Id: I59d4d0c90e4153d73c38f7f0e150becf7e021a5b

6c055bb docs: add action bar icons ZIP Change-Id: Id38d82655d6bcc468890a4db93a19ac4e385db13

3fe4529 docs: remove the 1.0 icon template pack Change-Id: Ia73426f67b95bc3c5aa39150a6518ee28a215b42

948eb9b docs: remove ADL presentation PDFs to conserve site space Change-Id: Ie606dc02943eb27a318b183b8ebd7201e3ee38bb

5d3b0c7 docs: Android Design typo and grammar fixes Change-Id: Ice0eb216c985183e2f41c287ea5d1cc7af1f31f2

03d58bc Filter our v6 address from tethering dns. Don't support IPv6 yet, and the tools crash when they see one, so

filter them out.


Change-Id: Id7096aa70da4e3cc8e4702b0b489c0228a100db9

2e481b9 Stop showing "No internet connection" when there is one. In particular, even though the mobile data network isn't

routing packets (and therefore is not an internet

connection), we want to show the PLMN anyway:


This change also improves the following cases:

 - Combines "No internet connection" from wifi and mobile

   into one single string in airplane mode:

     [AIRPLANE] No internet connection.

 - Removes "No internet connection" from the mobile string

   when wifi is on in airplane mode, making a nice compact

   display in this case:


Bug: 5903914

Change-Id: I477821d2c5e9922252dd6bcb3ed494c8c57d99b0

4809f09 docs: update fujitsu id, capitalize Change-Id: I776bdf0af37baa98b2b2dd70c5950ea1e98d36ec

cdf1445 docs: add fujitsu/toshiba USB vendor id Change-Id: I7917035d8c3f4b0fc80b7c992fcdf085aa984b4f

b7ff51b Another attempt at issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited This is between the two previous attempts.  I returned the part from the

original that was breaking gallery, but have some new code to detect when

something about the window params has changed that would require a

layout pass to make sure we still do a layout then, even if the window is

not currently visible.

Change-Id: I07745e1f66022583e3076b84cc8bbe8bd2acd48f

0609231 AudioFlinger: refine mixer sleep time logic When an AudioTrack is in underrun state, the AudioFlinger mixer will

sleep for a short period of time to give the app a chance to fill the

AudioTrack buffer. If the AudioTrack is still not ready during next mixing round,

the mixer will proceed with other tracks.

If an application keeps a steady underrun condition, the AudioFlinger mixer will

alternate between ready and not ready states. In the longer term this will cause the

audio HAL to underrun.

There is a mechanism to reduce the sleep period if the mixer is not ready several times in a

row but this mechanism is defeated by the alternating ready/not ready conditions.

The fix consists in only increasing sleep time if the mixer is ready for at least two

consecutive times.

Issue 5904527.

Change-Id: Id0139bca9be8c4e425ec6d428515c4d8f718e8c9

0b08965 DO NOT MERGE Revert "Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)"" This reverts commit b918035d34422a2041b6ec8c09c566bb93345b40.

Change-Id: I093bcfa56ad54a080b930208b6b79169d33581fb

0b69b59 Detect and repair invalid layouts in the navigation bar. It seems that something (probably layout transitions)

occasionally leaves the navigation bar layout in a weird

state such that most of the buttons are offscreen. For

example, the portrait nav bar might have buttons with widths

matching the nav bar's old width from landscape; the

clickable regions will therefore be far off the right edge

of the display.

The navigation bar now looks for this situation when the

size of the view changes and corrects for it.

Bug: 5549288

Change-Id: I8464ac9fd64cb64ec18baf51478dd0f6564a2284

a486a53 Fix issue #5906017: Missing menu entries in portrait when in compatibility mode This was a bug only when the status bar was hidden, the screen space for

the nav bar would not be correctly removed for all frames used in layout


This code really $*#&^!! needs to be cleaned up, the whole "status bar

is the system bar when on a tablet so it should take space from apps,

but status bar doesn't do that on phones but on phones there is a nav

bar that does the same thing" thing is whacked.

Proof that evolution DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!

Change-Id: I24e4994328480820cb638e7a40aa0b65b7ae2003

30951c0 Revert "Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority" This reverts commit 6d6a70a33746ef5147ab146f1802f0db424dd2f1

This doesn't appear to have a measurable impact for this issue.

a60483b DO NOT MERGE Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)" This reverts commit 71c4496a9757438afd30b4404824f296f6158a49.

Change-Id: Iff10c49ea728bb10023ddeb50a3b708db770fff2

54dbbce Revert "Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority" This reverts commit 6d6a70a33746ef5147ab146f1802f0db424dd2f1

This doesn't appear to have a measurable impact for this issue.

b918035 DO NOT MERGE Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)" This reverts commit 71c4496a9757438afd30b4404824f296f6158a49.

Change-Id: Iff10c49ea728bb10023ddeb50a3b708db770fff2

a2a46f6 DOC CHANGE: New Content Provider topics Change-Id: Ib5507f4c9ecce3aea51cd39310e3f4990c9b3070

7df80fa Use the carrier-given dns addrs for tethering. This fixes a complaint from carriers (that we used, but also

fixes the case where there is only room for one live radio

connection: the secondary connection (tethering) doesn't have a

default route to prevent on-device traffic from slipping out on the

tethering connection, but tethered dns is proxied through dnsmasq, so

it is appearing as on-device traffic and is unroutable.  By switching

to the carrier-indicated dns servers we can use the host-routes

already set for those and kill two bugs with one fix.


Change-Id: Ida8777687994f353b2d4f2c7db5d6ea4b6ac3882

f65b531 Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority This increases lock screen's thread priority from THREAD_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND

to THREAD_PRIORITY_DISPLAY to ensure it runs before other activities that

might stall lock screen when the screen turns on.

Change-Id: I14cf9f3f5c092817bc6cf2d0a254001a5d34f744

f87da6e Update WiMAX assets to match new style Bug: 5724605 Change-Id: Iab24c3e5aad3af38d5ba3a5a8f383c79270bdea3

6d6a70a Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority This increases lock screen's thread priority from THREAD_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND

to THREAD_PRIORITY_DISPLAY to ensure it runs before other activities that

might stall lock screen when the screen turns on.

Change-Id: I14cf9f3f5c092817bc6cf2d0a254001a5d34f744

639ed75 Hide mobile RSSI on devices without mobile data. Also fixes some minor layout glitches along that row of

icons (Bluetooth vertical alignment & spacing, battery text

width, inter-icon padding).

Bug: 5895226

Change-Id: I303c2899bf21ddb7e28914d8fb36efd7090ac5e2

e3b86f2 New out-of-service RSSI. This creates (well, restores, since we had this until

Honeycomb) a user-visible state for "no service" that is

distinguishable from "very very weak service" (less than one


Bug: 5775939

Change-Id: Idd08b1a9411d5d94e4d7a97fa7f3ffd92b8113a6

cfbf7de Fix issue #5823276 again: home repaints after full-screen app is exited Don't consider a window as a candidate for the top fullscreen window

if it is not going to be a candiate for layout.

This fix does not include the change to ignore app tokens that are

hidden.  This causes problems in some dialogs that stay hidden until

their app is ready to display, but need to perform a series of relayouts

during that time to get to the right size.  Dropping this part of

the change still (mostly?) seems to allow us to avoid the bad states.

Change-Id: Ic052cb1499d3287f47e9ffeac5cd2470ee5a308c

32f4700 Always show appropriate mobile service label. Fix for Carrier Verification case failure for not showing

"no internet connection" text on expanded status bar while

mobile data connection is not CONNECTED state.


Change-Id: I433d5de626b9b0cff20d192cb6aae214f3e014b3

170997a DO NOT MERGE Revert "Fix issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited" This reverts commit 01b02a734d2988c22b00f5df6346ad03d8bf52b6.

Change-Id: I848c01fc44eb9a51ead1116b2647ed838ec1825f

b078d94 cherrypick from master docs: Renderscript changes Change-Id: Ic84b7d8c5c48e118f337e60c8bb5b8bc68b0da16 Change-Id: I8bd2ba1f0a4f284c52cfd6de817744264d2c50de

12a1de0 docs: wifi direct Change-Id: I462a90feec29350db6bedea16e03bdd785fa60bb

8fd86f3 Implement a max time bound for rotation.  (DO NOT MERGE) Also relaxed the settle time constraints a little bit.

