Playa del Fuego Art Grant Application

All questions must be answered unless marked with an asterisk.  If any required question is not answered, your application will not be considered.  Please copy the text of this document into an email, insert your answers and send it to  by the following deadlines:

Round 1: by February 21st, 2014  

Round 2: by March 24th, 2014

Attachments, such as images, are encouraged, but please limit the size to less than two megabytes total.  If you have larger files to share, provide a URL.

1.        What is the name of your art project?  

2.        Art project description:

a.        In one paragraph, please generally describe your artwork and its intent.

b.        Please give us the details on your art, including dimensions. (Optional: Please attach detailed drawings, sketches, and plans, either hand-drawn or computer generated, if you have them.)

3.        How will PDF citizens interact with your art?

4.        How loud is your art? If music or loud sounds are part of the project, what are your plans to comply with the mandatory midnight turn-down?  

5.        Is your art adult-themed? [Note: We welcome adult-themed art; this will not affect your eligibility for funding. It is for planning purposes only.]

6.        Is this fire art, or are you planning to burn it?  (If your piece is intended to burn, please contact the Burning Art coordinator prior to September 7th with details including when you'd like to burn your piece.)

We, the Judges, will email you, the primary applicant, with any questions we have about your proposal, with a copy sent to the alternate applicant. We will require a response within 48 hours, so make sure you are both prepared. If we awarded you a grant, either the primary or the alternate applicant will be expected to work with PDF organizers to coordinate placement, performance, fire or safety concerns, and any other issues that arise.

7.        Full Name of Primary Applicant:






Postal code:

*Country (if not US):



Full Name of Alternate Applicant:

Alternate Applicant email:

8.        What have you accomplished that would lead the Judges to think that you would spend Art Grant money wisely?

9.        Who, specifically, will help you, and how exactly will they help you?  What are their relevant skills?  Will the help be before the event or on-site?

10.        If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), tell us what parent or guardian will act on your behalf for contract and financial matters.

11.        What money have you already spent on your art?

12.        What more money do you need in order to finish your art? Please give us a detailed budget, for each item including:

Name                Description                Quantity                Price Each                Price Total

If it’s more than a couple items, we recommend a spreadsheet attachment.

13.        How much money would you like us to give you in order for you to bring your art to the next PDF?

14.        We do try to fund art grants 100%, but we also like to give grants to as many people as possible. If we can’t give you all the money you have asked for:

a. Would you still be able to complete your art with less money?

b. What is the minimum amount we would need to give you in order for you to do some version of your art project?

c. How would that change the design or materials used?

After the event, in order to get reimbursed, you will need to submit original receipts corresponding to the items listed in the budget in your application.  We will also need an electronic copy of your expense report.  Credit card statements and canceled checks are not acceptable.

You are also required to supply electronic photos of your project at PDF to get reimbursed.


15.        How will you handle rain and wind? *If your project is large enough to pose a potential danger should it fall over or get blown over, what safeguards will you use?

16.        Are you using electricity?  *If so, what safeguards will be used?

17.        Are there any other safety concerns we should worry about--for example, sharp edges?

18.        Where would you like your art to be placed?  Your answer will not guarantee placement.  When you are ready to commit to bringing your project, whether with or without a grant, following the placement instructions at

19.        When will your art be ready to be appreciated?

20.        When will you begin breaking down and cleaning up your art?

If you don’t understand a question or need other information, please email