Please remember to stay on marked trails!  They are marked for a reason - for your safety and for our landowners who are granting access on their property.


Thanks to all those who helped out clearing the trails after the Ice Storm!

Right now we still have a decent base out there. Can’t do much with the groomers yet until we get some more snow. Some rain and warm temperatures are headed our way, but it shouldn’t hurt us too bad AS LONG AS WE STAY OFF THE TRAILS WHEN THEY ARE SOFT! If riders could just stay at home until the temps fall again, we’ll be much better off in the long run. Just one clown ripping up the trail when it’s 40 degrees out can ruin it for the rest of the season.

Food for thought.

People; we NEED TO STAY ON MARKED TRAILS ONLY!! We are in serious danger of losing the intersection of trails 13 and 14 where they meet in the field on Brown’s Pt Rd. If we lose that, we lose access to Merrymeeting Bay and the weekend weenie roasts we all enjoy. That area was SEVERELY staked out and posted to stay on maintained trail and respect the landowner, but somebody thought the rules didn’t apply to them and decided to go through the Christmas trees. Landowner is VERY UPSET! We will put out some larger signs at all three entrances to that field and hope for the best. If ANYBODY sees somebody off the trail, you need to stop them. If you don’t feel comfortable confronting them, please let me know about it and who it is.

We ALL need to be more considerate with our landowners! Late-Night racing around doesn’t impress anybody who has to listen to it. The field by the tunnels is a good example. The house at the top of the hill is owned by one of our landowners who also has school-age children. Racing up and down that hill at 10-11PM at night is going to cause problems for us!!

If you see sled activity that might cause problems with our landowners, you need to say something! If not, call me and I’ll go say something!

We all want to have fun, but we’re not going to have any trails to ride on if we get shut down.

Sorry to lay down the law; I know (hope) none of the problems are caused by our club members, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a sledder and we need to police ourselves.