With this change, a rotation proposal will always be

advertised within 500ms even if the device is still shaking


Bug: 5496491

Change-Id: I0bf562f4c19c0be45c016254f2f881d265f8e266

71c4496 AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2) This problem due to the way audio buffers are mixed when

low power mode is active was addressed by commits 19ddf0eb

and 8a04fe03 but only partially. As a matter of fact, when more

than one audio track is playing, the problem is still present.

This is most noticeable when playing music with screen off

and a notification or navigation instruction is played: in this case,

the music or notification is likely to skip.

The fix consists in declaring the mixer ready if all active tracks

are ready. Previous behavior was to declare ready if at least one track was

ready. To avoid that one application failing to fill the track buffer blocks other

tracks indefinitely, this condition is respected only if the mixer was ready

in the previous round.

Issue 5799167.

Change-Id: Iabd4ca08d3d45f563d9824c8a03c2c68a43ae179

93c518e Fix 5863053: Add method to lock screen immediately. This fixes a bug where the device fails to lock when DevicePolicyManagerService

requests the device to be locked and the screen was off because the user hit

the power button.

The change allows DPMS to directly invoke screen lock, bypasssing the screen state.

Change-Id: Iecdda6fc61e9c519119de495be23c69c3b983921

dc6720f docs: adding rs api docs Change-Id: Ib56ee177439e9c124d0ac4053ed4173f8a4be1aa

9f63f12 Fix a few memory leaks in the input dispatcher.  (DO NOT MERGE) Bug: 5862398

Change-Id: I799ee47b6e5d6c51f45aa4296c6ab8a610b74be5

c8fcde2 Fix DeviceDefault theme/style bugs where parent styles were incorrectly specified. This affected search bars and alert dialogs spawned from activities

using Theme.DeviceDefault.Light as a base.

Change-Id: I219d38d486498db5b4b283560256afd7d6051535

ed2c209 docs: Android API 15 SDK r2 Release Notes Change-Id: Ifadc7c464ea624a2e989e9050f2acc1e0d4d1c2c

1e6329d Use new preferredAPN URI avoiding onApnChanged() call with self-change Solving the issue that setting preferred APN from GDCT triggers

back APN change event and force unnecessary data call disconnects

and setups.

The new URI is added in Telephony Provider so ContentObserver

callback (results in onApnChanged) will not be triggered.


Change-Id: I4c0bcf32cec69cf1d0a0430f7a27495b89e93625

41ca0ac DevDocs update: Publishing on Market Change-Id: I0ba419489e49fbf1659928519df9dd83f1ec903a

e2225df docs: mention x86 as a native platform filter Change-Id: I003b1e0e649f36e8971df85ef2a28f991875d605

bd9d9d3 cherrypick from hc-mr2, updated adk installation instructions Change-Id: I6a0e21a79b81c3383d1fa05a4893bab5626dbe05 Change-Id: I8910c0982ffe2be482f6ae1a49343a1c79be0632

6c16a58 Update to latest version of Roboto Bug: 5527891

U+0125 (h with Circumflex):  Moved the Circumflex to not stick out

       beyond the left edge of the "h"

U+0300, U+0301, U+0303, U+0309, U+030F, U+0323: Move to the left so

       that they can be composited.

U+047C (Capital Omega with Titlo): Fixed the Titlo accent

U+047D (Small Omega with Titlo): Fixed the Titlo accent

U+048E (Capital ER with tick): Changed the tick to be diagonal

U+2248 (Almost equal to):  Added the glyph

Change-Id: Ibcadcd008a58f42d8bd4238d768101d8bf726ff6

be0cf70 docs: emphasize qualifier order and mention implicit version qualifer Change-Id: I6e1d174a27ccbdc5179bd3d06de0a69c17a5cfcc

2eeb53c update overview page for rs api docs to open iframe links in parent Change-Id: Ic0aa77192fa19b045a7fd9df5926255511fdc3be

0272f1d cherrypick from master - add overview description for RS API reference Change-Id: Id5554c607ad4c435f92bfa939e4ce4833a638f62 Change-Id: Iff4b4bd171818208bb3be46dd3ef7e91b6cbd80f

2fceb7f Fix teardown of secondary connections on CDMA Restores functionallity from Gingerbread.  We should tear down when the

enabledcount goes to zero, but we should always notify and attempt to

switch back to default when indicated.


Change-Id: Ib8469bb5369da21e8cc05fb755b2d7e24c8e02a6

0bacfd2 Streamline package-installed handling by the Backup Manager In particular, don't do O(asec_apps * installed_apps) work during the

broadcast receiver's operation.  On devices with many installed apps

and a large number of them moved to ASECs, this was causing the system

process to become unresponsive and the watchdog to fire -- which in turn

would initiate a restart loop, as the same package-installed broadcast

would then be issued again once the package manager rescanned the ASEC

containers, ad infinitum.  With this change, the expensive call to the

package manager is only made once rather than asec_apps times.

Bug 5850283

Change-Id: I14e280ea1fa6af19cebc58869a20fbb599c92c8c

6ceca58 Update notification documentation to follow current guidelines. The documentation is now consistent with the current UI guidelines

for handling notifications, and includes complete sample code showing

the correct way to do this.

Change-Id: I68f0afc62c2af164c3205535e62093679e2a256a

8b56d20 docs: make AD logo clickable on home page Change-Id: Ib8a94280d4183b82bcbc5969f2dff1a67c1ecc53

01b02a7 Fix issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited Don't consider a window as a candidate for the top fullscreen window

if it is not going to be a candiate for layout.

Also don't consider windows a candidate for layout if their app token

is hidden.  This fixes a transient state where we are preparing to

unhide the window but have not done so yet.

Change-Id: Ife5299ffa003c1df1a4f787b7a2809cbf614ec16

aaaafca docs: Android design CSS/JS fixes - Remove new window icon for Developer site link

- Make videos re-load and replay on click to prevent

  failed replay for unseekable videos

Change-Id: I689607d0d53247b0e599612cb7d23a98d6ad24a1

403cb28 docs: minor Design Principles fixes for Android Design Change-Id: I3d69c5fd420e7e6a7d70ebf4a65179af23a70859

cf602db docs: replace "decide for me image" bug: 5860467 Change-Id: I45f10df561c9392dc5b4621305413d1e7621e05d

0c95bb4 docs: update text and image for "let me make it mine" prinicple in design guide bug: 5853519 Change-Id: I7cccbb6d6eb94f29cbad24d3a07c9222a963434c

d4eb682 docs: further clarify the behavior of targetSdkVersion bug: 5854083 Change-Id: I913a245b754604165b4570447f797f7cc66af5f9

2e32a78 Doc change: Adding Bluetooth HDP info. Change-Id: Icdc19ed9ea09422ac2ea01c03b4a569d8ae94121

6ad68ba Adjust the mapping of LTE signal bars. bug:5640958

Change-Id: I91efc5a81b505aae59dac9b1d69314efaffda6b6

f3171fb Set Bluetooth adapter to PowerOff mode when turnoff with airplane on Currently, when airplane mode was on and BT was on, turning BT off

moved BT to hotoff state. This fix moves BT all the way to Poweroff

state to have better power performance.

bug 5854282

Change-Id: I7ba41797a46a81ddb3a576453f2a8303b5eed525

50fe709 VPN: silence VPN notifications. Bug: 5852859

Change-Id: I269d8de298a1fd69a8d777150ae97927537a5424

5962fd5 Clean up wifi/mobile indicators in the expanded panel. We now have two separate RSSI icons, one for wifi and one

for mobile data, as originally proposed in bug 5544770.

Each has an accompanying label showing the appropriate

network description string (PLMN or SSID or "No internet

connection"); these will be truncated as necessary to avoid

clobbering other UI elements in the panel.

Bug: 5543495

Bug: 5621224

Change-Id: I8fc322f8471fc94000e7230de359d3f1fe561b1e

972b1a5 Do Not Merge. Move ssl callbacks to webcore thread. Bug: 4586251

Cherry picking from master for ics-mr1.

Current ssl cert logic makes callbacks to webkit from the

UI thread. This is not right. Move the callbacks to proper thread.

