I wake up early, despite the fact that I function much better at night. I’m gifted to not need a lot of sleep. Five hours is normal, seven is luxury, but it’s rare. I have a very busy schedule. I don’t need to sleep. I go to the bathroom, then I drink a litre of water, which my dermatologist recommends to keep my skin lifted. I try not to have any meetings before 11.30am to allow me time to wake up properly. I like to relax, maybe make a few telephone calls in my dressing gown, do a little breakfast. I have plain yogurt with fresh fruit, some berries, half a banana and green tea, and after breakfast I get out my diary. Three times a week a man comes to give me a massage. But I’m not telling you who — it’s a secret. Or I do some yoga. And I love to walk in Hyde Park, but it’s so difficult to find the time.

Since I was a little child in Italy, people have looked at me, and not just because I’m beautiful; it’s something else that comes from inside me. I know I’m fascinating. But I prefer the word charisma to beauty. I’ve endured jealousy since I was small, but I don’t care. I’m blessed. The most important thing I have is myself. And it’s part of my culture to take care of me.

I’m privileged to have good skin. It’s not olive, you know, it’s rose, and very delicate. I dedicate a lot of time to cleansing and moisturising. Lately I’m using a cream with vitamin C and collagen, made especially for me, which gives a little lift for the evening. I love to look 30, like I look now. And it’s my goal to look 30 at 70. Diet is important too. You need to know your metabolism. I like a lot of protein — I always have salmon and mozzarella in my fridge and I eat a lot of fruit. But no bread. I take vitamins and minerals and I have a blood test at a clinic every six months. When you’re in the public eye like me you need a 48-hour day just to take care of how you look.

I phone my assistant, Massimo, or he comes to my place and we go over things. I love clothes but I hate to go shopping, so Massimo calls and they send clothes to me. I have a lot of meetings, which I like to do over lunch at the Berkeley in Knightsbridge, 10 minutes from where I live. Or Claridge’s, or the Ivy Club. I don’t know anyone who does as much as I do. I’m a lawyer first of all. I do public affairs. Call it lobbying. I do special networking for firms in Italy, America and the UK. But it's boring to do one thing, so I write. I’m working on a novel and a book about travel and food, and I want to co-produce two big projects on TV, but I can’t mention them. I wish one day there’ll be a movie about how I spend my day because it is quite intense.

I’m a very loved person. Women and men, they both love me, and this is because I’m the kindest person I know. I’m never rude, which is important, but the characteristic I’m most proud of is that I do love to spoil my man. And you can’t spoil your man if you don’t know how to spoil yourself, which I do. I’m not a feminist, I’m feminine. It’s my nature to put my man first and I’ve always adjusted my life to his. I did it with my first husband and my second, and I’ll do it with the new man in my life [Trevor Nunn].

I never wanted children; I knew when I was pregnant it wasn’t what I wanted, I felt completely overwhelmed because I would have had no time for me, but I’m like a mother to my man. I shower him with attention — physical, material, psychological — it’s the way I love.

And I require attention back, because I know how good I am. Sometimes it does get quite stressful. I’m special, you know, so you’re going to have a very unique and intense experience with me. But at the same time, I’m very demanding. It’s not easy. But then, who cares for easy things?

In the afternoon I make phone calls, I read the papers, have my acupuncture. I still have to learn how to really relax. I love to be at home, to have a whirlpool bath with oils and candles, but I’m out nearly every night. I’m invited everywhere and I can’t say no. I always change for dinner with my partner and I refresh my make-up and my hair. I’ve been going to the theatre a lot — it’s always been my passion — and I love the opera. He [Nunn] said already I’m the most intelligent person he’s ever met. I’m sure the majority of people haven’t sat through seven hours of Wagner as I have. I can describe every opera to you and I do know Shakespeare very well.

Sometimes, if I’m too tired to take my make-up off, I just take off my lashes and spray my face with water. I sleep on my side, with three or four pillows, and the make-up stays. Next morning I retouch it. I wear a little Parisienne [nightie] and if I’m not alone... nothing, of course.

I always wake up after two hours, then I need a trick to make me relax — some natural herbal drops or sometimes a sleeping pill to switch my mind off. Maybe people think I have everything. Nobody has everything, but I’m very privileged.