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Versatile Street Team
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Versatile Street Team

(last update = 10-21-12)


7-3-03: Initial release.

7-20-10: Added new helpers through Mustang.

7-21-10: Added immortalizedsoul.

8-22-10: Added new link to this document.

8-26-10: Changed Mustang skype id. It is now mustang.vst.

9-4-10: Ivertusen has been removed from the team, per his request.

9-5-10: Added Sarge198, and Manga.Fan.

10-23-10: Added Jerpamithe1

12-08-10: Added Seb.

12-29-10: Added Psi Op.

2-7-11: Readded Ivertusen since he wanted back in.

11-1-11: Added TechNech.

11-20-11: Updated Technech email

3-21-12: Fixed location for Seb. Added 2 new people, Rzrblademontage and RedHill.

6-4-12: Cleaned the list due to inactive users.

10-21-12: Fixed skype name for Technech


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The Versatile Street Team is a team of individuals that has been hand selected by Versatile to be on a team whose goal is to help the community in whatever shape and form that they can.

Versatile is only one man. Unfortunately, the number of questions he receives can be overwhelming at times, and to help offload the burden, he will go out and reach his colleagues to help out with special questions, or special projects.

So when Versatile is not around, you know you are in good hands when you contact any of the other members. Together we are here to serve you, because honestly, that is one last question we have to deal with. You have the power to become better, and your time is now. Use us as you wish, but we ask in return that you take your new found information and teach others. This is the philosophy of the Versatile Street Team.

Note: This list will be reviewed on a regular basis. If it has come to the attention of Versatile that someone is not pulling their weight, they will be terminated and forbidden to come back to the team. Broken trust will not be tolerated.


Street Team Contact Details:

Name:  Versatile

Country:  USA

Time Zone:  GMT -5

Contact Information: versatile.vst [at], Skype = versatileninja (preferred contact)

Specialty: PS2 Modding Items, PC gaming (Tunngle, LAN implementation, Various Game Workarounds), Port Forwarding, General PC Help


Name: Mustang

Country: Europe Area

Time Zone: GMT 00

Contact Information: mustang.VST [at], Xfire: electrifyingeel, Tunngle: =:Mustang:=, Youtube: l0mustang0l, Skype: mustang.vst (preferred contact)

Specialty: Good at solving F.A.Qs related to tunngle,garena, gaming, and few softwares.

I would say patience is my specialty!  


Name: TechNech

Country: Pakistan

Time Zone: GMT +5

Contact Information: Email - (preferred contact)

Skype:  Technech.vst (preferred contact, use skype)

Specialty:  Good at solving Q&A's, WordPress, PC, Games, Designing and Creating websites, knows a little of HTML programming, Have worked on Dreamweaver, Making tutorials. All I would say co-operation, patience and getting my head down to something asked or brought for me are my specialties.


Name: RzrBladeMontage

Country: USA

Time Zone: GMT -5

Contact Information: E-Mail: (Preferred)

Skype: RzrBladeMontage

Xbox Live: RazorBladeMntg

Specialty:  Xbox 360 Flashing and repair, Case Mods cutting and LED installation, iPod Jailbreaking, Small amount of HEX modding knowledge (for Xbox 360 games), other game save modding knowledge as well.


Name: Redhill

Country: Croatia

Time Zone: GMT +1

Contact Information: E-Mail: (preferred)

Skype: redhillunited

Specialty:  I know a lot about PC Gaming (LAN tutorials, how to play, hwo to fix some problems) and I have some knowledge for PC General problems