Change-Id: I59affba47eca01b74e2bc33d88ef83a5850d6ce9

c894fb7 Prevent Android Design sidenav links from opening a new window Change-Id: I0ec74fb7ae9e348717d0d96603cd03c58c03459d

acd152f docs: editorial fix to homepage Change-Id: Iaebcacb6be770435091de181e8ee3f9c81d58139

28a0767 Fix 5620754: don't show pattern screen after SIM PUK unlock This fixes a bug introduced in testing 34a62348. The code now

properly invokes the callbacks before returning.

Change-Id: I637a8a792838379f0c8b42ef634da82787fcd961

7379046 Android Design Change-Id: I2692ca03fc4c0d088aec0588a36739203f4cf2d2

eb5dacd docs: add links to Android Design from dev docs Change-Id: Ib2334be0a05d33008d2e4850547ff1c3b7b16764

de7a2f3 DO NOT MERGE - Cherry picking from master to MR1 Fix 5783857: Device Policy Manager doesn't allow Face Unlock

This makes it so that if face unlock is enabled and then a device policy

manager that requires something more secure than face unlock is installed,

the user will be forced to choose a new acceptable lock type.

This was previously fixed for the case where the device had been reset, or

the shell was restarted after setting face unlock, but not for the case where the

device remained on between setting face unlock and setting up a device policy


Also changed the function ordering of saveLockPattern() so that the overloaded

wrapper function is next to the main function.

Change-Id: Ibed8c4ab137ebbc07fb143faef6f047bc6dc4474

a4edd15 Fix 4560303: Add setting to lock later when power button pressed This adds a feature to delay locking the device when the power button

is pressed.  This fixes a use case where the user wants to turn off

the display (e.g. to save power) but doesn't want to lock the device.

For the case of a secure device (user has a pin/password/pattern),

this will lock the device immediately or not based on the setting.

For the non-secure case, this always "locks" the device to provide easy

access to the camera while preventing unwanted input.

Change-Id: Ie328485c3f7559e26896d761cbf0e69d3f4df4e2

577d6cc stagefright: limit audio gap for looped playback The audio gap when looping audio is mostly due to

a delay requested by the audio player when executing

the end of stream message. This is to allow the audio

to be drained out of the pipe before actually stopping the


This delay is not needed when looping as the AudioTrack

is not stopped.

The fix consists in ignoring the requested delay when the

looping flag is set in awesome player.

Issue 5800981.

Change-Id: Ib32d2930c53ecebc21ca8440e6e054c7e20db4a5

64140a0 Fix Music import for Turkish locales. For non-localized strings like the keywords in SQL statements, we shouldn't use

locale-specific case transformations.

(Cherry pick of 03f8f84c345e7c861a6de889d434b9d82cf04c8d.)

Bug: 4284951

Change-Id: If5b7154f70a7db22837d071d1c57e929729b7d35

7664c0e DO NOT MERGE cherry-picked FU framework tablet commits - cherry-picking framework CLs from master into ics-mr1 that are

  needed for FU to work on tablets

- needed for OEM partners even FU isn't going on xoom

Squashed commit of the following:

commit 3258f2528f558efdaf34ae15c5425f2d879848fe

Author: Brian Colonna <bcolonna@google.com>

Date:   Tue Dec 13 15:49:48 2011 -0500

    Added Face Unlock to tablet lockscreen layouts

    The Face Unlock Area was not part of the tablet layouts, so prior to

    this change, Face Unlock would not show up on tablets when selected as

    the unlock method.  The backup unlock method would show up instead.

    The goal here is for the pattern and PIN unlock layouts (in both

    portrait and landscape mode) to look the same as before this change.

    This was a little harder than it was with the phone layouts for two


    1) For the phones it was ok for Face Unlock to be sized such that it

    just covers the backup method.  For the tablets we want Face Unlock

    to cover far more real estate.

    2) The phones were based on a grid layout, whereas the tablet is a

    linear layout.

    Note that the diff makes the modifications look way more extensive

    than they actually are.  Basically, in most cases I am putting a

    relative layout around some existing portion of the layout and

    putting the Face Unlock Area area inside of the new relative layout.

    Change-Id: I478becddf2a9ee9fe7b6d653e604fa3ad89b822f

commit 821cfe85cf2b3daf074d9749dbf6e0a5663af0de

Author: Brian Colonna <bcolonna@google.com>

Date:   Mon Dec 19 15:51:10 2011 -0500

    Unbinding from FU when going to backup

    Lockscreen was stopping Face Unlock when going to the backup lock, but

    not unbinding from the Face Unlock service until the device was


    This caused a bug on the tablets where Face Unlock would reappear when

    switching between portait and landscape orientations, even after the

    backup lock was exposed.  On an orientation change, Face Unlock is

    restarted if the service is bound to during the orientation change.

    Since it was bound to when it should not have been, Face Unlock was

    restarting when it should not have been.

    The wakelock is also now being poked on an orientation change because

    on the tablet you can keep Face Unlock alive by switching the

    orientation back and forth, but eventually the screen would go dark

    with Face Unlock running.

    Also, a conditional was moved in activateFaceLockIfAble() so the whole

    section isn't executed if Face Unlock is not in use.  Part of it was

    being executed with only the inner-most part having the check.  This

    did not cause any issues that I am aware of.

    Change-Id: Ib452b8ced28a507bf9272dbf5d3477a8abd1ba90

commit fa90bb76ac6b311d12b55d23df4ac44cec62c7b3

Author: Brian Colonna <bcolonna@google.com>

Date:   Mon Dec 12 18:02:23 2011 -0500

    Changed how Face Unlock coordinates are specified

    Was using View.getLeft() and View.getTop() to specify the upper-left

    corner of the Face Unlock area.  That gives coordinates relative the

    view, which was fine for the phones.  For the tablet it needs

    coordinates relative to the window (which still works for the phones).

    Also fixed a 'bug' where h and w were swapped.  However, it wasn't

    causing a problem because it was swapped in two places.

    Change-Id: I86c1f68439f1dcef826cfe6b8fb56c9a4a6b8dc3

Change-Id: I962c0486be85949e002b0a2701286a6a39251f36

6139897 Unhide Resources APIs for getting resources at specific densities. This adds Resources.getDrawableForDensity() and

Resources.getValueForDensity().  These are needed for applications

to correctly retrieve larger icons such as in launcher when

running on a tablet.  We had already exposed the APIs to tell the

application which density to use for app icons on the current

device, but didn't unhide these APIs that allowed you to

actually retrieve them.

This is safe to do without introducing a new API level (as long

as we do it soon) because we know these APIs already exist in

Android 4.0, and there is no reason for anyone to be removing

them when building a device.

Change-Id: I5138e5dc908197b66a98d20af73c5374cb5d41d3

e4c1e7d Fixes typo. Change-Id: I79e09594017d1e2decb927bff0d7c8a0fc2873f2

b97d34c Disable wimax when mobile data is in Settings - Add wimax related code in handleSetMobileData to disable wimax when Moblie data is disabled (Settings -> Wireless & Networks - More -> Mobile Networks ->Data Enabled)

Change-Id: Ibf2d9da2eb90d161128005f26ac4b3e991526af4

Signed-off-by: tk.mun <tk.mun@samsung.com>

b7feb1c Switch camera sounds to always use the system enforced audio stream. Instead of picking between the music stream and the enforced audio

stream, change the camera service to always play sounds through

enforced system stream. Also update the currently-hidden CameraSound

API to match.

Bug: 5778365

Change-Id: I3cc64b1d1ff567dbac8020a665d5b19846197ff3

17907a7 Fix an RuntimeExcpetion in GsmDCT.onDataSetupComplete Instead of throwing an exception when the connection between

the DCT and a DC is broken (i.e. its null) it is treated as

an error with a new cause. And thus will be handled as other

typical errors.

Bug: 5798643

Change-Id: I46f1660ae78f118b54ab62504809723ca302b2ef

149537c getDuration can be only called after prepared. DO NOT MERGE bug:5816130

Change-Id: Ia740a1a4da7f321356f24c35067f9499955289a9

a0a117b Fix bug #5822825 Paint.measureText (char[] text, int index, int count) cannot handle text more than 32K long - DO NOT MERGE - do not clear the smart pointer when the cache entry does not fit the cache size

See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=23337

Change-Id: Id4533d9f8a396c310c9215157ec5a4c07f30c7f2

e63163a docs: second set of diagram updates Change-Id: I1df85b6a954c29344d537737da57683b2c7941fd

a46d778 Fixing crash when taking screenshot over secure window. Change-Id: If3d4e458030e37aae3310b23dcad2ff5fe29fa73

c8810c2 docs: add Teleepoch VID/driver info and update Huawei url Change-Id: I4d6720d132f0d4e53bb25aa225327e38ba969881

7efb89b Enhancement on ICS data stall polling logic Put enhancements on data stall polling logic in ICS so that

stall recovery can kick in earler while screen is on.

