Rutgers University Graduate Student Association - New Brunswick

GSA Council Meeting #9, AY 2010–2011

May 8, 2011

7:14pm: Call to Order

7:14pm: Determination of Quorum (10 departmental representatives + 2 elected officers)

7:15pm: Consent Agenda: Vote on Minutes from April 2011 Meeting

Tabled until September 2011 Meeting

7:16pm: Annual Reports


Available by request to constituents of GSA


Available by request to constituents of GSA


TA/GA Steering Committee

Still undergoing arbitration with University

Need volunteers to help with orientation in fall


Available by request to constituents of GSA

7:19pm: Special Orders

EAC Annual Funding Guidelines

Raise travels expenses to $1,000 per person

Unanimously approved

7:20pm: New Business

Report of Elections Committee and Introduction of New Officers

President: Reshma Nayyar (Art History)

Executive Vice President: Cody Mack (Mathematics)

Treasurer: Emily Knox (Library & Information Science)

Secretary: Simon Knapen (Physics)

Vice President for External Affairs and Sustainability: POSITION OPEN

Vice President for Events and Programming: Laura Transue (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Vice President for Marketing, Orientation, and Communications: Dorothy Le (Planning and Public Policy)

Chair of International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC): Vukosi Marivate (Computer Science)

Chair of TA/GA Steering Committee: Erin Kelly (English)

7:25pm: Discussion for Next Year

Many ideas were discussed for orientation, new students, communications, events on Busch campus, contact with Career Services, contact with Counseling Services

7:53pm: Adjournment