2005 - BS in CS from Virginia Tech

  2008 - MS in CS from Virginia Tech


  To promote accessible, innovative and usable experiences across all forms of technology through a strong focus on user experience, intuitive user interfaces, and solid code.

Work Experience:

Web Skills:

  Adobe Flash - Expert with Actionscripting and Designing

  Design - Very experienced HTML/CSS/XML/XSL/Javascript developer.

  Very experienced with: Wordpress development, jQuery, Touch-driven mobile web pages

  Very familiar with Final Cut video editing, Facebook connect integration, Graphic design 

  Adobe Photoshop design and mobile development (including multi-touch enabled web applications).

Software Development Skills:

  C++/Visual C++,PHP, ASP (vbscript and javascript), Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, C# (.NET & Desktop)

  Very Experienced with native iOS app development from conception through App Store approval.