Bug: 5767897

Change-Id: I4683fc45c0161f4374749c8e5840261c19a48f77

b2c63ab Do not allow file:// access when it is disabled. Do not merge. Cherry pick of If2793f31cb37e0d3af15cb18e818bfa4058167fd

If WebSettings is configured to disallow access to file://

URLs, then block them.

Bug: 5773763

Change-Id: I0ab84cde90c955d31077329fddebc25978287c64

9c9b9ad docs: Update lifecycle diagrams to use new omnigraffle designs; add corresponding graffle files update discussion of activity state restore for clarification Change-Id: I7c6a68b627b35d0b648fac071a06960a7e833686

1df51c6 Tweak docs on 'adb logcat' * Add description of 'threadtime' output format

* Remove description of highly-confusing and never-used 'thread' output format

* Adjust language slightly

Change-Id: I2dcc8b7e5e8c039659697e90d7a4b3746b9135e9

12d9954 docs: dasboard update for 1/3/12 Change-Id: Ie584d9ee238b6d4a37c25dd7e30b0cf493cbfe47

cd1b08e docs: fix broken links in .jd docs Change-Id: Ide8bb1a11a704d6821b52a0128b24a76de2e707f

81fa7f3 Add support of dislaying Alpha tag for BIP commands While BIP data call setup is still handled in RIL/Modem,

this patch is adding support of Alpha tag display on UI.

Alpha tag is optionally included in "OPEN Channel", "Close Channel",

"Send Data" or "Receive Data" command.

"Open channel" will be notified via RIL_UNSOL_STK_PROACTIVE_COMMAND

which requires TERMINAL RESPONSE based on user input.

"Close channel", "Send Data" and "Receive Data" commands

are send via RIL_UNSOL_STK_EVENT_NOTIFY just to display

transient notice.


Change-Id: I873e55274c860886bc816ce6fb07cb882d339214

f4a014e Updating default image wallpaper for tablet. Change-Id: Ia4784cf05ccbf819d35adb494cd181850f6b7e11

a17e100 Doc change: fix link target for "Publish" icon. Change-Id: Iafc8db7e9ad7c42e5e2a1eaed2fb5b93a53e56f9

0582da6 docs: add links for Galaxy Nexus driver Change-Id: Iae875f70049f3b4561783e66e264eac802e8ae19

72dafb2 audioflinger: fix clicks on 48kHz audio. The calculation done in prepareTracks_l() for the minimum amount

off frames needed to mix one output buffer had 2 issues:

- the additional sample needed for interpolation was not included

- the fact that the resampler does not acknowledge the frames consumed

immediately after each mixing round but only once all frames requested have been used

was not taken into account.

Thus the number of frames available in track buffer could be considered sufficient although

it was not and the resampler would abort producing a short silence perceived as a click.

Issue 5727099.

Change-Id: I7419847a7474c7d9f9170bedd0a636132262142c

3aef8e1 docs: Add developer guide cross-references, Project ACRE, round 4 Change-Id: I1b43414aaec8ea217b39a0d780c80a25409d0991

2b43f3f docs: Update App Widgets dev guide size discussion This is mainly an update to match the design guidelines.

See also bug 5555264.

Change-Id: I1c83fb33b7dca412905d21b588c5754d1d3c5cfe

6de972a Support suggestedRetryTime in CDMA DCT Support suggestedRetryTime in SETUP_DATA response in CDMA DCT.

Bug: 5740832

Change-Id: I4abd884bec76f1d9ee29d1ba36c7ea2cac9e0fb3

10410fc Fix issue with selecting proper JNI libraries Current code will load both abi and abi2 versions of the JNI libraries.

The second one found will be the library in use. Update algorithm so

that abi2 libraries will never be loaded once we find a library that

supports the primary abi. This is consistent with the original


Bug: 5787224

Change-Id: Ib4d30bea8316ca9bf62757c970dcc5b75cd969ec

1d56f41 Doc Fix: Sensors and Cameras Change-Id: I964a06e5224e59f3098f4d316db4d3b119a05a88

6e31a7b Get average value for image processing test bug#: 5566079 Change-Id: Ib7022d20c773c4995b9d3d6eaf4857682190eb5e

8017794 Remove sleep from test acitivity to avoid ANR when key event is injected bug#: 5737922 Change-Id: I7871713c5000d122e63127b30d0151b8f5a29bcf

8f04ae3 docs: fix sidenav typo Change-Id: Ief250d461294ed99963cc8e9aa24c9f271e72b15

df44016 docs: add driver info for Hisense Change-Id: I95c09e7aa905345113112329c98d5f00e145b2bb

00697a9 docs: Add missing intent flag to Android U nav class Change-Id: I18eb286a8d8b2c70f7d894d1244d2568ce6ce6c0

edceed2 docs: fix whitespace in sidenav Change-Id: I7d8decaf122de1f632fdbd3ca5a1a34b3d1d91dd

6b21fa8 docs: Minor link fix in Android U class Change-Id: Ifab9c8088ba686a560647883cbacdd34c1c08c80

9c09313 Fixed table labelling issues in 'Multiple Dimensions' multiple apk lesson Change-Id: I05c100d583340456eed8d15d555e1f02a38504a8

a15562f Updated "Designing for Security" documentation Change-Id: I1fe5b353d750695f75370ef31ae1b39e50159164

Signed-off-by: Adrian Ludwig <aludwig@google.com>

611d03e docs: typos Change-Id: Iee489eb39029b5d550e37f49b1bd5d4cf30e445c

8b6ed2d Doc change: edits to ICS MR1 API Overview. Change-Id: Idb18e3085b3dd54c9a39e74c37428c3d5b28aa83

71d5c1d docs: Release Notes v2 for Android 4.0.3, ADT 16.0.1, Support lib r5-r6 Change-Id: I628cd076cd37f6252837de276c4b7a9040c37bc1

48e0617 Fixed Android U Enterprise lesson pre-requisites and a minor typo. Change-Id: Ide393a0957f3e797f14d7c349c35337849b15f02

36c6778 docs: update homepage for 4.0.3 announcment Change-Id: I54d1d447ac224982f4483afede2087ce18937ed0

98af5ed docs: fix encoding issue or whatever with docs (not showing titles) Change-Id: Iac9afc3aa36e86d2f8defc8a7252864c23ecc23b

2956f2f docs: add remembering users class to nav Change-Id: Iedfd5c6580dd2d23df1eaf4da6cf43d77b5866f8

3b33cdc Doc merge from master:Training class on Identifying and Authenticating Users. Conflicts:





Change-Id: I73174b2cb923ec5d28b551f27d0512d427616c69

abfcbd1 docs: typo in training orientation Change-Id: I9535713d7784146e96df5b347f2be38628ce7d2c

265644e docs: Minor bugfix to Android U navigation design class Change-Id: Icedd7edc33b864d1464797a78a5bb878b84f937f

09fc766 SurfaceMediaSource: use the HW_TEXTURE usage bit This change makes SurfaceMediaSource request Gralloc buffers with the

HW_TEXTURE usage bit rather than the VIDEO_ENCODER bit.  It is a

temporary workaround for what is likely a Gralloc bug.

