Please remember to stay on marked trails!  They are marked for a reason - for your safety and for our landowners who are granting access on their property.

Trailmaster's update:


Between last night and today (Tuesday), most trails in Bowdoinham have been groomed. The Exit 43 trail is the best I've seen in a long time!

Kudos to the Richmond club, or whoever groomed the trail from the tank farm out through Acker Acres. I don't know who you are our what you're using to groom with, but you've done an awesome job!


What can I do to help my local snowmobile club after this big dumping of snow you ask?

1. We (small clubs that groom with sleds) can't go out and pull a groomer through 2' of fresh snow. It needs to be ridden on to knock it down a little bit. So get out there and have fun in the fresh powder!

2. If you are the first one out there, PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL! Especially across fields! The field stakes are where they are for a reason: that's where the landowner wants the trail or where it is best for the groomer. The first track is where all the other tracks are going to go, so keep it where it should be!

3. Don't all follow in the exact same track. Set over and go one track wider. Two or three track widths makes a good base.

These three simple things will allow your local club to more efficiently get that trail groomed up perfectly!

Thank you!