Farfalle with Creamy Ricotta Pesto and Lemon Chicken on top

From the kitchen of: Yolanda Caccamo Quackenbush


*2 cloves garlic

*2 cups fresh basil leaves (packed down)

*1/2 cup pinenuts

*1 cup of freshly grated Parmesan or pecorino Cheese (I use a combination)

*1 cup Sorrento Ricotta Cheese

*½ cup of whole milk Mozzarella Cheese

*3 Tbsp. olive oil

*1 lb of Farfalle Pasta

*Pepper, to taste


* In a small frying pan, lightly toast the pinenuts

*In food processor, process olive oil, garlic, basil and pinenuts, until almost smooth.

* Add parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Process until thoroughly blended. Set aside.

* Boil Pasta in lightly salted water and then drain

* Toss well drained Pasta with the Pesto and serve!

* I made a delicious lemon chicken to add on the top of the pasta by pan frying chicken breasts in olive oil and garlic and them squeezing a whole lemon on the chicken.  I let it rest for a few minutes and then cut it into strips.