Bug: 5771063

Change-Id: I9cce615e80fc14a1644fae27ba06970c262dd179

580f014 docs: add camera and design, remove users update title names for many lessons Change-Id: I7a3d30bcb9786a351c04f05fcee39bb42954d2e8

e4f2031 docs: Release Notes for Android 4.0.3, ADT 16.0.1, Support lib r5-r6 Change-Id: Ia8e14c1ab4dad7c51677e759d10891bd75cbe7b1

abe2dec Remove references to sample application Change-Id: If8d6d0a3cc59bd3d3462aa066c861fbcae51baf1

a303065 Android U Class: Designing Effective and Intuitive App Navigation Change-Id: Ic05d73c27a4ae4b18fd682e1f193acd73b8d9dc5

564e8aa docs: Android University - Camera class Change-Id: Idc0c6ca88b42908289701c8367cd5c403d85f71e

7736f96 docs: Add training homepage, side nav, and title changes Change-Id: I2ac6047faa7a70e06ced47665813ace4aa974af8

d25ad2f cherrypick from ics-mr1 to avoid pending merge conflicts: Change-Id: If1341cdc456ace9037bd2175479d89454e084e22 docs: remove some "new" tags from side navs Change-Id: I1ca718d1e54f7726db93cb3ab5cce410ee942ed5

909fe93 Minor tweaks to Sharing class, updated some typos, wording and a screenshot. Change-Id: If456e812e8627d2cc361e1ad0d42439cbd53d43c

4383448 docs: remove some "new" tags from side navs Change-Id: If1341cdc456ace9037bd2175479d89454e084e22

3d672e1 Android U Class: Monetization / Ads without Compromising User Experience Change-Id: I1aaddc6bbbc9fc2b53119893f2b70260f1b0d9a7

aed4ced Android U Class: Developing Android Applications for the Enterprise. This class uses a sample app. Change-Id: I508edbb98c8e9dea1d3ea26c8dcd9da213330d87

f9cca66 Docs: Training class on Identifying and Authenticating Users. Change-Id: Ie2005687ca3baf28d9e01be8c10ee0f6a58a3cc3

088f162 Hide emergency call text if not support it. Show "emergency call only" text in carrier string

only if phone supports emergency calls.


Change-Id: Ie826583fd55073e57c5fe4fe6e585781127caa6a

d73b79b Cherry-picking Id45abeba and Ia065dec6 for MR1 -------------------------------------------------------

MCC detection fixes for CountryDetector

- Don't get and cache phone tpe at the initialization time.  At this point

TelephonyManager is probably not ready yet.

- Refresh MCC whenever we get the service state changed callback, even when

the state hasn't actually changed, in order to make sure we get refresh

country properly when MCC changes.

- Also remove the initialization of mPhoneStateListener, which prevented us from

registering phone state listener properly.

- Also fix tests which were already failing.

Bug 5670680


Add logging to country detector logic

This is for debugging purposes to verify the effects of

change Id45abeba1b1e843053ac2c946861b439ca568de4.

Bug: 5670680

Change-Id: I238d953484e2c8135f7dac70fce8662c8300a286

f8c029e Dev guide for sensors Change-Id: Ie8d64974a2b946cfa0fe7297a6ebd6cfe496bc7a

665ba9e Don't adjust scroll on focus changes. Fixes b/6037251 Switching input fields causes line loss

Since the ime suggestions area may also be going up/ down

we can't really trust offset measurements. Adamp says

this should be addressed in the j timeframe.

Change-Id: I5f5eeb33e0fd9397873451cb1d1325deb451542d

8313b3a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Iedfbbd2aae43c310d02fbb9101779f65fa6d1ff1

a8065d5 DO NOT MERGE. Dont sanitize before/ after/ between chips while waiting to create pending chips. fixes b/5848985 if you try to add a new recipient before other chips have resolved, the existing recipients get erased

Change-Id: Ic1bdb5f6632158e19d38c35ffc527dabbf55dd36

bbcfb96 Catch exception when parsing event's data Bug: 5876746 Android calendar syncing broken by certain repeated events

Change-Id: Ia0b2bc610148302b1cc3d751c47a958950abfb46

996f125 Allow lowercase in rrule Bug: 5822997

Change-Id: I5f309cd0f854f8ac27326e7c16f9b637b24cd604

0335d9f Fix rrules with bad count and interval during parsing Specifically

If count < 0, assume 1

If interval < 1, assume 1

Bug: 5676414

Change-Id: I942cdaffcfb98a922c5867c9d08be322c64a0f94

c2fa43f Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I272a0a98f0bc54f9e7ff8ecaffe78fa5e5d73222

97b3c54 Make FragmentActivity#supportInvalidateOptionsMenu public. Change-Id: I0c9f3b76d9b7af67ab62bcd0f9c2af8f75e29222

7ac4b37 Don't have ShareCompat.IntentBuilder start for result by default. Change-Id: Ib8d93c9323baf09c09b447050c63fe8047fae40f

c9cf2eb Add app navigation helper code to the support library. Add TaskStackBuilder for synthesizing back stacks for cross-task

navigation on Android 3.0 and newer.

Add NavUtils for general navigation helper code.

Add NotificationCompat.Builder as a partial backport of Android 3.0's

Notification.Builder. (It does not currently support progress


Change-Id: I2d7d4dab3dd26e34f6b2210d0f0f3909f2162d6f

ac40786 DO NOT MERGE - Add ShareCompat to the support library. ShareCompat provides some extra extensions to the

ACTION_SEND/ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE Intent protocol for sharing content

between applications.

ShareCompat.IntentBuilder is a helper that can construct sharing

intents with the proper metadata for sharing content.

ShareCompat.IntentReader is a helper for parsing the data shared by a

sharing intent.

Either of these helpers may be used in isolation. Extra data will be

added to communicate the package and activity info about the app

sharing the content, and the receiving app can make use of that data

whether it was supplied through startActivityForResult or extra

metadata added by ShareCompat.IntentBuilder.

ShareCompat.configureMenuItem can set up a MenuItem for sharing

depending on what UI capabilities are available on the current

platform version.

Make sure sharing intents constructed with ShareCompat helpers set


Change-Id: I74be64d9f70162e5d9ed833551856ddaadc24992

f2fed0f Build android-support-v13-ics-mr1 against SDK 15 (ics-mr1). Change-Id: I7393b04a10bf2d81012ee00b28dab5695c656a8b

9991876 Fix for number pattern tests for devices not supporting "ar" locale Test case should be skipped if "ar" locale is not supported.

Change-Id: I40ec73ec785352d61fdf082f9b37ae054bffc993

990a687 DO NOT MERGE Fix testCalendarSerialization Bug 5958405

Change-Id: I72024e139a2039abf42203a52beadf81e014bf34

806d834 Ensure faster OpenSSLSignature is used when possible by doing proper case insensitive comparison Bug: 5934554

Change-Id: I640cd54c227df2bf662d484cb2af95ece4d13421

a468471 Don't throw needlessly when returning the CacheResponse. We were throwing under the premise that we'd always have

response headers before we had a cached body. But when the

user calls connect() we'll have queried the cache but we

won't necessarily have response headers from the server yet.

That's because connect() doesn't require a response to be ready.

Bug: http://b/5920659

Cherry-picked from: I9d69b44b5be3d0e29f14d8b83781f6e65c67582a

Change-Id: Ia403b42ddc9783fd1456164f4b7350da3ce80566

cc676d3 Test case for verifier to handle floats that look like boolean. Stores 0x0 and Float.MIN_VALUE (0x1) into the same register and makes

sure it can still be used as float.

(cherry picked from commit ffa7f34647015d97acbaa5e4b3c44ee764321aea)

Change-Id: Ia72f24f1233f7c0a8a794def8cbe94151b60b2af

a167e65 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: If4e20cdabb365ab8a53bf6ad2fcaff4220534908

29e5c89 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I5e24c1781d3dfdc965d29a3e2665122cb0998113

0ffa971 DO NOT MERGE Fix generic filter check  Bug: 5768794

 Cherry pick from master

Change-Id: I7bace7a33fe1601039a5aacc5c3af7167d566a1d

077cf81 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I059a3a26ed338693af72c52c7028f21ae2a9ec79

fac03de Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I886ff8de499e06e46749a8a58dcf3d4dcec9f821

8b1119b Fixed end date in multiday events where it be off by a day Bug: 5819365

Change-Id: I0b7ee7a5c7c73261b2cf38bd1b6d80a74647c8d6

efa3f22 Fix the share popup. DO NOT MERGE Fix the share popup to comply with the new design:

1. Black background.

2. Image is centered.

3. Share popup won't rotate automatically.


Change-Id: I86b15a19bc8f7598d444cd9032960ea02e251668

cb9bcc4 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I0719643bd6d66a3990dbfd2b6eb9e2fc64ab307e

1413860 Do not allow switching to other activities during panorama capture. (do not merge) bug:5541182

Change-Id: I1cdbba9a8aec3b5c832f6e58baa26ff6312cf59a

62bbca8 Allow saving panorama after the activity is paused. (do not merge) bug: 5541182

Change-Id: I42237d8dd4f8c39ddc2041ae32b886328a9c45c0

d72992e Use default volume control stream instead of the music stream. Since the Camera API is moving back to using the system audio stream,

do not override the camera app volume control stream any more.

