PED 201 – Professor Yang

Lab Five

Name: _____Lesley Turner___________________________                 Date: __11/22/11________

1. Task one: Reflection.

2. Task two: Object Control Skills Part B Worksheet.


1. Consider the activities/games that you have utilized so far during the past four labs.  Were they appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s?  Why or why not?  

The activities that are appropriate are not appropriate to do in lab are the traditional relay races and having all the student’s kick a ball at the same time at the same target.  The traditional relay races do not allow for most of the students to participate at one given time.  They also promote competitiveness and end up with a winner and a loser.  You can play those games but only if you modify the games.  If you make like 3 or 4 lines than that will help also have the students race against the clock and not each other.  The other activity that is bad is having all the students kick a ball at the same target at the same time, because it just gets out of control.  Most of the time the ball does not stay on the ground and there are possibilities that the students will get hurt.  Some games that are really good is tag just so long as it does not get out of control.  If it does get out of control then have the tagger be a zombie for example so that the students are not running but they are still trying hard and working as a team to tag their classmates.  

2. What might be some limitations to games or activities when using them in the process of assessing motor skills?

The games have to be age appropriate for the group that is playing the games.  Some limitations that you may have in assessing motor skills is having the students choose not to participate.  In that case it is hard to do anything.  When assessing motor skills you may sometimes have to change the distance that you have the children do their games.  Sometimes the students will have to move in closer together and sometimes they will have to move further apart in order to see a skill.  The games should focus more on the skill you are trying to assess and not on competition and that will help also in assessing a students motor skills.  

MOTOR DEVELOPMENT LAB- Object Control Skills Part B

TGMD-2: Test for Gross Motor Development- Second Edition- Revised

Name of Student:_____Pete and Kelley___________________                Grade:__Pre-K______                Age: _4______

Check if male _______ or female_______

Object Control Skills- (Lab 5) Part B




Performance Criteria

Trial 1

Trial 2

1. Stationary Bounce with hand (dribbling)

Use a clear space, you can use a variety of playground balls or basketballs on a hard, flat surface.

During a game or activity, watch a student bounce a ball with their hand and/or dribble. Tell the student to bounce the ball using one hand.

  1. Contacts ball with one hand at about hip height.





  1. Pushes the ball with fingers (not a slap).



  1. Ball contacts floor in front of (or to the outside of) foot on the side of the hand being used.




Use a clear space, you can use a sponge ball or something soft.

During a game or activity, watch a student kick.

Place the ball on a line nearest the wall. Tell the student to kick the ball toward the wall.  

  1. Rapid continuous approach to the ball.



  1. The trunk is inclined backward during ball contact.



  1. Forward swing of the arm opposite kicking leg.



  1. Follow-through by hopping on the non-kicking foot.