These details can be found ONLY in the Premiere Edition cards. Look carefully and you´ll find them easily.

In each type of cards (f.e. Wittness, Bluff) you can find hidden names of X-Files TV Series characters.

Nine types of cards = nine characters.

Adversary Cards

Character: Byers

Where: Look at the white part of cigarette.

Which cards: „Bye“ – Operation Falcon Blue Berets (XF96-0349 v1)

                       „rs“ – Pheromone-Induced Psychosis (XF96-0350 v1)

Agent Cards

Character: Mulder

Where: Look at the Walther PPK gun.

Which cards: „Mu“ – Agent Rich (XF96-0165 v1)

                       „ld“ – Agent Lucy Kazdin (XF96-0166 v1)

                       „er“ – Agent Jack Willis (XF96-0167 v1)   

Bluff Cards

Character: Krycek

Where: Look at the top of the card – the plastic bag with its black and red cross lines. The letters creating Krycek´s name can be found in the second line (first black) from right.

Which cards: „Kr“ – Claude Peterson (XF96-0098 v1)

                       „yc“ – The Conundrum (XF96-0099 v1)

                       „ek“ – Paul Mossinger (XF96-0100 v1)

Combat Cards

Character: Samantha

Where: Look at the ace of spades… Under the sign „Bicycle“ is the number 808. The letters creating Samantha´s name can be found behind this 808 number.

Which cards: „Sa“ – Ambush (XF96-0007 v1)

                       „ma“ – Kick (XF96-0008 v1)

                       „nt“ – Gun Jammed (XF96-0009 v1)

                       „ha“ – Hide (XF96-0010 v1) 

Equipment Cards

Character: Frohike

Where: Look at the flashlight, near the switch.

Which cards: „Fro“ – High-Powered Flashlight (XF96-0319 v1)

                       „hike“ – Government Car (XF96-0320 v1)  

Event Cards

Character: Skinner

Where: Look at the newspapers in the left corner of the card… The letters creating Skinner´s name can be found behind the „Daily 25 ¢“ sign.

Which cards: „S“ – Hack Into Government Files (XF96-0278 v1)

                      „k“ – Application For FBI Resources Approved (XF96-0279 v1)

                      „i“ – Expert Briefing (XF96-0280 v1)

                      „n“ – Access Personnel Files (XF96-0281 v1)

                      „n“ – Hard Evidence (XF96-0282 v1)

                      „e“ – Relentless Pursuit (XF96-0283 v1)

                      „r“ – Counterintelligence Measures (XF96-0284 v1)   

Site Cards

Character: Langly

Where: Look at the magnifying glass/ lupe… The letters creating Langly´s name can be found at „9 o´clock“ of the magnifying glass.

Which cards: „La“ – Farfield ZOO, Farfield, ID (XF96-0058 v1)

                      „ng“ – Deadhorse, AK (XF96-0059 v1)

                      „ly“ – Containment Facility, Georgetown, MD (XF96-0060 v1)

Witness Cards

Character: Scully

Where: Look at the slide with the witness picture in the upper right corner of the card … The letters creating Scully´s name are of blue color and can be found above and under the witness pic (slide).

Which cards: „Sc“ – Michelle Generoo (XF96-0201 v1)

                       „ul“ – Sir Malcolm Marsden (XF96-0202 v1)

                       „ly“ – Samantha Mulder (XF96-0203 v1)

X-File Cards

Character: Duanne Barry

Where: Look at the felt-tip pen… The letters creating Duanne Barry´s name can be found at this pen. They are replacing letters „Perma“ in the sign „Fine Point Perma“ at other X-File cards.

Which cards: „Du“ – Død Kalm (XF96-0147 v1)

                       „an“ – John Barnett (XF96-0148 v1)

                       „eb“ – Alien Conservationist (XF96-0149 v1)

                       „ar“ – Faciphaga Emasculata (XF96-0150 v1)

                        „ry“ – Donnie Pfaster, Death Fetishist (XF96-0151 v1)