Bug: 5778365

Change-Id: I27a6a1769d39cb0b246bce7d721d846f6c1430d1

62b8c53 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ib074f37e3354301ea250a116c2530a2a144f77b2

8292ec0 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I3f9408037dd1ad87c8c326badd044f8412ee7c35

9021706 Dialpad redesign. TESTED:

- Launch Phone UI (previous tab: dialer)

-- Fake menu items should be available

-- Bottom half of the dial button should be clickable

- Launch Phone UI (previous tab: calllog, phone favorite)

-- Real ActionBar should be visible

- Swipe around three tabs.

-- ActionBar (and real menu buttons at the bottom) should be

   visible except when dialer screen is settled down in the

   screen. During horizontal swipes, ActionBar should look


- Click three tabs at the top of screen

-- exactly same as "swipe around three tabs" case above.

- Go to search, and go back from the search (from three tabs)

-- ActionBar should appear/disappear appropriately.

AND, try the sequence above during a phone call, which will

expose DialpadChooser.

- With DialpadChooser, fake buttons should not appear; they should

  appear when the user explicitly choose "add call" item.


- Do horizontal swipe from CallLog to Dialpad. Before the screen

  settling down itself, start swipe from Dialpad to CallLog again.

-- Bottom ActionBar disappears during the migration (which is

   unexpected), because there's no way for the app to determine

   if the user is dragging the screen. The app wrongly detects

   the case as ViewPager.SCROLL_STATE_IDLE. We won't get the second

   ViewPager.SCROLL_STATE_DRAGGING event during the second swipe.

Bug: 6021918

Change-Id: Iaca971a195144a16f7853e3555375922ad54b81b

0308361 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I20b05a9eefa4ad69ec7f8da63e2f228b7e343e2e

60919fb Disable shouldDelayChildPressedState() Bug: 5749722

Change-Id: I69f64372763a24599ed654fe99a760aaebc8ca18

574ad60 Cherry-picking I25bf497e for MR1 Fix for crash in contact card with null group name

Also supress showing "null" on the group editor.

Bug 5698683

Bug 5847463

Change-Id: I25bf497e719e2beed4fac32a2913a65022fe8fc7

1b73299 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I8feb96a6173b76182a4b953b442a61813130070a

c64d28c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I81807b9a59c54fb2955248ac253adfcf87f7b19f

ecaa977 If we're stopped, make sure watchdog alarm is also stopped Bug: 5647625

Change-Id: I33e94107f2d6e4a38a5a221df72ed83596ca7c54

0767601 Fix widget updates Fix widgets that stop updating.  If the Launcher got killed, the Email

widget service gets unbound.  When this happens the cursor loader for the

widget is stopped.  Since widget is relying on the loader to update the data,

when the loader is stopped, the widget would never update.

Now when email recognizes a change, it will send a broadcast intent, which

will cause the widget service to be started, if it isn't.

Bug: 5811810

Change-Id: Ia840e58f10e780b94440119662c2e48e7785c507

9b4240f DO NOT MERGE: Handle UI part of email lookback limit Bug: 5792217

Change-Id: Iccd6b1db30e8fb1fbdb514ed2de6d1e789a6280a

7cc40b5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I100f30929354228715ed66a7a3768a838bba853d

48ac73e Handle HTTP redirect (451) in OPTIONS and FolderSync Bug: 5926621

Change-Id: I400277c9f60f6527acf361da1c863e93327eb948

dfbfdb3 DO NOT MERGE: Fix binder transaction failures in CalendarSync * Created a facility for handling the newly implemented

  TransactionTooLargeException that the framework can throw if

  we send a too-large batch of data to a content provider.

* For now, we're just using this with CalendarSyncAdapter,

  which is where we've seen problems in the past, and in

  the referenced bug.

* The test account hits the exception, and then appars to

  successfully finish syncing the calendar

* Clean backport of I3c7ce3ada940464d1ee1f69bd6192640ebbd8fa3

Bug: 5516422

Change-Id: If9e94be0c5f6a65775a20879b301cc8245060809

bf28a9d Handle case of duplicate messages when using Fetch (EAS 2.5) * It turns out that it's possible to have two messages with the

  same server id and mailbox; this causes our HTML-loading code

  for EAS 2.5 to loop indefinitely.

* It's unclear whether the cause is ours or Hotmail's, but the

  fix simply deletes the duplicate when it's detected

Bug: 5789201

Change-Id: I42e7cd9a4b3b3693dae38ac93941bb69f31b0051

ae073cc Handle empty tag for EAS 14 event reminder * EAS < 14 doesn't send a tag when there's no reminder; EAS 14

  sends an empty tag, which we interpret as 0 minutes

* Fix is to detect the empty tag and not create a reminder in this


Bug: 5848662

Change-Id: Id7a8e1d4b4c72e1456e15a1a209cbf60586f9f84

701e2ab Reopen message filestream before retrying w/o SmartReply/Forward * If the original message being replied to/forwarded has been

  deleted before the reply/forward is sent, we get a 150 status

  from EAS 14 and retry without the "smart" feature

* However, we weren't resetting the message file stream before

  the retry, causing the send to fail

* Trivial fix, moving the file stream opening into the loop

Bug: 5832490

Change-Id: I522eff5c0b0478dc1c288e54a978eddb529e848a

30726eb DO NOT MERGE: Support email lookback policy * Requires related CL in Email app

* Clean backport from master I007a022bfec4871ecfde76779e24d26246b651bc

Bug: 5792217

Change-Id: I8a6fb7b46090ee1f2276254e601438c4b36e6306

9d1eb29 DO NOT MERGE: Always allow max calendar age policy * Turns out we never need to reject this policy; the most restrictive

  value is the only limit we currently use

* Clean backport from master I072ce9e9d48f5927928995dce94207890ab2a387

Bug: 5790939

Change-Id: I1a938e6786841334b449a92279cf19ea0f60197b

0496ce1 Support SD card encryption when possible * We support SD card encryption when:

  1) We support device encryption and

  2) There are no removable volumes

* We use a private API in StorageManager to walk through mounted and

  unmounted volumes to determine whether any are removable

Bug: 5794891

Change-Id: I514828dd53604b9d495d0838dd24ed1f28d61c06

4099db3 Fix inefficient EAS server deletes * This also caused bug 5784532, which leads to looping syncs and

  battery drain

Bug: 5784532

Bug: 5806830

Change-Id: I892521ca3217138c1f3de0c038d520700cf3d3ea

013236b Don't rely on "chunked" mode for sending EAS 14 email * Some reverse-proxies in front of Exchange servers don't handle

  "chunked" data; this appears fairly common and causes an HTTP

  411 (Length required) error when sending mail

* To fix this, we calculate/send the content length and send that


* Tested on our Exchange 2010 server; the calculated length is

  demonstrated to be correct in all tested cases (i.e. any other

  length sent will result in failure)

Bug: 5796904

Change-Id: I802de90764422a608d4ed2c752a791074febed85

9f551ed Fix folder sync parsing and parent initialization * This is a large CL, but almost all of it relates to more

  comprehensive tests for folder parsing

* There are less than a dozen lines of production code changes:

  - Move creation of mailboxMap out of the validation loop in


  - Make sure we fix up the parent of new/changed folders

    in MailboxUtilities

Bug: 5794371

Change-Id: I5fb32369a6fdbfb33919df495d40347b56013bbd

9dfa28a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ic78b1cd326a53ceae54fd9a06ae1b006b46a25ce

c6175ab Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ied427c7a1b1e87e666b170a5aa533c638bab97a3

dfeefe6 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I5d1ba410c706ae3d540af1b1b8cdf260ceb517eb

8f568da Patch. Change-Id: I62fd65461e8989a1d5cf6bc353dfc4b61a2108c8

98b69dc Part of fixing issue #6006757: Keyboard dismissal lags Have launcher delay a little before rebuilding its layers, to give

the input system time to do the communication it needs with it before

blocked on that work.

Change-Id: Ib6f533a51c611b8c971c9ca2a1da8d53c8952b44

2a5bc11 DO NOT MERGE Fixing animation glitch

Bug #6015450

Change-Id: Iebbce7c07816b51b0fb98cd5b83ca2af2e5f76d4

fb314c7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ia1e288e37af91e079027d742c389a6ce10bd247c

1783402 Add SMS autoreply activity Change-Id: If05b51dcbdfec699eca0a7c02ec378ab538761d5

92bf054 Show current vibrate setting Bug 6014134

Show the current vibrate setting in the pref's summary rather than

making the user tap on the setting in order to bring up a dialog

of the current setting.

Change-Id: Idc2408f79174704da6fbf4eec7f4d67f74812695

f14ffac Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ia0fa96741cd7df293c4e8ada1475f87d9aae7721

2a2e37b Not able to call a number that isn't saved in contacts, when pressing the call button from messaging app Bug 5922602

Don't build the options menu until after the visibility of the recipients

editor is determined.

Change-Id: Ie70019808b130f5ac982285a48b537dce60ca914

758276f [Crespo-S] Message not able to be sent to a Korean number with a plus code in front (i.e. +82...) Bug 5800721

Remove separators from numbers before passing them to the SmsManager.

For numbers like "+8211-111-1111", Sprint will send back an SMS saying

the destination is invalid. By removing the separators ("-"), the number

sends fine.

Change-Id: I890a5c25063288e0527a468b65bcc26b00b57892

6012a9b [MR1] MMS: Fix Verizon IOT 2.6.1 fail [patch3] patch3: change local variable name for understanding

Add exception handling when MMSC send 404: file not found

for retrieving mms. Show error message and do not retry to


This is Verizon MMS IOT test case. They remove MMS from MMSC

before try to retrieve MMS.

Bug: 5245918

Change-Id: I2546db94b2ce2e2cdd7f1667a30b82e926d1b132

Signed-off-by:  <goodsc.lee@samsung.com>

d509911 Sent Message on fast reply has a strange number in the messaging app Bug 5765939

The CountryCode was not getting initialized until the country actually changed.

As a result, numbers were getting formatted based on the locale's country,

instead of the actual country.

Change-Id: I2e930d379ef407ec4de6c3318c709ec424af731e

1f530d3 Add sms test framework - SmsTest is the basic test class which can be extended by other tests - SmsStressTest stress sending/receiving messages, different size of   message and recipient can be passed through test runner Change-Id: I0b8444f423c8fbf5805dd3d5e9beb8914b4b81cb

3baaad8 Not able to play attached audio file in Messaging Application Bug 5782423

When an mms draft is deleted, the code needs to clear its draft uri

variable. Otherwise when the code goes to update a draft, it will try to

update a draft that's not there, rather than creating a new draft.

Change-Id: I92f252aaac4524d693827395becb341f06c0828f

3710612 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ib4f613cc881ad148151cd29776f652f356873b6c

f8298fc Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Id4d0fc139be015fd495d841e400bd49ba6f5c001

cf391e1 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I5753adbd0904a4c9ac3d8780421ef773fd67909a

4bf466a Setup a flag to detect when the screen is on and we are in call mode. Fixes b/6029570 Proximity turns screen on and off repeatedly for no reason, when device is flat

Change-Id: Ie727dd779bb957cd6da948dbe1584a4382d9935a

3fc17a2 Fix in-call notification icon flicker when screen goes on/off We currently suppress the "in-call" status bar notification if the

InCallScreen is the foreground activity.  This helps reduce clutter in the

status bar, since it's already obvious that you're on a call.

Unfortunately, when the screen is off (like when the prox sensor is

active), the InCallScreen is technically not the foreground activity, so

we *were* enabling the status bar icon in that state.  This was causing a

brief flicker of the status bar icon any time the screen turned on during

a call (like when pulling the phone away from your face.)

The fix is simple: just suppress the notification when the screen is off.

This way the transition from "screen off" to "InCallScreen in foreground"

doesn't cause the notification to change state.


  - While on a call, with in-call UI visible, trigger prox sensor several


    ==> no glitches; icon is never visible.

  - While on a call, bail out to Home screen, then, trigger prox sensor

    several times

    ==> no glitches; icon is steadily visible whenever the screen is on.

        (Specifically, this test shows that this CL has no effect if some

        other app is active.  That's because once you bail out of the

        in-call UI, the updateInCallNotification() method doesn't even get

        called when the screen goes on and off; it's only called for phone

        state transitions, or when the InCallScreen gets paused or

        resumed.  So the notification remains enabled the whole time.)

  - Launched an outgoing call

    ==> no glitches; icon doesn't appear at all (even as a brief flicker)

        during the transition from the dialer to the InCallScreen.

  - Incoming call

    ==> no glitches; icon is visible while ringing (which is WAI),

        disappears cleanly when you answer the call.

Bug: 6021909

Change-Id: I43625f4f69ce75c662c211dadc7292fb14641073

7303149 Introduce vibration options for voicemail notification Bug: 6014374

Change-Id: I1e0dff2e958b804e140b2d0d1d286f3392efecd1

40dcd14 Disable horizontal detection during phone call Aggressive horizontal orientation ignoring of prox should only be when

outside of the phone call. There is no UI at the top of the screen in

the call except notifications.

Bug: 6006756

Change-Id: Idc615ebcfa96ed59a71c2fb1e67e9a905e1cc2c8

512552d Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown Cherry pick of Ia673f7c08abfdf240c792ce6a457c743f0db0b8e

Fixing issue 5497680 Device shows background Incall screen for

fraction of sec in DTMF call pad screen, if power button is turned


We're calling setInCallScreenMode(NORMAL) from onResume(), which

should take care of dialpad status correctly.

Bug: 5497680

Change-Id: Ib8346cfd5b1c98190d66603b24ceddf234754496

d8baa6f Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown Cherry pick of Ia673f7c08abfdf240c792ce6a457c743f0db0b8e

Fixing issue 5497680 Device shows background Incall screen for

fraction of sec in DTMF call pad screen, if power button is turned


We're calling setInCallScreenMode(NORMAL) from onResume(), which

should take care of dialpad status correctly.

Bug: 5497680

Change-Id: Ib8346cfd5b1c98190d66603b24ceddf234754496

671780e Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I6b1b7ed4c2d2263c6c4dbc4485d96b094915ae78

940067f Allow only NT_MODE_GSM_ONLY or NT_MODE_WCDMA_PREF Bug: 5771503

Change-Id: Ic69440d6dd32358182a5658039c702649ae60315

9e01ecb Save network mode on GSM devices. We save the mode in OnClick and handleGetPreferredNetworkTypeResponse

so the preferred network mode tracks the UI as best as possible.

On GSM devices when "Use only 2G networks" was

checed in Settings > More > Mobile Networks the

value wasn't saved. Thus when rebooting the mode

would revert to the previous value.

Looking at the history, it has been this way a

long time, but it must have worked because the

radio preserved the value, returning when the

current PREFERRED_NETWORK_TYPE was requested.

With ICS Samsung upgraded the Crespo radio and the value

doesn't always appear to be preserved. In any case

its better for the framework to preserve the value

rather than relying on actions of the many radio


Bug: 5764203

Change-Id: I9ed5db4e5c2db01cdd54bc1cc36395326b209fe3

a146791 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Id4c2ee478b8e3690494d7c94d3df08f2dbef16ec

9372484 Don't crash if there's no bluetooth functionality (such as in an emulator) do not merge. Bug: 6079494

(cherry picked from commit 5fb53f36cb77c3d924b3fe5c305ce7d082ecdfb8)

Change-Id: Ia0d3a638f93c7c7923ce6e85f3555af0aeda96f9

78ef544 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I5cc127e96d61d678d51daf4515bbbda0e9068382

67a50f9 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Icbeee105c69fdde9ca3b07350a48318bdc3d9d3a

2d8101b Fix a pseudo race condition in TtsEngineSettingsFragment. The issue is that Fragment.setVoiceDataDetails can

be called before Fragment.getView. We guard against this

issue. No thread visibility issues here because both functions

are called on the UI thread.


Change-Id: Iad91b91c58b04dcb9f34f6b5ff8752f2e8295423

999f23e Locale string comparisons must ignore case. The spec does not specify case sensitivity and support

for 3 letter locales is currently poor.


Change-Id: I1b8f582bd19b1b0aed220036c5f17904478dba46

aaff44c Don't allow wifi tethering when running monkeys. Bug: 5607825

Remove the wifi access point settings and wifi tethering checkbox when

monkeys are running.

Change-Id: I64b930ddb791013a08c178561fe29130f1f0e4b8

071742d Fix 4560303: Add setting to lock later when power button pressed This adds a feature to delay locking the device when the power button

is pressed.  This fixes a use case where the user wants to turn off

the display (e.g. to save power) but doesn't want to lock the device.

Change-Id: I711a81c3e79f7accdc1d9cb217b7806a0b8fcf63

e3b4dfa Android OS battery usage overstated by screen on time Change-Id: Icbc4b3ecf91bdbb90da3ee0cf1c68bec953d0177

Signed-off-by: Todd Poynor <toddpoynor@google.com>

a98c353 Don't enable SIM PIN Lock menu if SIM is not available Bug: 5774681

Change-Id: I1edd1447ff83ab8cf9e8a1eb8fbd85ef0becdce7

56aded5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I8325efe3d4abdef99e22dad71a28f30c4a951f75

7c82ced Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ie2593ee0cbe9869db694242039faddbc8acb56ed

2154d81 Fix crash in STK. This was fixed in factory rom but was a do not merge, see change:


and thus didn't make it to ics-mr1. With this change,

StkAppService.java is now identical to the version in master.

Bug: 5489975

Change-Id: Ieba6e35a8c70342c22341247ee855f26faab4934

764167c Add support of dislaying Alpha tag for BIP commands Display dialogs when BIP related proactive commands are received.

"Open Channel" command will requre user input and a response will

be sent to Cat Service.

"Close Channel", "Send Data" and "Receive Data" command will

just show an alart dialog to notify the event to the user.


Change-Id: I350bdc7dfee2947cc0a4c7771ab4972e768c6ff9

f709f76 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I958bfd2abe776b4fc3c6bc45044bfb5f4887f962

57cb48d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: If6ba19977c5d84197f1d6559d02b9e433ca5fa2b

4819609 Remove unused code The real code has already been moved under /vendor/google

Change-Id: Ia0877ec5ffbd4409a56d4c3eb9828d0c9ece46d0

c85dde4 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ia22dacfc8e78a6e4c78f24375c3ef96a01fd4321

3e405f3 DO NOT MERGE. Save keyboard layout only when it is shown This is a cherrypick of I150b4a05 from master to ics-mr1.

Bug: 5130446

Bug: 5787394

Change-Id: Ie0d58283042166537ff161344564c3c51b0d1296

2168795 DO NOT MERGE.  Fix more keys for fr_CA and fr_CH.  Also tidy up more keys for de_ZZ as well. This is a cherry pick of http://android-git.corp.google.com/g/156427 from master.

bug: 5800592

Change-Id: Ifb249e8b6d432bbd1a5faf1a8731deea02962d39

5d2ceed Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I0e7a478b29e948829bf833afb4011cc45ec009e1

c378083 Fixed the problem where search result for recurring events were incomplete. Specifically instead of showing multiple instances, the search would return only 1 instance.

Bug: 5824042

Change-Id: Ifa57b00e8287bc6ebd343cbe4256a4e91afc79bf

bfea6da Added logging for to debug bad events Bug: 5676414

Change-Id: I9af54046ecea9a7736d797ce68af0f88b35d6a0f

9357fc5     More aggressive fix for phone lookup issues.     Rather than relying on a trailing suffix match on the longer of the

    two numbers (the one from caller ID and the one in the database),

    this first attempts to do the full internationalized-number-aware

    query that we'd normally do, and if no results are returned, falls

    back to a comparison of the trailing 7 digits of each number, as

    we did in Gingerbread.

    Also ports in Makoto's fix to the phone lookup tests.

    Bug: 5742389

Change-Id: Idda8474337bedaced59916c2b0af87b62b737d83

f720bc6 Allow downloads when no network restriction set. Fixes bug where DownloadManager would block downloads on WiMAX,

bluetooth, and ethernet networks, even when no network restrictions

had been set.

Bug: 5689335

Change-Id: I6d1bb78cbccb3c5eb1fce40a13b0689be0c3fa13

d616ee6 Added a new URI updating preferred APN w/o change notification Solving the issue that setting preferred APN from GDCT triggers

back APN change event and force unnecessary data call disconnects

and setups.

This patch adds one new URI used for preferred APN entry without

causing change notification via ContentObserver.


Change-Id: I2c132f367188b9a9da797fec65b3ff974c59a1b4

31b1273 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: Ife8f12483dd71c0dbfb7af26c1170260e19ba7d7

c82b182 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE Change-Id: I1e33f917b7ec5f4a2cbc327657d6c2a9daf665e7

aa4b72f [DO NOT MERGE] Drop prebuilt NDK r7b. It's backported from master's prebuilts/ndk.

Change-Id: If49f2c3c784ec58fd2a462ea9cebe5c23ea00961

aaef9b7 Drop the SDK 15 official release. Change-Id: I37f25a18e42e6888ed6929cf2581ec147bd9e1dd

74b3655 [DO NOT MERGE] Drop the latest llvm-rs-cc from ics-mr1. Bug: 5242960

Bug: 5650262

Change-Id: I517525fa7d38a1210afd5a7ebfce9ae4f7c7dafa

84b0a90 Back port the annotations support lib to mr1. do not merge. Change-Id: I557354e2f95126680981e75ddebc28764825d02a

5ebced3 init.rc: update the permission of /data/local. Bug: 6131945

Change-Id: I3094a471dcfb02b786f47b6778c8fed3726325ec

746f324 Add USB vendor IDs for Quanta, INQ and Sony. Change-Id: I224e067d9a64e8e9e7afbad0760a4b07f965bf83

4779e93 Add Intel's vendor ID to adb Change-Id: I81da3ea11bfd44395f6895fe51e477ff1e7fa25b

01c76f5 HACK: Export androidboot.modelno as ro.boot.modelno -- DO NOT MERGE Export androidboot.modelno command line parameter as ro.boot.modelno

property, so that we can set the USB iProduct string to the correct

value on Stingray.

Bug: 5853250

Change-Id: Idc413f15dc4d9d02027589d1b11bdf50e0a79ccc

07ad9f2 Add USB Vendor ID for Fujitsu and Lumigon. Change-Id: Icd013b362366815527834cbf54aa4ecac2b7750d

ae42982 Cherry-picked from c4f37eed7 in master. Do not merge. Fix the build.

Conditionally compile code that is intended to run inside the emulator only.

Change-Id: Ie82e415b2ff52395616f85871dddb38e65b0ed55

7415965 Cherry-picked from c13daef7b on master. Do not merge. Use QEMU pipe for ADB communication when running in emulator.

Change-Id: I7934b6272c2a9825d244ce76ff65dbce6e54ebff

09cdc0e Close a security hole - do not give world readable/writable access to /data/drm o related-to-bug: 5834297

Change-Id: I8e459610b4f69999be37364c2359b2bac82d4a2a

fa351ab Only do bugreport on user build with ADB enabled This makes it less likely that users that don't know what a bugreport is

will trigger it, but leaves the possibility for developers to trigger a

bugreport with a key combo.

Bug: 5866877

Change-Id: Ifc3c5126ec9342880a3635845a89c5a4a40156d2

b30136b DO NOT MERGE Add iteration option to micro_bench Change-Id: Ie7ab13a58dd4585e1c489cb407e59a76bed8955b

Bug-Id: http://b/issue?id=5734427

1babab9 netd: do check on command, not buffer. Bug: 6132094

Change-Id: I76aef21b07c07db76bbc6587ae732b1ceb4488ce

3c20787 Increase the valid name of the iface to IFNAMSIZ Define MAX_IFACE_LENGTH as IFNAMSIZ instead of 10, to

prevent netd from treating an interface name 'rmnet_sdio0'

as invalid.

Also fix an off-by-one error.


Change-Id: I2b6ba823c89941031e5898b24dab388cd9c2dae8

4ab4685 Add back hook for inserting OEM specific iptables rules. The functionality was lost during merge in ICS branch.

This patch is adding back OEM iptables hook in netd.


Change-Id: I9444b8c53e8b84fea2002c2c1d9ba42e45ae5f0c

9e5e0ce netd: fix argument interpretation bug While working around the logwrap() issue, it was replaced with system()

which could lead to various commands getting misinterpreted.

We now use a system() equivalent that doesn't use "sh -c".


Change-Id: I2599b526ac34bcfca18d05261286d902d547efda